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June 11, 2017
By elsmith20 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
elsmith20 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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All right. I had officially taken everything out of my backpack and organized it all by color just to waste time. It was pretty pointless but that’s what I was looking for. I was trying to not be lazy and do my homework but that wasn’t working well for me. I glanced over at the clock and saw that it was 7:00. My homework stack was almost gone, I only had one math worksheet left. I had had barely had any homework tonight, yet it had taken me hours to do. I could get started on that last worksheet or I could shower. My sister will use all the hot water if I let her get in before  me. I don’t know I guess it’s not that big of a deal, but still. No matter what I did I really needed to try to go to bed early tonight. Otherwise I’ll fall asleep in history again like today. Getting woken up by a screeching bell with your notes plastered to your face isn’t the best feeling.
7:05. Okay, now five minutes have gone by, I’ll just shower after her and finish this worksheet. Although, I can’t find my pencil. I patted the carpet around me but didn’t bump into it. Oh right. I left it on my bed and I didn’t get it after I had fallen off the bed as ungracefully as a spider in roller skates and decided to just stay on the floor continuing to not do homework. I got up from the floor and found it tucked under my pillow. It was almost as if I had left it there to find it later.
My eyes fluttered open. 7:15. Well apparently I’d just taken a ten minute nap. Maybe those were the key to getting enough sleep.  Unfortunately I probably would never have time to take one again. I reluctantly slid down off the bed and found the matted down carpet where I had been sitting.
7:30. I finished the worksheet. This deserved a celebration. Wait, was there a back? I flipped the sheet over and sure enough more numbers were there, great. Suddenly my phone vibrated on my desk. Someone had to text me when I reached the point of losing all motivation to work. The right thing to do is not to check it, but what if it’s important? Technically, not checking could change my whole life. What is it called, the butterfly effect? It starts small but then snowballs into something huge. I’m going to check it, but I would only read the text. Nothing else.
8:30. No that can’t be right. I rubbed my eyes. Maybe it’s not 8:30, maybe I’m just seeing that because I’m so sleep deprived. I literally only just checked my texts. It had been a coupon from Tropical Smoothie, which had led to going on Instagram and Snapchat. Oh well. There is no way I could take that time back now. No more distractions, this was getting finished. I threw my phone on my bed hoping that if I couldn’t see it I wouldn’t be tempted. It bounced off and hit the floor hard. It was probably fine. 
Two problems later and I couldn't get over the fact of how hungry I was. Had I eaten dinner? Yes I had pasta. I remember because I spilled sauce on my shirt. I was so messy and
clumsy with anything I tried to do. The red splotch was still there from today pleading for me to clean it but I was not about to get up and do that. Instead, I really wanted to go to the kitchen and get something to snack on.  No it can wait I only have 2 problems left, I can finish it. This worksheet has taken close to 3 hours to do and it’s probably the easiest thing ever I don’t understand why it’s taking so long. I could always just finish it in the morning and sleep now but let’s face it, it won’t be like I’ll have more motivation to do it then. I guess I’m just a procrastinator and there’s no way around it, but I still do well in school so it can’t be that bad.
By 10:00 I had finished.  I should take a shower and go to bed. I really want to, but even I know that it won’t happen. There’s just too much better and more interesting stuff to do. Maybe I’ll binge watch a new show. Looks like I’ll be staying up late again.


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