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June 6, 2017
By Bennet BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
Bennet BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
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What’s your name? That’s a cool name. Where are you from? Wow! It must have been so hard to leave. Well, just follow me and I’ll show you around. This is the main lobby, as you probably could have guessed. This is where all of the kids who skip class go. Weird, I know, right in front of the office. Very discreet. Sometimes I wonder how they manage to pass the grade they’re in. Morons.


Here’s one of them now. That over there is Sebastian Hill, famed captain of the wrestling team. What a bonehead. Everyone thinks he’s so cool because he can hold down another guy. He doesn’t know how stupid he looks in that leotard they label as a “singlet.” Here, the sports rule the school, I myself am captain of the track team. These walls were made for athletes. So basically if you don’t play a sport, you don’t matter. It’s just the way it goes. Then there are sports that are considered more important than others. Wrestling and football are our number 1’s. Don’t ask me why. Personally, I think that nearly naked men wrestling each other is disgusting and how they congratulate each other by slapping another’s behind is beyond me. Here comes boneheads “bff,” Charlie Mcallister, aka bonehead of the football team.


The two got caught drinking and driving after a game last year. Cop pulled them over, did a field sobriety test. Both failed. But because they are star athletes, the cop and school let them off the hook. No license suspension. No expulsion. Not even a measly detention. There’s our faculty for ya, nothing can impact the outcome of the “big game.” We made it to nationals last year. Then the bonehead got disqualified in the final rounds. Nothing is going to stop him from getting there this year, trust me. Hill is failing all of his classes, he should have lost competing privileges months ago, but nothing can touch him and his pretty little face.


Oh, and that girl over there, in the dangerously short skirt, twirling her hair in hopes of gaining attention from bonehead #2, that is Savannah Kemsley. Savy for short. She is head over heels for Charlie Mcallister. She presents herself as the oh so perfect lipgloss lovin girl, but only few know of her dirty little secret. Yours truly, being one of them. Little miss perfect has got a tiny little shoplifting addiction. Rumor has it that mommy and daddy cut their little princess off two years ago, and queenbee over there is too uppity to get herself a job like normal people. Yes, little miss perfect casually tries on a scarf, slips her jacket on over it, rips of the tags, and wala she has a new scarf.


It’s devastating I know. Poor Savy doesn’t get the luxury of the yacht club any more. Poor thing. It’s her own fault. She maxed out three credit cards in her extravagant excursion to Italy. Forget about gelato and pasta, this girl spent over 300,000 dollars on Valentino and Versace. How does one even do that? I’m hesitant to spend three dollars on a package of gum that I have a coupon for. The privileged *sigh*, am I right?


As an insider on virtually anyone in this place, if you need any recon, just let me know. Any questions thus far? Yes, it doesn’t seem like Charlie Mcallister has much interest in Savannah Kemsley. That is because Mcallister has a thing for Lyana Hill. Yes, Hill as in Sebastian Hill. Lyana is Sebastian's little sister, and by little I mean she’s only a year younger than the two boneheads. The “crush” can be traced back to when the boneheads were in the third grade, Lyana in second. As every tomboy was in elementary school, Lyana wanted to play football with all of the older boys. Sebastian, embarrassed by his little sister would exclude Lyana from the boy’s festivities. Mcallister always felt bad. His heart beat faster every time he laid eyes on her. A decade later and his feelings have multiplied. No! Of course not. Sebastian knows nothing of Charlie’s feelings. It would split them into two. The two have an unspoken agreement that sisters and ex-girlfriends are off limits.


The only problem is that Lyana is in love with some kid named Justin Chambers. I don’t know the kid. He probably doesn’t play sports, more the intellectual type. From what I hear, the kid got into all the Ivy League schools in his sophomore year. Big whoop. He still doesn’t play any sports.


Evidently the two met in AP Psych class. My sources tell me that he wants nothing to do with Lyana as he is focused on his academic career blah blah blah. The funny thing is that Charlie Mcallister and Justin Chambers are nothing alike. Mcallister is handsome as hell. Somewhat smart, and boy oh boy can he throw a ball. This Chambers guy, well, he’s kinda not that pretty and he doesn’t play sports. That’s a deal breaker, well maybe not for Lyana.


Prom season is coming up and decisions are going to have to be made. Who’s going with who. Where will the promposals take place. What is everyone going to wear? Where is the venue? So many questions so little time. I bet you anything that Charlie is going to Ask Lyanna and s*** will hit the fan between Sebastian and Charlie. Drama. So entertaining. I could sit here all day watching all the catfights with a bowl of popcorn. Just rest my feet upon the table and watch everything unfold. Well that brings us to the end of our tour. I’ve got to get to track practice, see you around.

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