Paradis Nightmare

June 13, 2017
By , Clarkston, MI

           It was a beautiful sunny day in Hawaii. It was an afternoon; the sun felt warm on my skin and the calm breeze in the background for peaceful music. I was walking on the beach with the sand rolling off my feet every time I lifted my foot up. The gust of wind blowing at me. I opened my mouth trying to eat the wind, and it tickled my face and my neck. Watching the waves crash every second and watching the seagulls calmly glide over the crystal, clear water. Watching the trees that moved with the wind. The sweet palm trees creating shade for me because the sun was shining non-stop. It didn’t feel like one of those vacations. It felt like paradise.

           I relaxed on the beach with the sun beaming over me. I was laying back in my chair, like a lazy person on vacation, trying to get a tan or something. I told my parents, “Life is a beautiful thing and I don’t ever want to waste this moment”. And I believed it, and my parents looked at me with a smile. The day went on, exhausting myself to the point that I started to fall asleep. I went into a deep trend, dreaming about surfing on the waves with the sun reflecting off the crystal clear water. Going through a big tube of water with water that was so smooth. Being able to see the sea life underneath the water while gliding over them. Getting water splashed on my face every second…..The dream ended. It felt like I was asleep for days! But no, it was only 3 hours. I woke up, my head throbbing and the world spinning faster than ever! I tried to get up but I felt a stinging pain all over my body. I wanted to jump off a cliff because of how much it was hurting. I screamed and cried! “AHHHHHH! What happened to me?!? Am I an alien? Am I a random dude?” Everything was off. It seemed to me that I was a different person. The burning sensation wasn’t real. It felt like I was casted by a spell, but no it was real….sadly. I tried throwing sand all over my body not realizing that it would make the situation worst. Then I tried some liquid I found randomly and dumped it all over, still didn’t help at all! I looked at my parents with BIG eyes.

“Mom, Dad, look at me!!!” I said with a furious, yet wimpy voice.

“Oh honey, you’ll be fine,” they said, seeming like they were exaggerating.

“Look who’s talking! At least you guys don’t look like a shadow!”

My parents had no response to that at all. They looked at me with monkey eyes and their mouths dropped all the way down. They thought I was going crazy. I slowly looked down with my eyes wide as they could ever go. Seeing that  I was so dark that if it was dark outside, people wouldn’t be able to see me. I screamed inside because it was killing me. I wanted to rip off my skin one piece at a time! I looked like a brownie that was in the oven way too long. I was the burnt, brownie monster. I felt like a hot mess! It was quite a day.

The day was coming to an end. The sun was setting with bright vibrant colors that you would never have imagined. The colors showed up in red, orange, yellow, green, blue , purple and even a few colors that I’ve never really seen. I layed back on my wrinkly old skin and felt peace again. As my parents in awe right next to me, I was crying. I always knew that doing everything I could do was an accomplishment because opportunities only come once. I realized that night, that life is a journey where you will experience peace, happiness, and pain but no matter what, don’t ever let one little thing ruin a big moment for you that you may never see again. It was a beautiful thing. It was a peaceful night watching a sunset on the beach with amazing pain.

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