The Promotion

June 6, 2017
By , Lambertville, NJ

My three favorite things to do are shop, watch television, and read. You see my job involves all three of these things. I work at Conde Nast media company in New York City. As part of the fashion magazine, I basically get to shop while I work, looking for all the newest and hottest trends. I'm not lazy, but I do like doing things the fun way and my way. So, me and this whole work thing only work if it's fun and I'm the boss. I've been working at the company for years but I have stayed at the same position my whole time. I really want to be promoted. Maybe get a higher salary, and a higher position, you know. I mean I do my job fine and all but I would be way more motivated if I got a promotion.
I decide to take a long lunch and go shopping a little. I walk down fifth avenue which of course is any fashion lover's dream street for shopping and admire all the stores. I stop into Louis Vuitton and Prada, not that I'll actually buy anything, but I like to look. I'm wearing a striped Michael Kors jacket with cute Kate Spade bag and designer jeans of course. My boots are my favorite pair of riding boots, they have brown straps around the black boot. I really should get some new pants today, but i already bought a cute jacket for a party on Saturday night. It goes perfect with the dress I got!
I go into a little bakery on my way back to work for something to eat. When I am in there I run into the head editor and chief of my magazine company, Alisha Murray. I don't even know if she recognizes me but she smiles anyway. Oh gosh, she always is dresses perfectly. She is wearing the new Prada heels from the fashion show and her jacket is so nice. I catch myself staring at her and quickly snap out of it and eat my muffin. Ugh I want that promotion, here is my chance. I'll go up to her and tell her my name and my position with the company. Then I'll give her a nice compliment, maybe about her necklace and then i'll get on with it. “I am very dedicated to my job and I think I am overdue for a promotion.”  She will have to put in a good word for me with the promotion people, whoever they are. Maybe we will even get into a good conversation. I stand up and start heading to the table she is at. She is looking at something on her phone. Just as a I get over there one of my coworkers from my department, Melissa,  sits down with her. They start talking. What? How do they know each other. Melissa sees me and I quickly try to get away from the situation. “Oh hi Lindsey. I was just talking to Alisha here about a promotion. Looks like we won't be working together for much longer.” She sips her coffee as I just stand there smiling and nodding my head. Seriously, this is crazy. She didn't even want to be promoted. I mean she never mentioned it to me. “Oh well, good luck with that then, I guess i’ll see you around the office then.” I awkwardly turn around and go back to my table to get the rest of my stuff. I didn't even finish eating my muffin but I can't stomach it anymore. I feel a lump in my throat and I leave. I'm so disappointed and embarrassed. How could I think that just by walking up to the editor of the magazine I would get promoted.
I walk back to the office and finish the day like I always do. I’m pretty bummed out all day though. Now how will I get my promotion. I don't even do very much at my job anyway. I need to do something that they will notice. Maybe throw a nice pizza party for the employees. That will make me look dedicated. No, it should be fashion related. Oh I know I’ll just write a really good article and submit it for the magazine. The editors will read it and promote me after they see what a good writer I am.
I go home that night and sit trying to think of an idea for a fashion article. What do people write about. Everything I think of already has a super good article written about it. This is way harder than I thought it would be. I think I need a new idea. I try writing the beginning of an article but I don't even know what it is about yet. Maybe fast fashion. I try writing a paper about my idea. It's okay but nothing special. I really need a great idea for it. I finally think of how I could have the designer brand and then show the same version of the garment in the cheaper brand. I am able to write a pretty good article about this idea. This is perfect for people who want to wear designer fashion but can't afford it. I submit my article for the editors to read and hopefully run in the next edition.
For the next few weeks I go on with my life like always. I go to my job and make not enough money to be living in Manhattan. When the next edition comes out I get so excited. Maybe my article is in there. Did they run with my idea. When I flip through the magazine I don't see it. I am once again very disappointed.  Later in the day I am just walking down to the copier when I see Alisha Murray walking to our office. I turn around and see her walk in. I walk back, out of curiosity to see what she would ever be doing in our office. “Is Lindsey in here?” She asks the people sitting at the desks. I am standing in the doorway trying to get back to my desk but one of the people points to me. “There is Lindsey.” Alisha Turns around and tells me to walk back with her to her office.
“I got your article for the submission. I really liked it and wanted to run it in one of the next editions.” I looked up so surprised. “Oh wow, well thanks. So what happens next.” She looks intimidating but she actually liked my piece. “Well, we would have to edit it and fix it to be perfect. And we also have to print your name as the author for the article. We need a catchy headline or title. And we need a photo shoot for the pictures. You will be involved in all of this because it is your writing of course.” I can tell she is very busy, so I don't want to bore her with annoying questions. “Okay sounds great,” I calmly respond even though I am so excited. This is just what I needed for a promotion.  “Is there anything I should be doing right now?” “No, you can just go back to your office for now. I’ll contact you when we need your help.” I leave her office after our short conversation but I am so excited. I can't wait to see my article in the magazine for real. Does this mean I get a promotion? Maybe I should keep trying to submit articles and eventually I will get promoted. When I get back to my office everyone looks at me and I tell them that my article is going to be published. Everybody is happy for me and congratulates me. I wonder where I will go from here. I guess I could only go up.
It is now a year later and I am officially promoted to be a writer. I get to write articles for the magazine to run and I am on the editions all the time. Not to mention the new salary and the new hours are so much better. I am living the dream I have always had to be a journalist for a famous magazine.

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