New Life

June 14, 2017
By sammycheer15 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
sammycheer15 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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The house was beautiful, tall pillars wrap around the deck in the front, complementing the beautiful North Carolina coast. For my 11th birthday I asked for a pony, not a new house. My family got moved here for my dad's new job and I was less than excited to be leaving all my friends. I stand on the sidewalk before our new house as my dad brushes past with a box of kitchen supplies, “Come on Luce, take a look inside.” I follow him up the steps into the house, through the large entry way,  looking up at the walkway of the second floor. Reluctantly, I turn to the staircase and make my way upstairs. My older brother Lucas picks me up and throws me over his shoulder shouting, “Isn't this place amazing Lucey! Ill show u which room is yours.”  He drops me in a large, empty room and I take a look around. It's exactly how I pictured it, but nothing like my Kansas home. “We are going to like it here. The movers are moving your furniture into your bedroom first so we gotta be out of here, wanna go into town? I'm sure there's an ice cream shop.” We hop into his truck and make our way towards town. The roads are lined with Palm Trees and green grass, the salty breeze of the ocean whips through our hair as we drive. “Look Luce there's your new school!” My brother points. School starts in 2 weeks and I don't know anyone, I miss my friends back home. We pull into the ice cream shop and walk up to the window surrounded by crowds of people, some kids seem to look my age, I wonder what the kids at my new school will be like. The shop backs up to a field filled with kids running around and playing tag. My brother and I decide to join, chasing the surprisingly very nice kids around for up to a half hour, taking a break every few minutes to take another lick of the melting ice cream. After the last of the ice cream is finished, we decide to head back to the house. My furniture was still being set up so I began exploring. The living room had the tallest windows I have ever seen in a house, stretching all the way to the ceiling. I walked out to the back patio, admiring the pool and the beach just beyond it with ocean waves crashing against the sand. “Sweetie, you should go and explore the neighborhood with Luke, meet some people!” My mom would tell me. So everyday I go outside and explore the neighborhood with my brother, meeting the neighbors and some of the neighborhood kids. I became friends with a girl Annie, she was my age and she lived just down the street 3 houses. She had long, curly, golden hair and blue eyes, actually a lot like myself. We hung out almost everyday as she told me everything about my new school and what kids do around here for fun. I realized even though they live on the other side of the country, they are still kids like me and they enjoy a lot of the same things i do! The first day of 6th grade wasn't so bad, I made a lot of new friends. However, the uniform isn't the best, it's kinda funny seeing the whole school wearing the same thing. My school reminds me of a building out of Harry Potter, old brick buildings with kind of an eerie feeling when alone, it's very pretty though. Overall, I like my new home and the people here, I'm sure i will like having the weather be nice all the time, and the opportunity to make new friends.  

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