The Mis-Post

June 5, 2017
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Kate flew downstairs past the kitchen, running to get the door. Finally, Grace was here! She knew it had only been a few minutes, but it felt like forever to her. “Hi, come in!” she said, stepping back.
“You ready for the grand food and movie marathon?!” Grace laughed.
“Totally” Kate replied, taking Grace’s jacket and hanging it on a hook. “The kitchen is stocked, the tv is primed, everything is ready.” The two girls walked into the living room.
“Okay, did you bring pajamas?” Kate asked, pointing at the plastic bag Grace was carrying..
`“Yup, and the ingredients too. I’m gonna go change upstairs”.
As Grace was changing, she started mixing the batter for a devils food cake. The two of them had done food and movie marathons before, but this one was going to last a weekend, because Grace’s parents were out of town. This one, Kate thought, will be remembered as the greatest ever in the history of F. and M. marathons. She laughed to herself.
“Alright, I'm here! Let’s get started”, Grace shouted as she hurried down the stairs. In no time at all, the cake batter was poured and put in the oven, and the friends had green face masks on. The house smelled like it came straight out of a magazine.
“So, what should we watch first?” Kate reached for a rice crispie and started awkwardly peeling off the wrapper.
“Mmmm, maybe we should start with a tv show,” Grace replied, setting down an enormous bowl with several types of chips inside.
“Ok,” Kate grabbed some doritos.
Over the course of the next hour, the girls ate almost every type of junk food, saving some of each for later.
“Maybe we should pause for something healthy now,” Kate said, reaching for some celery sticks in the back of the fridge.
“Mmmkay”, Grace nodded, on her phone. Kate retreated back to the couch.
“Hey whatcha doing?” Kate leaned over Grace’s shoulder.
“Selfies!” Grace playfully sang. Kate laughed.
“Let me in too!”
“Smile!” Grace said. Kate stuck her head in the camera frame, laughing and holding up chips. Flash! Kate grabbed the phone and started cracking up.
“HAHAHAHAHA,” “HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG HAHAHAHA,” she rolled on the floor, shaking.
“Hey gimme that,” Grace said, laughing for no reason whatsoever. “HAHAHAHAHA OMG HAHAHAHA,” she too fell on the floor, shaking and laughing so hard she made no sound at all.
“OMG!!!” Kate laughed.
“IT’S SO BAD!” Grace cried, tearing up. The photo of the two of them was horrible. 
“I CAN'T STOP,” Kate shrieked. She rolled over slapped her phone. It made a woosh sound. Suddenly Kate stopped laughing and frose. She grabbed her phone. Her face paled. “Oops.”
“What?” Grace rolled towards Kate. Then she saw her face. “You. Did. Not.”
“Yes. I did.”
“Oh My God,” Grace said. “How bad?”
Kate cringed. “About nine out of ten,” She said in a small voice.
“Oh No. No no no no no no. No this is so bad,” Grace paused and turned to face Kate. “That photo was terrible!” She sat on the couch. “Who did you send it to?” She asked.
“Worse. I posted it on Instagram!” Kate cried. “Now everyone who follows me will see it! This is so bad. MY CRUSH follows me! My MOTHER follows me! Literally OUR ENTIRE SCHOOL follows me! What are we going to do?!?”
“Shhh, shhh. It was on accident,” Grace said, nervously. “All we have to do it delete it. Right? Right?”
“Okay, okay, I’m going to delete it right now,” Kate said. She bit her lip and stared at the screen.
“Well?” Grace said. Kate stared at the screen, fingers tapping furiously. “I-I- I don’t know, I can’t, it won’t let me delete it!” she panicked.
“Let me try,” Grace said, taking the phone the phone. A few minutes later she groaned in frustration. “It’s impossible!” Kate reached for the bowl of chips.
“What do we do?”
“I guess we just have to leave it there and hope for the best,” Grace sat down on the carpet.
Later, both girls were eating cake, silently staring at the phone. This night is can’t last forever, Kate thought. It’s been so long. I just wish something would happen.
Then, the phone dinged. Both girls dropped what they were eating and ran to it. Nervously they opened up instagram. Time passed in slow motion. Everything so far had built up to this moment. Kate was almost to scared to look. Almost. She squinted at the screen. It was a like!
“A like?” Grace said, astonished.
“No way!” Kate laughed in relief.
“Look, Look!” Grace pointed excitedly at the screen. “There’s a comment! A comment!”
“Let me see!” Kate said. “Look Look, they liked it! It says ‘LOL, looks like so much fun!’ Yes! I was so nervous!”
“Me too!” Grace said, smiling. “Look here’s another one,” she pointed out. “‘We have to meet up sometime’.” The two friends laughed and went back to their food.
Over the rest of the weekend, the post got tons of positive feedback. Kate’s notifications box was overflowing. It got over 500 likes. And the girls weren’t afraid to post many more photos after that, some on purpose, and some not.

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