The disapointment

June 11, 2017
By Bucheler BRONZE, Atizapan, Other
Bucheler BRONZE, Atizapan, Other
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When Rigoberto finished his daily tasks at his job he decided to go for a walk to the park a few blocks away in order to leave his problems behind before going home. It was a sunny and warm afternoon, a perfect one for relaxation.

Once he got to the park he sat on a bench and started watching the people around, thinking about his own life. He has a beautiful wife and two successful sons.

“I think I have to spend more time with my wife, the kids are old enough and they are independent,” he thought. “I will invite her to the theater this weekend”.

Suddenly he saw this beautiful woman.

“She looks as beautiful as my wife”, he thought.

All of a sudden a tall and handsome man approached her and gave her a bouquet of flowers and a gentle kiss. This action gave him the idea of buying her wife some flowers.

He saw his watch.

“It´s getting late, I shall go home and in the way I’ll buy some flowers.”
He got home and discovered that his wife wasn’t there.
“Maybe she went to the market,” he thought.
When he was watching TV, his wife arrived, and by his surprise, she was handling a beautiful bouquet of flowers, just as the one the handsome man gave the beautiful woman at the park.

“Where were you?”, he asked.

“I was at the park and I saw a woman selling this flowers so I bought them,” she answered.

He suddenly noticed that the dress that she was wearing was the same as the one the beautiful woman in the park was wearing. His wife was cheating on him.

“Don’t lie to me I saw you in the park,” he exclaimed.

“Ok ok, fine I cheated on you,” she confessed.

“But… why?” He asked.

“Because you are always working and I am always alone in the house, so I met this guy that make me feel loved just how I felt with you years ago,” she sayed.

After this he went out slamming the door behind, he went to a bar, he got drunk. The alcohol made his suffering get away, so this became a common practice as he could not overcome the deceive of his wife. She begged for pardon a hundred times, his sons tried to convinced him to leave the alcohol, but nothing of this worked.

Obviously he lost his job. The bills started increasing, causing his sons and wife to start working for a living.

“Dad, we can’t see you like this, we have tried to help you and anything seems to work, you have to get out of this depression,” they said.

“I can’t, is just too much for me,” he answered frustrated.

“Well, or you try or we leave you,” they said.

Months later, as he started loosing his mind, his family decided to abandon him. Now a day he is a homeless living begging for food in the street. He lives in his own world.

Once in a while his family go and see him in the street, knowing that thanks the alcohol they lost him.

The author's comments:

My flash fiction story was born from watching every day a home less person and asking myself how people can finish their lives like my character does. I live in Mexico City were this kind of people can been seen everywere.

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