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Is it really life

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have you ever been told that life is like a time line? there is just steps you you HAVE to take to do life right? Well you know what I think, I think that is wrong you don't need to 1. Go to school 2. Go to college 3. Get a job 4. Make a family 5. Have kids. NO!, you live life the way you want to, maybe you are homed schooled and don’t go to college, That’s okay that is your decision nobody should make it for you, sometimes rules shouldn’t apply. You do what you want to do in life because you know what you only get one shot to do. It so no matter what anyone tells you weather it is your parents you teacher you friend they can go live there life however they want but don’t let people tell you how to live yours because in the end you're going to want to say “wow i wish i could have done this” not just because my friend my teacher my mom my family. I promise you i might be only 13 but i do know how things work, in this world not all of it cause i am still living my life and were life hits you wisdom does too, but don’t let me tell you how to live your life cause that’s something that you need to go figure out…..

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