March 24, 2009
By Anonymous

He was covered in blood, and it wasn’t his own.
“She wanted to leave, but couldn’t” Jordan told the police officer as he looked around and could see everyone in such a frenzy. He couldn’t believe what just happened and you could tell that by just seeing the horror in his eyes and anger on his face. Steven was with the other officer upstairs in the bathroom, where it all happened. Everyone else was being questioned or running away from the scene to go back to his or her own apartment or dorm room. Could this really be happening? The night wasn’t supposed to end like this. Her life wasn’t supposed to end like this, but that son of a b**** deserved to die.
It was a late night and Jordan and all his friends were having a party that got a little out of control. College always had its variety of experiences and first times and Jordan was in his senior year and that weekend at his Buffalo apartment was one he’ll never forget, along with everyone else out of the one hundred partying students.
That Saturday night started just like every other Saturday night with friends sitting on his couch waiting for ten p.m. to roll around, and people to pile into his crimson red door. When party time approached and kids of all races and gender started to bring themselves in, along with a twelve pack of their favorite drink to share. Once everyone saw who was all there they brought out their phones and texting every person they knew to bring themselves over and to join in on it all.
At first Jordan love it, he loved being the party central and never getting caught. He loved it up until he saw Thomas come in the room. He never liked Thomas and he always hated how he treated his girlfriend Stacey when they went out at night. Jordan envied Thomas to have someone like Stacey, but he could never get too jealous because he thought deep down that Stacey would come to her senses one day. Little did Jordan know that it would be too late for her to do that. That night Thomas got rip roaring drunk and Stacey was his DD. She always hated partying but didn’t mind going with Thomas when she knew he would need a safe ride home. She also didn’t mind it because she loved Jordan. Stacey loved every little thing about Jordan, but was in too deep with Thomas to leave him. She would never tell Jordan how she felt, but Stacey and Jordan both knew deep down that every time their eyes connected they went weak in the knees. Jordan could just kill Thomas for not knowing what he had, was so special.
When the police showed up, no one cared about the partying or underage drinking, they couldn’t believe what had just happened. The police took statements and when they got to Jordan, he said she wanted to leave and when he did he didn’t really know whether he meant that she couldn’t leave the party or she couldn’t leave Thomas. Even at a time like this when he felt like his whole world was just about to end, Jordan couldn’t help but shine a little smirk about having Thomas out of their lives for good. Jordan Bisson realized at that exact moment that he would never forget that Saturday night in Buffalo, NY.

The author's comments:
This is just the start of a novel I wrote as a Creative Writing assignment. I was hoping for readers to get the urge to keep reading and to see what led up to that point in time.

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