Forever Remember

June 12, 2017
By lmwalker20 SILVER, Clarkston, Michigan
lmwalker20 SILVER, Clarkston, Michigan
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Dear Maddy,
You're smart and beautiful soul, tells as much about you in the inside, as it does on the out. I can't even began to explain the un human ingly things your brain goes through on a daily basis. You continue to amaze me everyday with what you carry out as an individual and student too. The countless hours you spend doing homework combined with the athletics you pull on a daily. I never see you relaxing in action. Your motivation is something every parent wants to see in there kid. The misery and fear you had to go through to get to where you are today has made an amazing affect on you as a human more or less an individual. You continue to strive and reach for the stars, until there is nothing else to reach for. Im beyond proud of you for getting into your dream college, and even more impressively being the fifth academic student in your class. You're going to do amazing things these years that are approaching you. Thank you for always guiding me when I didn't know what way to turn, i'm going to miss you endlessly.

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