June 11, 2017

The narrorator starts by telling a story to an unknown character. She explains that this story was about her from high school. She talks about each minute she had in the hallway to get to her next class. During this story telling, we learn a lot about the narrorators thoughts about never wanting to be late to class because she cares about her grades. However in the hallway and unexpected event happens.

Chapter 1: The Story

Let me tell you a story from high school, the oddest encounter I’ve ever had. I just ended my 5th hour with Señora García at school. I started walking back to my locker, through hallways that felt many miles long. I wasn’t really walking I guess, because I started sweating by minute one of six for passing time. I glided through the halls step by step, keeping my eyes ahead. I passed a few husky girls and boys, only wearing gray sweatshirts and gray sweatpants as I proceeded down the stairs. They were walking terribly slow as I flew past them. Minute two,  I passed my history class on my right, where my best friend Lindsay was. She was standing with her idiotic ex boyfriend, Josh, who cheated on her multiple times. He wasn’t ever right for her, always putting her down and they never brought the best out of each other. He wasn’t even that attractive, I always thought he’d end up in bad places, like getting involved with drugs. The long straight black hair with bangs covering his eyes most of the time confused me most of the time. Who would want their hair in their face? Mine is just fine the way it’s curly and pulled back most of the time. I guess people don’t care about looking at my eyes either, considering I had glasses covering them. Clearly Lindsay was in an uncomfortable situation, so I threw Josh a glare. Then I kept walking quickly so I didn’t have to hear him whine about wanting my best friend to forgive him. Minute three, I was in the 500 hallway where my locker was. A few girls who always acted like no one existed except for themselves, were crowded in front of my locker. Every day I would fall into this position where I didn’t want to be mean, but I knew I was going to be tardy if I don’t say anything.
“Excuse me,” I said firmly, as an attempt to get them to move. Their facial expressions were not as nice as I had hoped as they stepped away from my locker. I put my combination into the locker, put all my books and binders into my backpack, slammed the locker, and flew down the hallway again. Minute four, I was inside the 300 hallway on my way to AP physics class in hallway 200. Suddenly a mob of slow walkers were herding in front of me. I kept thinking about me being tardy and how angry my teacher would be if I was. Detention was not an option for me. I couldn’t see past them, because of my height, so I tried my hardest to walk past them. My feet started moving fast once I put my head down. Minute five, BAM! My head ran straight into the stomach of a tall, strong boy. I was knocked to the ground and my books scud on the hard floor. The boy had also fell but was in much less pain. I started to tear up, but all I could think about was the embarrassment I would have if I cried. I couldn’t hold back every tear because I knew my ankle twisted in a weird way. The boy stood up fast and had a lot of worry in his eyes.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry.” He grabbed my hand, and helped me up.
“It’s okay,” I said, continuing to try to hold the tears back. I noticed he knew I was in pain by the way he looked at my foot, as I was holding my twisted ankle.
“Come on, let me help you.” He grabbed my books and kept holding me as he walked me to the office. The crowd in the hallway was careless because they didn’t try to move out of the way. The boy sat with me for an hour, waiting to hear from my parents in the office. My head was in pain, however the boy kept wanting to talk to me. I could tell he was still worried, but he still made an effort to make me laugh… and he did.
That’s how I met your dad.

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