The Face He Wanted

June 12, 2017
By sophie_leiendecker BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
sophie_leiendecker BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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The buzzing noise of my alarm clock woke me up and I was startled from the ringing noise of it.
“Today is the day.” I thought to myself encouragingly.
I have to try my best to look my best, maybe then his dark blue sky eyes will finally lay on me and he will see me the way I have always seen him since sophomore year. I wanted him to want me more than ever and I was willing to do something to get there. I stood in front of my dirty bathroom mirror and rested my hips against the cold marble. I leaned close enough that I could notice all the imperfections I had, something he would never except. So he would except me, I grabbed my dear friend Maybelline and lathered the thick concealer to cover up the bright red little friend that had decided to say hello over night on my forehead. He also loved big bright blue eyes, like what he had himself.
“My eyes are brown though and he likes blue.” I said to myself
I grabbed the blue contacts from my counter and placed them in my eye even though this kind of hurt I knew beauty was also pain.
I grabbed my favorite mascara to make my eyes appear bigger and it worked fine I guess. I applied lip gloss as well thinking he would want to kiss me if i did this. I mean he would have to right, I applied the dark red gloss to my soft lips and stood back and looked at myself again, but this time with the “face he would have wanted.” I stood and thought to myself. I ran into my closet and searched like a child looking for his mother in a grocery store. I didn’t know what he wanted though, I thought to myself about what girls he liked in the past and what they wore.                                                                                     Well Angelina is the last girl he liked...she was super pretty but she didn't seem to wear that much though. Maybe that's what he wanted though, so I gave that to him. Since my past clothes consisted of full length skirts and full length shirts I panicked. “He won't find this attractive!!!” I screamed inside to myself. Well I guess I'll just have to fix that. I grabbed my near by scissors and began to cut away. I cut my fabric shirts so they would be short and skirts so they would fall to my upper thigh, I tried it on and looked again in that same bathroom mirror. I appeared to have gone from 15 to 18 real quick. I grabbed my school backpack and headed out the door hoping that he would really notice me today since I had tried so hard for him to and changed especially for him.

I saw him in the halls, but no hello. I saw him in biology, inside of me wanted to say hi but I thought he would say hi first. The bell rang and school was out, I saw him again but this time he was different. He was standing with another girl but she was different this time. She was wearing a long black sleeve dress that reached down to her knees. I examined her face as well, fresh and clear which was surprising to me. In that moment I realized I didn't have to change for anyone ever again.

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