June 6, 2017
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You never think it can happen to you, but sometimes it can. I never thought it could happen, but after I was huddling in a closet scared for my life, I knew it could happen.
I heard someone slowly walking downstairs as salty tears streamed down my red cheeks. Someone was in the house and if they found me I would be finished. I heard strange sounds coming from the basement, but I didn’t dare to move afraid of being caught. Trapped. No way out. I looked through every crevice of the room, trying to find something, anything to help me escape, but there was nothing. The lack of light that had bothered me so much at first just became normal. The world was etched in charcoal, the once vibrant hues of the walls were no more than a vivid dream. The darkness worried me, my imagination supplied many beasts with fantastical jaws to lurk beyond the range of my vision. But now I embrace it. The night provides cover from the flesh and blood monsters of the day, the ones with their guns and official badges, the ones who can be judge, jury, and executioner in the name of freedom. Even on the most moonlit of nights, I blend into the city shadows, staying clear of those pools of yellow light that flow from the street-lamps. But instead of being in the city shadows I was now in a room, trapped and scared for my life of being caught and I couldn’t let that happen.
The room that resembled a prison is a perfect cube, the corners just reachable if I extend my arms like a starfish. My breathing is steady, my mind still focused. If there was a way into hiding there is a way out, it's just a matter of thinking clearly until I find it.  I tried to open the door, my bare hands pushing against the rough surface of the door. It was all in vain. The door stood stubbornly in its place. There was not even a window in this room. A shudder ran through me. Trapped. I was trapped. I was confined within the walls of this room. I felt claustrophobic. A metallic smell hung in the room. It reminded me somewhat of the smell of dried blood. The room was pitch dark. After a few minutes, my patience had peaked. No one can be that still, not even me. The figures in the house would be up the stairs any minute, and I had to find a way out and fast. Once my mind has ceased unproductive buzz, I was able to start thinking my way out this mess. After all of the effort, I finally pried the door open with just enough strength left in me to find a way out of the house. The hallway was roomy, airy, and eerie. An uneasy breeze blew down the corridor and grasped me with it chilly touch. Its fingers circled around my body, tenderly fondling every inch of me, pulling my shoulder’s tight together as I huddled into myself for warmth. The furthest door from me was all the way down the stairs and it had been left ajar, allowing a glorious amber glow to meander like a narrow stream across the hall. My mind told me not to move, but my body dragged me to the light like a moth to a flame. Every step I took was met by a discordant shriek from the creaky floorboards. As I was about to reach the door and burst out of the house I heard noises getting closer and closer to me, I ran to the nearest room and that was the basement. As I leaped down each step I prayed the figures in the house did not hear my distant footsteps or else I would be a goner. 
The basement was pitch black; I was as blind as if my eyes had been gouged. My body washed cold. I brought my fingers to my eye sockets; they were still there. I turned back to the stairs and tried to run up, but my foot fell through each one like it was a mere projection. So how had I walked down them? I was losing my mind, but I managed to pull myself together to slowly walk up the stairs of the basement. With each step, I took there was a creak from the floor board, and each step I felt the figures getting closer and closer to me with each passing breath I took. I managed to bring myself up to the final step and quietly exiting the basement with such ease it was almost unusual. I looked everywhere for any sign of light and that’s when I saw it, a mere flickering light coming from the stone pathway from the outside of the house, and that’s when I knew I was close to the front door. With each step I took, I felt my breath becoming fainter and fainter as I knew that this couldn’t be true that I was going to escape, at least I hoped. I slowly made my way towards the old paint chipped door and unlocked the door with such ease. I grabbed the duffle bag that I brought down from the room with me and I carefully turned the knob of the door. I knew this was too good to be true, so I sped up the process. I bolted out the door with my duffle bag, closing the door behind me, and sprinting as fast as I could to the woods. Every bone inside of me began to ache, but I knew I had to keep going in order to make sure I was far away from the house.
I finally pulled myself together, grabbed my duffle bag and knife, and proceeded to make my way the next house I would break into.

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