I Don't Have Time For You

June 10, 2017
By AinsleyO BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
AinsleyO BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Eight years. That’s a time you can’t push away. That was a big chunk of my 15 year old life I was best friends with Lilly. But as the days past my patience got thinner and thinner. There were choices I had to make. I went to rehearse and sing every day, on top of cheer. Lilly had no after school activities and expected me to be with her. I explained to her how busy I am, but I really did not want to hurt her feelings. We had so many good times together. I guess what I needed was space. Thursdays were my busiest days. I received a text from Lilly while I worked on my homework before cheer. I stood up from my chair and picked up my phone. “Meet me at the park Alexa!” it said. I turned my phone off. I’m really trying not to hurt her feelings. She just doesn’t get it. I got home from cheer that night and decided to text her.
“I’m sorry.” I wrote. “I had cheer and rehearsal all night. I only have rehearsal tomorrow. Meet me then.”
“Why couldn’t you come tonight. I really wanted to see you.”
Why is she being so annoying. Can’t she understand she’s not my first priority?
“I told you I was busy Lilly. I can’t always come when you call me. Meet you tomorrow at 5.”
I felt bad snapping at her but I think that’s what she needed to hear.
The next day I rode my bike to the park. We have been going to Oakwood park since we were little kids. I turned the corner and saw her on the swingset. I parked my bike and sat in the swing beside her.
“I have been coming here on the swings for the last week.” she told me.
“But I haven’t been here.” I responded. “You only invited me yesterday.
“My parents haven’t stopped fighting. I just come here to leave the house.”
“Oh I’m sorry.”
“My mom told me yesterday they’re getting a divorce. And my dad is moving 2 hours away. I know I’ve been annoying Alexa. But lately I’ve just wanted company. A friend. And I get it you’re busy. It’s okay.”
I felt terrible. I had no idea what she was going through. If I just had known I wouldn’t have been so inconsiderate.
“It’s not okay. I’m sorry.”
I knew from now on that I needed to be a better friend. After everything. I kept ignoring her when she needed me and now I know that with Lilly, my best friend, she always deserves the benefit of the doubt.

The author's comments:

Inspired by friendship. It always runs it's courses.

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