The Vacation

June 5, 2017
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It was a early hot summer morning, the sun was just starting to peek out the cracks of my window. Today was the day me, Joseph, Daniel, and Rick go on vacation to Colombia. We decided we wanted to go explore other parts of the world and Colombia seems like the best place to go. Our flight to Colombia leaves at 8:30. I get up, get dressed, brush my teeth, and grab my luggage. I then get a call from Rick the first thing he said was
“Are you ready? Our flight leaves at 8:30.” Rick said.
It was 6:30 a.m.
“Yea I’m ready make sure you call Daniel and Joseph to make sure they are up and ready to go!”
“Ok will do I’ll call you when I get ready to head to the airport.”
We were all so excited to spend time with each other and explore Colombia. Moments after talking to Rick I get a call from Daniel and he tells me he is at the airport and is ready to leave. I then shoot Rick a text message and let him know I’m on my way to the airport.
As I pull up to the airport I go through baggage claim and security then I went and waited at my gate number. I then see Daniel and I sat next to him as I waited for Rick and Joseph.
About 30 minutes after waiting I see Joseph. You could see the bags under his eyes and when he was pulling his luggage he would walked as if he had ankle weights.

“Man you seem tired what time did you go to bed?” I said.
“Well i was playing Call of Duty with Rick all night and he kept beating me and i wasn’t going to bed until I beat him at least once”.  
“Well we have to get ready to get on our plane,” I said.
As we were walking to the plane, I gave Joseph all our tickets to hold while I went to get snacks from the store in the airport before I got on our flight.
“ Hey Daniel do u wanna walk around and see if we can find any souvenir stores?” Rick said.
“Bro we are suppose to sit here and wait for Josh to get back.” Daniel said.
“Just come on he won’t care”
Rick walks away searching for a souvenir store and Daniel chases after him.
“Slow down! Wait for me!” said Daniel as he was sprinting after Joseph like an olympic runner.
“Why are you running so fast?!”
“I want to get a fidget spinner before they sell out.” said Joseph
As Rick and Daniel get to the souvenir store Joseph left his luggage outside the store and the tickets were in it.
“Now that you have your stupid fidget spinner we can leave but make sure you still have those tickets for the flight.” said Daniel.
“huh …. We have a problem.” Rick said nervously.
“I don’t know where my luggage is.”
“What do you mean you don’t know where your luggage is you left it outside the store.” Daniel said.
“I know but it’s not there anymore…..What should I do!?”
“Let’s go meet back up with Josh, and Rick to let them know
Daniel and Joseph sprinted over to Josh and Rick.
“Huh….Josh….. we have a problem... someone stole my luggage and our tickets were in my bag I don’t know what to do I looked everywhere for it.” said Joseph as he was scared to even tell me.
I started remember to not make Joseph responsible for anything he was always forgetful.
“We aren’t going to be able to get on our flight to Colombia” I said sadly.
“I’m going to see if there is another flight  we can take.”
I went to the front desk to see if there was another flight we can take but the lady at the front desk said the next  flight to Colombia leaves tomorrow and we didn’t want to wait till tomorrow. I met this strange guy that  was standing next to a wall suspiciously he then came up to me.
“Hey kid, my name is Jack I’m going to Colombia as well you can just hitch a ride with me I have a plane we can fly there.”
At this point I was willing to take any flight to get there.
“What’s the catch?” I said.
“No catch. I’m going to a different side of Colombia if you still want to come.” Jack said.
“I’m going to get my friends and see what they think about it, I will be right  back.” I  said.
As I catch up to my friends I talk  to  them about it and Joseph thinks it’s a good idea but Daniel and Rick are skeptical about it. I told them we would be landing on a different side of Colombia. But we came to the conclusion that we will go with Jack to Colombia, he was the only way we would get there by before having to leave the next day.  We then grab our luggage and walk over to Jack.
“Hey we agreed to come with u to Colombia”
“Alright! Well  let’s get moving!” Jack said
We then loaded our luggage onto the plane and got ready to leave. The plane ride was very long and I slept most of the time…..
I then   hear on the radion we were preparing to land in Colombia… We finally landed and the side of colombia we were on was very beat down and not as I expected.
“Huh this doesn't look like Colombia in the pictures.” Said Joseph
“I know we have to drive to the hotel which is about 6 hrs from here but it shouldn't be far.” I said
Jack responds “I have a buddy who can drive u to your hotel.”
“Perfect!” Daniel says
As we headed to the hotel in Jack's friends car we drove on this long dirt road we notice there was no civilization around.
“Hey Jack does your friend no where he's going?” Said Rick.
“Yea he's been down here before.” Jack replied.
At this point Joseph, Rick, Daniel, and I were sketch out and started to think it was a bad Idea. Earlier on we needed to stop for gas but there wasn't any gas stations around.
“We are out of gas we have to walk the rest of the way” Jack’s friend says
“That's going to be a far walk” I replied.
“We should probably start walking now before it gets dark” said Daniel.
We started walking and the sun started to go down and we decided we were going to have to camp out where we were and walk the rest in the morning. During that night we heard strange noises.
“Hey guys what's that noise” said Rick
Jack replied “there are tribes out here some of them are cannibal and will kill anyone that Tresspasses.”
Everyone's mood changed it looked like every single one of our hearts sunk into our stomachs. As the night went by we started to get hungry but good thing we brought food from the airport.
“I have to go to the bathroom I'll be right back.” Said Rick
“Be careful and watch out for any tribal members.” I said.
As time went by we all started to notice that Rick wasn’t back yet from going to the bathroom.
“Anybody know where Rick is?” Joseph said.
“He said he was going to the bathroom but it's been 20 minutes he should be back by now.” Daniel said
“We should split up and go look for him” Jack said
“ I don't know if that's a good idea since there are cannibal people around.” I replied
“If you want to get your friend back I would split up.” Jack said
We ended up having to split up I was wit's Daniel and Joseph and Jack went with his friend. We ended up walking towards a tribe and we saw Rick he was cuffed and was stripped of his clothes. Joseph, Daniel, and I raced down towards the village to save Rick. As we ran up to the village we were extremely quiet so we wouldn't get caught. As we got closer Daniel kept tapping on my shoulder and I wouldn't answer him because I was focusing on getting Rick back. But then I felt something rubbing on the back of my head I then started to get annoyed so I turned around and I was at gun point. Jack had a gun pointed towards me. He had Daniel and Joseph tied up already.
“Why are you pointing a gun at me”
“ you didn't get it from the start now did you?” Jack said suspiciously.
“What are you talking about?”
“You really think I was going to give you a fred ride on my plane? Ha! This is my village we are cannibal this was all just to come with me so I can feed my village.”
Joseph starts panicking and starts to scream and ends up passing out.
“So you're going to eat us!?” I said.
“You're correct and it seems like I will have food to feed my village for a while.” Jack said.
Sadly they took Rick and sliced him up limb by limb and cooked him in a furnace Daniel and Joseph started to scream and go crazy. Later on Daniel decides to kill himself… it was just me and Joseph left.
“Hey Joseph I think I can get us out of here there is a piece of glass next to my foot” I said.
I struggled to get the knife up to my fingers as I was tied down. I ended up cutting the thick rope and untying Joseph. We then sprinted into the forest we didn't stop running until we found people who could help us. We then found some people who took us to an airport. We were in Colombia for days and now that Rick and Daniel are gone we couldn't bare to come back to that place.

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