The Walk

June 1, 2017
By GeorgeOutcalt BRONZE, Pepper Pike, Ohio
GeorgeOutcalt BRONZE, Pepper Pike, Ohio
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Marcy gathered her things. She walked out of the cafe, with a caramel cappuccino still in her breath. Since the sun was still a fiery orange, she decided to take a noonish walk through the park. Strolling past the side stores, she crossed the road and headed to the sign that said Russell Park.

“Ready now?”
“No, not yet. Wait 5 minutes.”

Marcy went past the gates, throwing out her napkin with coffee cake crumbs. The emptiness of the park made Marcy feel a rush of uneasiness, but she continued on her walk, admiring the yellow sky above.

“Okay. 4 minutes 35 seconds and counting.”

The uneasiness in Marcy’s stomach continued, as she noticed that something wasn’t right. It wasn’t the gorgeous scenery of the park, or the buttery sky, it was something with her, it felt like someone was watching her.
“It’s no one,” she said to herself, partially lying about it. The bushes by her ruffled. Marcy jumped in fright.

“3 minutes 15 seconds and counting.”

Marcy thought about her house. Her house that was only fifteen minutes away, but this time, it felt like an eternity. And with her phone dead, there was no way to check the time.

“2 minutes 55 seconds and counting.”

Marcy walked by the pond, watching the ducks and other birds floating at the top. A cool breeze made Marcy shiver, as she wished she brought a heavier jacket.
She still thought someone was following her.

“2 minutes 35 seconds and counting.”

“Finally,” Marcy said. She could see the end of the park. The gates to the city buildings lay ahead of her. Two men talked at the end. It was still around a two minute and thirty second walk, but that was fine, as long as she would get out of there quickly.

“2 minutes 20 seconds and counting.”

Marcy walked briskly, each step moving with meaning. Then,

“2 minutes 10 seconds and counting.”

Marcy’s head shot around as her stomach took a dive. A drop of sweat dribbled from her head as her hands shook with fear. Slowly, she moved her legs to the bush where the noise was made. Her legs turned to sandbags as she tried to force herself not to move. But she had to see.

“2 minutes and counting.”

Then Marcy realized, it was probably a squirrel or something. What could be following her? She continued on, a new stride in her step.

“1 minute 50 seconds and counting.”

Marcy drew closer and closer to the gates, the sky turning a blue-ish purple. The sense of uneasiness almost left her, as she couldn’t wait to get home-

“1 minute 30 seconds and counting.”

Marcy’s heart jolted. This time, the snapping was louder and more close. Marcy’s stride turned into horror. But this time, she wanted to see. Curious but nervous, Marcy crept to the tree where the snapping came from.

“55 seconds and counting.”

She leaned toward the tree.

“45 seconds and counting.”

She pressed her sweat soaked hands to the tree. Her legs shaked in fear, her mind caked with horrible and worried thoughts. But she wanted to see.

“20 seconds and counting.”

She leaned over.

“15 seconds and counting.”

She turned her fear-driven head to the other side of the tree.

“10 seconds.”

She opened her eyes.

“5 seconds.”






“2, 1, now.”

“AHHH!” Marcy then screamed as a bunny jumped right out to her face.
“Hey, lady, you alright?” asked a worker at the gate. A man stood by his side.
The bunny scurried away as Marcy said, “Sorry, that bunny scared me.”
“Yeah bunnies are known to follow humans here. Now, get out, we are going to close the gate.”
Marcy hurried out of the park, happy to finally be free of terrifying bunnies that follow people. 
“Did I do alright, Rich?” asked one of the workers.
“Yeah, just next time, don’t count to close the gate from 5 minutes. It gets very annoying,” stated Rich, and get the new intern close the Russell Park Gate.

The author's comments:

This story shows how different something can be at night and that not everything is what it seems...

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