On a dark Stormy Night

June 5, 2017

One night Jake woke up to a loud bang. He was so startled, he fell right out of his bed and hit his elbow hard off the floor upon his fall. “What in the world?!”, he exclaimed.  Jake quickly threw on some warm clothes and rushed down the stairs. He met his mother in the kitchen, stumbling his way through the door frame. Jake was clumsy as it was, but the shock of the bang had him a little extra clumsy right now. “Mom, what was that god-awful sound?”. She didn’t turn around, just kept staring out the window. “Lightning Jake, it struck the pole outside, darn thing split right down the middle!”

Jake went over to where his mother was standing. She was still in her pajamas, and he was sure she was cold, as he felt a chill even with a sweater on. He walked over to the other side of the room, retrieved her house robe, and swiftly wrapped it around her shoulders.  He loved how she never seemed to age a day. As he stood next to her, he peered out the window. Although the pole was split, everything seemed to be okay, or so he thought. All of a sudden the power lines snapped off of the pole and started swinging every which way. Sparks flew everywhere! The lights flickered a bit and then went out completely, yet they could still see outside the window almost clear as day. The sparks where lighting up everything around them as the electrical wire swung back and forth in the stormy wind. “step back a bit Jake.”, his mother said softly. He knew she was right, but the light show outside was so intense he couldn’t seem to move. She put her hand on his shoulder, and he sighed and stepped back. He knew she was only trying to protect him. But his curiosity didn’t let him move more than a few steps back, just enough that he could still see out of the window.  In between the sparks and surrounding thunder and lightning, he could see yellow lights flashing in the distance. It was the line workers truck. He breathed a sigh of relief, and so did his mother.
They stood there staring out their kitchen window, watching as the men went to work. One by one they hoped out of the work truck, and assembled their gear. Jake was amazed at how quickly they worked in the rain. It seemed as though they didn’t even notice the thunder roaring in the distance. Within minutes the had the down wire under control, and were working to mend the pole the best they could. Jake figured they’d for sure need a new one. But that would surely have to wait until tomorrow. His mom turned to him with sleepy eyes, “Alright Jake, back to bed, now that we know we don’t have to worry about a crazy wire hitting our house.”  Jake nodded, and followed his mother up the stairs. As he turned the corner he said a quick “I love you, night” to her, and then curled back up under his blankets. Now that the storm had passed them, he heard nothing but the soft rain panging off the window. And as quickly as nature’s loud chorus had woken him, its soft lullaby eased him into sleep.

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