Samantha Jonas

March 22, 2009
By Samantha Dunn BRONZE, New Lenox, Illinois
Samantha Dunn BRONZE, New Lenox, Illinois
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"Say goodnight..." "A-a-and goodbye!" Nick and I sang the last lyrics of Goonight and Goodbye. Kevin was being a dork and took a poster from a girl in the crowd, which said, Thank Heaven For Kevin! I felt the cheers and screams rattle through my bones, the best feeling in the world. I hear Nick launch into the first chords of our ending song, Burnin' Up. "I'm hot! You're cold!" I sang. "You go around, like you know, who I am, but you don't! You've got me on my toes" As Nick jumped into the chorus, I though about going home. Tonight was our last concert for our college, then we were going home until finals, then we had the whole summer for our new tour. The Samantha Jonas Tour... I thought. We have to tell everyone once we go home. It'll be such a surprise for Sammie... I heard Nick scream, "JOE! SING! NOW!" I had almost missed my part after the chorus, I was too busy thinking. "I FELL! SO FAST! CAN'T HOLD MYSELF, BACK!"
After the last song, Joe, Nick, and I met with the backstagers, and as always, I got the least attention. I didn't mind, though, I was too excited to be going home and surprising Sammie by coming home after a year! On the bus afterwards, Joe cornered me and said, " We have to tell everyone." I was confused for a moment, then I remembered. "Why? Shouldn't it be her decsion?" Joe looked at me like I was crazy. "You know for a fact she'll say no!" he reasoned. "Yeah, I guess. But what'll her favorite brother say? Nick's not just gonna agree, flat out!" Joe smiled a smile that made him look like an evil genious, neither of which Joe is. "Don't worry, I have a plan." Dun dunn dunnn... I thought. Another infamous Joseph Adam Jonas Plan...
I was in my bunk reading Eragon one of the ten books that I was to read, according to my little sister. Sammie had snuck them into my luggage the day before we left for college, along with a note that said, All of these are to be read by the time you come home! AmoSammie was the reader of the family. When she was sick and stayed home from school, she'd shut herself in her room and read, only letting either Mom or me in with medicine or food. I was deeply enthrolled in the magic and swordplay in Eragon, when Joe's head suddenly appeared next to the pages."C'mere little brother." he said, dragging me from the top bunk. "We have to talk to you." I tried to shake him off, unsuccessfully of course, as Joe was always so much stronger than me. Joe dragged me to the couch at the front of the bus, where Kevin was sitting, rubbing his temples. I sat next to him. Joe stood over us and said, "We're going to tell everyone." My eyes widened, I opened my mouth to protest, but Joe cut me off, "Don't bother arguing, Nicholas. We were going to tell even if you don't like it." I sighed in defeat. "Why?" Joe smirked, "People would have found out eventually. You would've let if slip in some interview or something." I glared at him. "Well, as long as we're going against my wishes, how are we going to do this?" I asked. Joe smiled another evil genious smile and said, "Here's my plan...."

The day began just like any other. Me, Samantha, going to school, all the while hoping that my three big brothers would miraculously reappear in our small town from college at Princeton. I never told my friends my brothers' names. I just told them that they were away at college, and it must be a coincidence that my last name was Jonas, just like my best friends (BFFLS!) Katie and Rachel's favorite singers, the Jonas Brothers. But Nick, Joe and Kevin are just that to me - my brothers. I don't see the hotness, or the cuteness, or the Nick-is-a-studmuffin stuff that Katie and Rachel see.
So back to the school day. My dad, Kevin Jonas (The Kevin in the band is named after Dad!), was driving me to school on his way to work. "Wait, Sam," he said. "I won't be here when school lets out, so you'll have to fend for yourself." Ugh, I thought, another late work day... "It's fine." I lied. "Love you Dad!" He drove away. I sighed.Yet another monotonous day of school... As I hurried to computers class, I plopped down next to Rachel, and immersed myself in my work, trying to get through the day as fast as possible. Little did I know that today would bring an unexpected surprise...
At the end of the day, there was a pep assembly, and then our fall dance, so as we all walked to the gym for it, Katie and Rachel babbled endlessly about the Jonas Brothers. "I read in J-14 that Joe got a new girlfriend. Her name's Kassandra" Katie said. This was true, as Mom, Dad, Frankie, and I were the first to know. Joe had met Kassie Black in his science class, where they'd started out as lab partners, Joe thinking that she was just another fangirl, like all the others at Princeton, but Kassie was different. She liked him, but she wasn't crazy or insane like most other Jonas Brothers fans. "I'm so jealous of her!" Rachel exclaimed. I got bored of listening to them babble, so I went off into my daydream-land. Maybe I'll sneak into Nicky's room and see if he left me a note or something. I was the only one allowed to call him that- not even Mom could call him Nicky without getting the evil eye. He could be rowdy and fun at times, but since he was so mellow, Nick was my favorite big brother. He was the one that taught me to read when I was four, since Mom couldn't, as she was still taking care of baby Frankie, and he taught me to play the drums in the studio at home, and to sing some of the Brothers' songs well, unlike how Katie and Rachel sang them. I wonder if he'd teach me to play guitar too... "Sam! SAM!" It was Katie yelling. "You were daydreaming again!" Rachel said. We kept walking towards the gym, and as we sat down in the bleachers, Mrs. O'Connor, our vice principal, grabbed the microphone and quieted the student body. "Okay everyone, before we start our dance, we have three special guests here to talk to you, but first, can I have Samantha Jonas come down here please?" I heard Jake, Ryan, and Joey, three 'popular' guys that I hated and that hated me back, snickering amongst themselves. "Teachers' pet!" I heard. I picked my way down though the seats to stand by her. "Now, everybody must stay in their seat for this okay?" she paused. I wonder what this is all about? I thought. "Guys, you can come in now!" she continued. Three tall figures emerged from the hallway. Oh no.
A scream emanated through the crowd as everyone went to stand around them. Luckily, Big Rob was there, and he kept my brothers safe. Rob, with the help of several teachers and Mrs. O'Connor, banished the students back to their seats. She handed the mike to Joe, who wiggled his finger at me, beckoning to towards them. I realized I was frozen stock-still in place from shock. "Come over here, silly, and don't be shy!" Joe said with a smirk, "They're your classmates!" I stood next to my favorite brother "It's okay," Nick whispered in my ear, his hands on my shoulders, "We're going to tell them." Oh no. I thought. Now I'm going to be 'Miss Popular' because the Jonas Brothers are my brothers! "You ready?", Joe murmured, as Nick passed me to him, "No, but go ahead anyway." I whispered back. "Okay. Everybody!" Joe was using his grown-up manly voice that made him sound like Dad. "We'd like to introduce you to our little sister, Sammie Jonas. We've kept this secret from all of you for so long because our parents thought it would be better for her, and our whole family. We didn't want her to be home schooled like we were. Mom and Dad also wanted her to be protected from the media." The crowd murmured loudly. 'I knew it' was the most prominent of the murmurings. Joe, ever the gentleman, asked "Who wants us to play for you guys?!" The whole crowd of girls erupted into shrieks "I'll take that as a yes." Joe breathed to himself. "Uhm... I'm not so sure that's a good idea... Mrs. O'Connor stammered. Joe shot her one of his more seductive looks. "Well, it is for the kids...." Mrs. O'Connor agreed, blushing. She seemed unable to disagree with him - I'd never met anyone that could. I shot Joe a glare, but he ignored me. The boys got out all their guitars, their whole band and its' set, and played Burnin' Up, Year 3000, and Lovebug with all their heart, trying to get me to forgive them.
After the show, as I hadn't stayed for the dance, we all squeezed into Kevin's tiny white sports car with the dark tinted windows, and we drove home. "What were you guys thinking?!", I cried. "Well that's a way to greet your big brothers after they've been away at college for a year!" Joe said playfully, before attacking me into one of those tickle fights we used to have every day after school. "We thought the secret had been kept long enough, and people were going to find out eventually." he said. I sighed. "Mom and Dad do know about this right?" I asked. "Yes they both do, Samantha! Now stop worrying so much!" Kevin growled at me. It scared me because he rarely used my full name. "You sound like Dad!" I grumbled "Now everyone's gonna hate me because I lied to them all, even Katie and Rachel!" Nick wrapped an arm around me "I'm sure they'll understand.", he said in a calm, soothing voice, one that was growing raspy for being used so often, singing 'Lovebug' and 'Hello Beautiful' almost every night. "Why did you do this Nicky?" I said, barely in a whisper. "Because we're your big brothers, and we love you." he whispered back.
When we got home, I grabbed a snack, said hi to Mom, and petted our dogs, Jack and Elvis, while my silly tabby cat AJ hopped up on the counter, wanting scraps. Kev, Nick, and Joe went out to help Rob unpack their stuff from the U-Haul trailer. I was going to sneak up to my room when Mom called me back down from the steps. "Are you alright with this?" she asked. "Does it ever matter if I'm alright with anything?", I snorted, "Its not like we can go back in time and forget this ever happened!" Mom gave me a remorseful look. I scowled and slunk up to my room.
I had three new emails from Katie, and one from Rachel. Katie always emailed me every morning before school. I had her emails set so that when my computer received them, it'd pick a random song from my music library to wake me up. This morning's song had been Video Girl-

Dear Sam-
Good morning sleepyhead! Wake up Miss Jonas,
and smell the coffee!

See you at school!
BFFLs, Katie

Eww, coffee. The other two were sent ten minutes ago.

How could you lie to us for all this time?!
OMJ! Can you please let us meet them?
Please? Pleasepleasepleaseplease?
*Gives U puppy dog eyes*

and this one,

I forgive you for this.
Rachel probably will too,
but not before she gets to meet them.
BFFLs, Katie

I sighed. I love Katie like a sister, but she could be so silly at times. I'd talk to her tomorrow. Rachel was the one I was worried about, because she's a die-hard Jonas fan. She has two of their CDs (She didn't have 'A Little Bit Longer' yet.), posters, and magazines. One of her emails looked like this-

Why didn't you tell us?? We would've understood!
You WILL let us meet them,
and you HAVE to get us into a concert!

Hey! That's a good idea! I thought. I could take Rachel and Katie backstage with me, since I go to almost every one of their concerts in our area. If the boys complained, I'd say that they started this mess, and they'd have to deal with the results. I went downstairs to find Nick. I needed to talk to him. I found my brother in the downstairs studio that Dad had set up a while back when the Jonas Brothers first started. The boys were in the middle of writing a new song, with Elvis passed out on the floor. It had been a rule since forever in our family that no-one bothered them while they were writing. I sat for a while and watched them, but they were too immersed in brainstorming to notice me. Before I snuck back up the stairs, I thought I heard the words, 'Sammie' and 'little sister' and 'new song'. Hmm..., I'd pester Nick about it later. I sighed and walked back upstairs.
I found Frankie playing the pop music version of Guitar Hero. He was playing S.O.S on Expert, the little show-off. He always loved it when he beat me in any video game, which was often. I sat next to him and started to sing. "OOOO THIS IS AN SOS! DON'T WANT A SECOND GUESS THIS IS THE BOTTOM LINEEE!" He hated it when I sang along with Guitar Hero, especially in my purposely bad voice. "Stop it!" he yelled. I laughed. "Let's play two player, I want to let off some steam." I said. He switched the game to two-player mode and I got a controller. "You pick a song." he said. I picked Carrie Underwood's 'All-American Girl', on Medium. I was doing great, until I heard Joe, Nick and Kev coming up the stairs, with Elvis trailing behind. Joe came to steal the guitar controller away from me, while Kevin raided the kitchen, and Nick sat on the couch next to me, with his acoustic in hand, ready to strum along with any song that Joe picked to play on Guitar Hero. "JOE! Your butt makes a better door than a window!" Joe was standing in front of me, and since I was sitting, all I could see was his butt, so I shoved him out of the way. He didn't acknowledge me, but moved anyway, then proceeded to destroy Frankie at Guitar Hero, then at Rockband, on ALL the instruments. Nick then banished them both to the couch, so that he and I could play Gears Of War. That's exactly what I needed, some violence, blood and guts to end my day. We played Gears until 9:30, then I finally gave in and went to bed. "'Night guys, 'night Mom, 'night Dad!" I got some murmurs from Frankie, Joe, Nick, and Kevin, who had joined the video game playing group, and a 'night from Mom and Dad.
I was laying in bed, thinking about all that had happened throughout the day. A million questions flooded my mind. Why had my brothers done this? How did they get Mrs. O'Connor to agree to it? What's school going to be like tomorrow? Oh no. School. I bet Nick would drive me to school in his awesome old Mustang if I asked him to. He'd take Elvis with us, and the golden puppy would sit in the backseat, with his head out the window, his tongue lolling out. We'd arrive at school, the Mustang purring like a leopard, and everyone would gawk as I stepped out, said bye to Nick, and sashayed inside. Nick would roar away with Elvis's tongue still flapping in the wind. Everyone would ask me... My reverie was interrupted by a soft knock on my door. "Can I come in?" a soft voice called. It was Nick. "Sure, why not." I said back. "Listen, I'm sorry we did this. I voted against doing it at first, but Joe and Kevin talked me into it." he apologized. I sat up and leaned against him. "It's okay. I still love you. Them, I'm not too sure about though." I said sarcastically. We laughed quietly."Will you drive me to school tomorrow? I thought that since you guys are my brothers, I'd flaunt it!" "Oh, sure why not?" he said, smiling. Nick was so good natured. I loved that about him. "Night, Sammie." "Night Nicky" I swear I could hear his smile of relief.

Turn on that radio, as loud as it can go, wanna dance until my feet can't feel the ground! I awoke the next morning to Camp Rock's 'Play My Music'. Katie sure was up early this morning, as she had already sent me her daily email.

Dear Sam-
Good morning! Big day today, huh?
Everyone's gonna want to be your best friend today, LOL!
But you won't dump me and Rachel for them right?...

Silly Katie. But she was right, today was a big day for me. Just about every girl in school will be begging me to let them meet Joe, Kev and Nick. How would I deal with this? Well, first things first. I thought. I'll get dressed, brush my teeth and hair, put makeup on, and have breakfast. I smelled pancakes. Joe's specialty, always made from scratch. Maybe he'll put some blueberries in mine today. I thought. I loved blueberry pancakes. I put on my favorite outfit - white skinny jeans and a red Hollister tee, which still smelled as good as a Hollister store. I rushed a little, excited to have Nick driving me to school today. I almost tripped over myself trying to run down the stairs for breakfast. I was starving! As I had predicted, Joe was making pancakes. "Morning!" he greeted me cheerfully, always the early bird. "Blueberry for Miss Jonas!" He said, passing me a plate of pancakes. He'd made my favorite breakfast, yay Joe! I gave him a hug. "I'm scared to go to school." I told him, in my little-sister-who-needs-consoling voice. "I might get trampled like you guys do after concerts!" He laughed. I dug into my delicous, gourmet, made-from-scratch-by-my-big-brother breakfast. Joe was the chef of the family, when he was home, that is. The rest of us could barely cook to save our lives, but we did what we could. Joe was teaching Dad to use the grill, and Mom and I to bake. I heard Kevin and Nick coming down stairs, both still yawning. Nick and Kev were definitely not morning people. That was my and Joe's job. "Morning!" I called. I got a grunt from them both, as Kevin sat on the couch and turned on the TV. "Am I on the news yet?" I called to him. He shot me the evil eye. It was another unwritten rule in our family- Kevin was not spoken to until he'd had his morning coffee, which, at the moment, Nick was preparing for himself and Kev. "I don't know how you people drink that stuff," Joe said quizzically, as Mom appeared in the kitchen. She and Dad drank coffee too. "Sammie, Frankie and I are the only normal people in this family!" Nick shoved him. Mom gave Nick a stern look as if to say, "I'm too groggy to argue with you, don't shove your brother." I snickered. "So, you ready to go? Nick asked me, after a mug of coffee. "Yeah, I just have to grab my backpack." I rushed back up the stairs to pack my backpack, as Nick went outside to start the car. I packed my bag with all my school essentials: homework and school folders, mp3 player, extra makeup bag, and the little photo album that I carried everywhere with me. It had pictures of my whole family in it. I liked to have them close at hand, even when they were far away. I ran back downstairs, slipped on my red Converse and dashed out the door.
Nick, as always, had brought Elvis with us. The nosy puppy either licked my face or breathed dog breath on me for the entire ten minutes ride to school. "Maybe he can sense that it's a big day for me, cause Elvis is usually so pleasant in the car." I said while shoving the golden retriever puppy off me for the billionth time. Nick and I both laughed. "Here we are! Good luck." Nick said as we pulled up in front of the school. "I'll need it." I said. There were already people staring at Nick's car, which stood out like a bright splotch of blue against a gray background. I hugged my brother and stepped out of the Mustang. A crowd had already formed in front of the school. I've only been here two minutes! Jeez! I thought as people fought to get anywhere near me. I bid a sorrowful farewell to Nick, who roared away in the car. "Sam! Was that Nick?" It was Rachel and Katie, plowing their way through the throng of people, ready to protect me. "Yeah, with Elvis.", I said, sighing. "What's wrong?" Katie asked. "Oh, nothing, its just that now I'm going to be 'Miss Popular' because the JoBros are my brothers! UGH!" I was having a 'Sammie moment" as Rachel always put it when I got all angry like this. Katie calmed me down, and we proceeded to walk to our first class. I had band with Katie, who played percussion, and Rachel went to reading.
At band, everyone acted as though nothing had happened. Except Katie of course, and my other friend Kizzie. Mr. Bayer just got along with the rehearsal normally. Everything was fine, until break came. At band, we get a five-minute break to rest our lungs from playing. I looked down to put my trumpet back in it's case, and peered back up to find Katie sitting next to me, and Kizzie and my friend-who-likes-me Tyler, staring down at me. "SAM!!" Kizzie said. "Is it true?!" Her eyes were bugging out of her head. "Uh... yeah, Kizzie, calm down before you faint in front of me." I didn't get why she was so worked up. "They're your brothers?! And you didn't tell anyone?!" Did she not hear Joe? He was loud and clear to me. "Joe made himself very clear, did he not? My mom and dad wanted to protect me from the media" Kizzie just stared at me in evident disbelief. Tyler was silent throughout the whole conversation. "Alright! Back to seats!" Mr. Bayer called. I mouthed 'Call me' to Tyler, who nodded, his face blank.
I had gym after band, and it was a disaster. Every girl, both seventh and eighth grade, was like, "OMG! Sam! Can I meet Nick?! He's so cute!" or, "Do you think you could hook me up with Joe? Would he like me?" I think at least three quarters of all the girls in the class screamed when they saw me. I think I was half deaf by the time class was over. When I tried to play volleyball, and I sucked anyway, either Austin, or Steven, or Devin jumped in front of me, not letting me hit the ball when it came to me. "Wouldn't want you to get hurt!" they said innocently when I growled at them. Rachel was in my gym class, and she shot a thousand questions at me. "What's Nick like? What's Kevin like? Are they nice to you? Do you think they'd like me? You are going to let Katie and me meet them right? SAM!" I realized I was staring off into space. "Yeah, you guys can come over after school. Mom already gave me permission to have anyone over, and if the boys complain, I'll tell them that they started this, and they'll deal with it." We both laughed loudly. "Really!? We can come over? That's awesome!" Then she went off into her own little world, reminiscing about going to the Jonas Brothers' house.
After gym, it was lunchtime, which was uneventful, except for a few more girls pretending to be my best friends asked to meet my brothers. I seethed quietly through the whole lunch period, while Rachel told Katie that they were coming to my house after school. I had language arts class next period, with Mrs. Collins. One boy in that class, Alex, hated the Jonas Brothers, but he was the class clown, so he was silly about it. Once, I did a PowerPoint presentation for our expository unit on my brothers, and everyone was astounded that I knew so much about them. Alex had said, "Are you a stalker or something?! How do you know so much about them?!" I just smiled. "If you only knew" I had said. He gave me a puzzled look.
Today in language arts, Kelsie Brown came up to me, and stared at me for a while, studying me, then walked away. I stood there for a moment, perplexed, trying to decipher what had happened, since Kelsie was usually so talkative. Language arts was quite boring, because all we did that day was take a preposititon test and read our novel study book, Fever 1793.
After class, Rachel and I were at my locker, since we had math together next period, with Mrs. Troy. Jon Kolinek, who sat next to me, asked, "So its true then? The Jonas Brothers are your brothers?" Seriously, people! Joe was loud and clear! "Yes, they're my brothers." Jon obviously didn't believe me, and kept whispering all throughout class, "No, really, are they?" with a huge, goofy grin on his face. In the last three minutes of class, TJ and Cam ganged up on me. "Why'd you keep the secret so long Sammie? Huh? Oh, your mom and dad must be idiots, protecting you from the media! Ha!" These two didn't like me. Rachel then interceded and told them off, defending me. "Don't you dare call Mr. and Mrs. Jonas idiots! Look who's talking, you jerks! Back off!" She hissed. They went and cowered behind their friend, and a nicer person, Cale. He didn't like, or hate me, and that was just fine with me.
The bell rang, and Rachel and I scampered out to our lockers. I was eager to get home, I can guarantee that Rachel was just as excited to be coming to my house later. "What time should we come over?" Katie and Rachel asked me. "Around four. I'll have to clean up my room." They laughed at that, and we all walked home.
When I arrived home, I found Nick and Garbo, who often came over, having a Guitar Hero battle on the Xbox, playing Year 3000. Joe was starting a batch of brownies. Yum! I said hello to the guys, ran upstairs real quick to put my school stuff away, and scurried back down to help Joe bake. I started to collect ingredients, as Joe read them to me. "Hey, um, Katie and Rachel are coming over at four." Joe stopped reading the recipe. "Why?" he groaned. "Because they're my best friends Joe! They've got to come over sometime! I responded. We got on with our brownie-making. We ended up having a flour fight more often than baking, but eventually, the first batch made it into the oven.
As Joe and I started the second batch, the doorbell rang. Katie and Rachel were here! "Joe! Pause the pastries! Katie and Rachel are here!" I squealed. Joe and I had to clean up the kitchen, so Nick opened the door for my friends. As he opened the door, I heard a yelp. I guess Rachel was expecting me, not Nick! She said "Sorry!" and turned all pink from embarrassment. It didn't help when Kevin walked into the room in a tank top. Rachel went all fangirl on him a reflexively screamed "MUSCLES". Kevin had a spaz attack from the sudden shriek and his arms ended up in front of his face. "Oh, Sam..." he said. "Who're your friends?" I smiled. "Kevin, Joe, Nick, Garbo, these lovestruck girlies are my best friends, Katie and Rachel." The guys all said hello and I dragged my starstruck friends up to my room.
"Wow! Your room is huge!" exclaimed Rachel as we walked into my room. "Not really, compared to Nick's. He keeps his whole guitar collection in there, and I swear he sings to them before he goes to sleep." Nick's room was right next to mine, and I could hear him singing through the vents, and vice versa. Rachel and Katie cracked up. "How many does he have?" Katie asked. "I dunno, at least a dozen." They sat there, stunned. I switched on my stereo. "What do you guys want to listen to? I've got everything: all of my brothers' CDs, Taylor Swift, Miley, Demi Lovato, Sugarland, Sheryl Crow, you pick." They looked at each other in disbelief. Katie came up to me and slid the A Little Bit Longer CD slowly and deliberately into place in the player, and switched the song to number five- Lovebug. I gave her a puzzled look.
"So what do you want to do?" Rachel asked me. "Well, we could go downstairs and kick the boys off the Xbox so we can play Rockband together. Sound good? Come on!" We ran downstairs, where we found Kev and Nick battling on Guitar Hero, with Garbo in the background, cheering Kevin on. They were on 'That's Just The Way We Roll'. Kevin was slaying Nick, since in that song for real, Kevin had the most prominent part. "Guys! Can we play Rockband?" I asked in my innocent little sister voice. "As soon as we finish this set, we'll be done." Kevin assured me. Katie, Rachel and I went to raid the kitchen while we waited. Joe was just taking the two batches of brownies we had made earlier out of the oven. He turned away to find a toothpick to stick in the middle, but he took too long, so I tested them myself. By taking a whole handful of brownie for us! Joe turned back to find the hole in his brownies, and scooped me up, and held me upside-down for a moment, playfully yelling, "Don't eat mah brownies!" before letting me back down on my feet. "Joe, you dork! Don't do that!" He stuck his tongue out at me, trying not to crack up. I was having the same problem, trying to look all serious, and not laughing, but I did anyway. Rachel and Katie were on their backs, cracking up on the floor throughout the whole scene.
We went back to the living room, where I stole the guitar controller from Nick, and gave it to Katie. Rachel claimed the microphone, which left me with the drums, and we played Rockband. Nick, now without a controller, hopped upstairs. Probably going to study. I thought. Kevin stayed to watch us play Burnin' Up. It was quite a sight to see, Rachel singing her lungs out, Katie, doing her best on the guitar, and me, playing perfectly on the drums. Kev kept commenting throughout our whole game. Once, he commented on Rachel's singing, saying "and her face turned as red as Nick's when he sang Goodnight and Goodbye.
After playing video games for a while, I suggested that we go for a swim. I loaned Rachel and Katie a couple of my many swimsuits, and we went out to the pool. I found three inflatable rafts, and we sat in the hot sun for a while, tanning. Suddenly, I heard "CANNONBALL!" as Joe, Kevin, Nick, and Garbo splashed into the pool. We screamed so loud, I was afraid that people in the next state could hear us! "Joe! Nick! Kevin! Garbo! What was that for?!" I yelled, shaking my sodden, long brown hair like a dog, cracking up. "I don't think your friends mind!" Garbo pointed out. He was right, they were 'paralyzed by muscles' as Rachel told me later. "Who want to play Chicken?!" Garbo asked, as I scrambled up onto Nick's shoulders, and Joe helped Rachel onto his. Katie almost fell off of Kevin, even before we started to play. Garbo sat on the edge of the pool, being the nusiance and distraction that he always was, yelling "FALL OFF!" or "MESS UP!" all the time.
Eventually, after being in the pool for at least two hours, Katie and Rachel went home. I said goodbye, and went upstairs to take a shower.
After washing all the chlorine out of my hair, I IMed with Rachel for a while.

DancerRachel: Ur house was soooo much funn!!! It was so funny when me and KT walked in and U and Joe were covered in flour! like, random much!
TheJonasSister: yeaaa, me and him were havin a flour fight while bakin brownies.....
DancerRachel: YOU made those! They were soooo YUM!

I heard my ringtone, I'm Only Me When I'm With You, play. Tyler was calling me!

TheJonasSister: EEEP! I g2g! Tylers callin!
DancerRachel: The FlirtBoy strikes again LOL! catch ya l8r!
TheJonasSister went away at 7:43PM

"FlirtBoy" was Rachel's nickname for Tyler, since he was 'such a flirt', according to her. I answered my phone. "Hey! What's up!" I said. "Nothin, I just wanted to talk to you." he responded. "Oh, uhh.....what do you want to talk about?" I asked. "Um, I wanted to ask you if...." Tyler was cut short by Joe barging into my room. "Dinner in five!" he yelled with a silly grin. "Steak and potatoes! Fresh from the grill! Ooooooo, is Sammie talking to a boy?? Sammie's got a boyfriend! Sammie's got a boyfriend!" he was yelling all the way down the steps. "Was that one of your brothers?" Tyler asked. "Yeah, I have to go eat dinner, I'll talk to you in school tomorrow okay? Bye!" "Yeah, bye..." he sounded disappointed. I'd talk to him tomorrow. I then scampered downstairs to dine on my lavish dinner of steak and potatoes, made by my father, who had just gotten home from work.
After I'd eaten my fill, I was laying in my bed, reading Breaking Dawn, the most recent book of the Twilight series, by Stephenie Meyer. I was at the part where Edward is telling Charlie that he and Bella were going to get married. Everyone in my school, even the boys, was reading this book series. I finished my chapter, then logged onto AIM, and IMed with Tyler.

BandGeek47: Hey
TheJonasSister: Hey. wat were u going to say 2 me
b4 joe so rudely interrupted us?
BandGeek47: Oh nothin.... this isnt the time to ask you. ill tell u @ school tomorrow
TheJonasSister: =P fine. b that way
BandGeek47: I WILL! Hey i g2g shopping with my mom (ugh), cya tomorrow!
TheJonasSister: Kay! Cya!
BandGeek47 signed out of AIM at 8:14PM

I sighed. 'This wasn't the time to ask me'? That was wierd. I'd talk to him tomorrow. I'll see him in band... I suddenly remembered that there was a concert tomorrow! I would be going, and I could bring Katie and Rachel! I ran downstairs to ask my mom. "Mama! Can Katie and Rachel come to the concert tomorrow? Please? They'll love it!" I begged. Mom pondered for a moment. "Sure, why not?" she approved. I cheered. "Thanks, Mom!" I shot back upstairs to call Katie and Rachel with the good news.
I picked up my phone, the LG Dare, and hit speed dial #5, Katie's phone. "Hey, what's up?" she said. "Hang on, let me get Rachel on, and we can talk three-way." I hit speed dial #6, Rachel's phone. "What's up?" she asked. "Yeah, Sam tell us!" Katie demanded. "Guess what?" I said trying to hold back my excitement. "You guys are coming to the concert with me tomorrow, backstage!!" All I heard was screaming. "OH MY GOSH! REALLY? SAM YOU ROCK!!!" They both screeched. "Yeah, but I can't go if I can't hear, so stop yelling!" I said. "Sorry! But still!" Katie apologized. The three of us talked about the concert for a little while longer, then I had to go to bed, so I said goodnight, and fell asleep.
The next school day passed in a blur. I didn't even get the chance to talk to Tyler, I was so excited for the concert. "Since no-one else ever knew that I was their sister, I could never take you guys to a concert." I told Rachel and Katie.
Later, after my mom had picked the three of us up from school, we were in my room. Rachel was digging through my ample closet, insisting that I wear something other than my usual concert outfit of regular jeans and a t-shirt. "You have to look like the Jonas Sister for goodness' sakes! Not like some ragamuffin that they picked up off the streets!" Rachel exclaimed. Katie snickered. She was sitting on my bed, texting her boyfriend Ethan that she was going to a concert and she had to cancel their date. Rachel's boyfriend Jake was away in Florida, and missed Rachel terribly. Jake was the loyal-puppy-dog type boyfriend. I wish I had a boyfriend... my thought was interrupted my Rachel throwing a pair of pants into my face. Her 'Little Sister of The Jonas Brothers' look was complete. It was my first Jonas concert t-shirt, blue, with a picture of my brothers on it, a small gray vest, and light blue skinny jeans to match. I'm pretty sure that if she lived at my house, Rachel would love to dress me every day, several times over. Kevin poked his curly-haired head into my room and said, "We're leaving in a half hour, so you better eat something before we go!" Kev gave me a quizzical look. "Rachel's dressing me today!" I said with mock enthusiasm. Kevin gave me an 'I pity you' look and went back to his room to get dressed himself. The three of us went back down to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. I munched on a plain bagel and strawberry cream cheese, my favorite snack, while Katie and Rachel both made sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly, and turkey with American cheese, respectively.
After Joe, Kev, and Nick got dressed, we all piled into the tour bus and set off to the arena, which was in the next town, a nice long ride. Kevin sat up front, navigating for Big Rob, while Nick, Joe, Katie, Rachel, and I sat in the back part of the bus, which was huge. When on tour, my brothers had everything they'd ever need, bunk beds, a small kitchen, even a video game system and TV! Katie and Rachel were amazed at first, but now they were sitting on one of the bunk beds, yapping a mile a minute to Nick, always so patient with everyone, listened quietly, asking a few questions now and then. I rolled my eyes at them and turned on my mp3 player, then started to rock out to 'Should've Said No' by Taylor Swift. I closed my eyes and started to softly sing. "Should've said no, should've gone home, should've thought twice 'fore you let it all go, you should've know that word, 'bout what you did with her, would get back to me, and I should've been there, in the back of your mind. I should'nt be asking myself why, you shouldn't be begging for forgiveness at my feet. You should've said no, baby, and you might still have me!" I was interrupted my Joe poking me in the side. "Wanna play Guitar Hero? Nick's too preoccupied with his two latest girlfriends, Katie and Rachel, and Kevin is navigating Big Rob to the venue." Joe gave me Bambi eyes. "Pweeaase?" I laughed "Okay, sure." We played Guitar Hero for the duration of the ride, and Joe massacred me on every song the whole time.
Once we got to the venue, our whole troupe filed out of the bus, and went into the arena. We all went backstage to find the dressing rooms, and once my brothers found those, they shut us out completely for about forty-five minutes. The three of us then decided to have a game of tag in and among the rows upon rows of empty seats, until my brothers' band, Johnnny, Ryan, Garbo, and Jack, showed up, and they joined us. It was so much fun! Then my brothers came out of their hidey-hole and invited us to play baseball with them in the parking lot. The teams were divided up as such- Joe, Nick, Jack, Garbo, and I on one team, and Kevin, Ryan, Johnny, Rachel, and Katie on the other. Kevin's team batted first. Joe was pitching, since I was always afraid that the ball would come right back at me and hit me in the face, and Nick never pitched, always was outfield, with Jack, and I was playing the bases with Garbo, since I could outrun everyone. Katie batted a grounder to me, and was thrown out at first. Then Kev got a home run, almost making a hole in the venue's wall, since the ball went way over Nick's head. Rachel then proceeded to second base, hitting a grounder that got by me and into Nick's waiting hands. Joe then struck out Johnny and Ryan. Katie was up again, and hit a pop fly that sent Rachel home, and Katie to first. Then Kevin hit a grounder right to me, and was out at second, yet Katie made it home. Rachel was up again, and Joe finally got his head in the game, and struck her out. My team was up, and Nick batted first. He hit the ball at head level all the way to the venue wall, sending Kevin running for dear life in the outfield. I was up, and as Rachel was about to pitch me the ball, a car rolled up into the parking lot. The first fans. We heard them screaming even before the car's doors opened. "Everyone! Into the arena! Backstage! Now!" Big Rob yelled at all of us, suddenly appearing out of nowhere, and sounding like a drill sergeant. "I'll take care of them!" We all blindly dashed into the backstage area, hoping that the crazy fangirls didn't see us. "I am so tired of these early fans. They seem to think that by arriving to concerts early, they'll be our best friends." Joe said gloomily. "We didn't even get to finish our game!" "Poor Joey! Didn't finish his little baseball game!" Nick teased. Joe then tackled him into a wrestling match. "I'll find something else to do then!" he said. Kevin broke them up and we all went to help set up the stage.
After helping set up the stage, the opening band played while my brothers went to stretch. They do a lot of jumping around and acrobatics onstage. Katie, Rachel and I kept peeking around the stage wall to look at the tens of thousands of screaming fans. There was a whole sea of screaming girls, some with giant signs. Some read, "I LOVE YOU JOE!" or "NICK WE'RE BURNIN' UP FOR YOU BABY!" These signs sometimes made me laugh. Once, one said, "KEVIN, WILL YOU MARRY ME?". I could see every color in the rainbow of skinny jeans. All the girls wore them since Joe, Nick, and Kevin are proud supporters of skinny jeans, and wear them whenever they can. I think it's just disgusting for guys to wear them.
My brothers started their show with 'Just Friends'. Joe, Nick, and Kevin stood on a riser-type-thing under the stage, and it rose up and rotated out over the audience. During 'Goodnight and Goodbye', the crowd went wild when Joe and Nick did their stunts. First, Nick ran towards the end of the stage extension, looking like he was going to run right off the stage, but about ten feet before the end, he did an aerial, no-handed cartwheel! It was amazing! Then during 'SOS', Joe singing, when Nick runs up next to him, Joe grabs his hand, and flips Nick across his back, while both of them are still singing! But the most impressive stunt was by Kevin, who, during Hold On, did his famous guitar-spin. He spun around really fast with his guitar, while still singing and playing! Nick then got all teary and sad as he played 'A Little Bit Longer'. I hated that song. It was too slow and Nick was just complaining about his diabetes. I rolled my eyes when he pretended to wipe his face of tears. I could see girls crying in the audience. After 'A Little Bit Longer', my brothers sang 'When You Look Me In The Eyes'. This song was awesome. It was full of meaning. Nick asked the whole audience to get out their cell phones and cameras and wave the light on them like lighters. I smiled.
After all the acrobat-like theatrics and slow, sad songs, Nick, Kevin, and Joe sat on the stage steps, as Nick began the opening chords of 'That's Just The Way We Roll', he stopped, and said, "You know guys, I don't think we can play this song without someone special. What do you think?" Joe just smiled and beckoned to me, Katie, and Rachel to the stage. My eyes widened as I figured out what he wanted. We were going to sing with them. I remembered back to a singing lesson Nick had once given me. "I just want you to be prepared." he had said with a sly look. I grasped Katie and Rachel's hands as we walked out onstage, stunned. I sat next to Nick, while Rachel leaned against Kevin, her head on his shoulder, and Katie sat next to Joe. Joe began his speech. "We'd like to introduce you to our little sister, Samantha" It's the school day all over again! "We've kept this secret for so long because......." he spieled like he had done at school. The crowd erupted into screams after his speech. "Sammie and her friends here are going to help us sing. We've trained Sammie in the art of our singing, but not her friends, Katie and Rachel." Rachel flushed bright red. "So don't laugh!" Joe said. Katie shot him a glare. Nick began the song again. "I woke up, on my roof, with my brothers." Joe started singing. "And sister!" he added. "There's a whale, in the pool, with my mother!" Nick continued. "And my dad, paints the house, different colors!" Kevin sang. "Where would we be, if we couldn't dream?!" Katie, Rachel and I belted out. Joe jumped into the chorus and we alternated singing like that throughout the song. I got up and danced a little with Katie. Joe took me, and lifted me up onto his shoulders, and I almost fell off from surprise! Rachel had a ball dancing next to Kevin. When the song ended, the three of us scampered back behind the stage where we recounted our experience, but before we ran, Rachel gave Kevin a big hug. Both their face turned bright red. "Guys, I seriously had no idea!" I said, when Katie and Rachel interrogated me. "You sang beautifully! Did Nick teach you?" Rachel asked. "Yeah, he gives me singing lessons on the weekend. It's so much fun! I bet he'd teach you guys too! But Katie, your voice sounded awesome!" I said. "Thanks" she blushed.
The three of us decided to go get hot dogs, and then watch the end of the concert. I also bought Katie and Rachel concert t-shirts. Rachel's was black, with a picture of the Brothers on the front and 'The Burnin' Up Tour' on the back. Katie's was purple, with a list of the Tour's visited towns on the back and 'Burnin' Up' in flames on the front. I turned away from the stand to see a wave of screaming girls rushing out of the arena. "RUN!" I yelled to my friends. We dashed backstage to find my brothers, as they were probably visiting with the backstagers. We found my brothers, along with Big Rob holding back a tidal wave of girls with backstage passes. I gave him a pitying look and ran to my brothers. They were with three backstagers. My brothers had their Sharpie Minis of every color on clip rings in hand, poised for autographs. I dashed to Nick's side, and hugged him, as Katie and Rachel sat on the couch, admiring each other's new t-shirts. The three backstage girls squealed and asked for my autograph. I signed their t-shirts and posters, and did so for almost every other backstage girl that came. "Get used to it!" Nick advised me. "You'll probably do this at almost every concert from now on." My eyes widened, I wanted to cry. "I'm going on tour with you guys...?" Nick gave me a maybe-maybe-not look. I wasn't sure I wanted to go on tour with them. I'd be halfway across the country and Katie and Rachel wouldn't be there.
On the ride home, Katie fell asleep, while I listened to music. I was bored out of my mind of Jonas Brothers music, so I turned on the Red Hot Chili Peppers' 'Dani California', one of my favorite songs. I think Kevin and Joe were asleep too, and Rachel was begging Nick for a singing lesson. The two of them were eventually singing 'Lovebug' at each other for the duration of the ride. I thought for a while. On tour with my brothers? I can't do that! It would be in the summer, so no school to worry about..., but I'd be so far away from Katie and Rachel, and my puppies, Elvis and Jack, and my kitty AJ, and Frankie, and Mom and Dad... We pulled into the huge wraparound driveway of our house, and I roused Katie, then the three of us lurched back up to my room, where we promptly fell asleep.
The next morning, I awoke to the smell of french toast and eggs sizzling in the frying pan. I changed into my pajamas, as I had fallen asleep in my clothes, and awoke my friends, who were like rocks, they were so fast asleep. I stumbled into the kitchen, where Mom was making breakfast for a change, and Katie and Rachel plopped down onto the couch. Jack had been sleeping there, but he was now being petted by Rachel as Katie switched on the TV. I leaned against Mom, and my stomach growled. "Feed us." I demanded. She gave me three plates of french toast and a bottle of syrup for the three of us. I went into the living room, where Joe and Nick had joined Katie and Rachel's TV watching. Joe switched the TV to the news, where the anchorwoman started a sermon about the economy. "I bet you three are on the news now!" Joe said. I groaned at him. We all watched the news in silence until Nick suggested we take the dogs for a walk. Katie, Rachel and I agreed enthusiastically. "I will not be going!" Joe said. "I must do the evil that is studying for finals." he groaned. "Your loss!" Nick teased him. My brothers had to go back to college for finals, but then they'd be back for their summer tour. The Samantha Jonas Tour... I thought. Rachel, Katie and I raced back up to my room, and I put on jeans and a white tank top before Rachel could get to my closet. Rachel wore blue, stretchy, Hollister short shorts and her new concert t-shirt, tied back, with teal Old Navy flip-flops, and Katie wore white denim capris and her concert t-shirt, also tied back, with regular black Converse.
The three of us ran downstairs to the kitchen, where I grabbed three coolers, gave one each to Rachel and Katie, and we packed some food for a picnic. I grabbed the sugary juice and ice cream, and water for the dogs, and Rachel got sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly, and turkey, and Katie grabbed the fruit: watermelon and apples. Nick was bringing his guitar, so he slung it across his back. He leashed up Elvis, the golden retriever, and Jack, the beagle, and we set off for the park.
We took a path that Nick and I used to use often to get to school. Nick showed me it when I entered seventh grade. Our secret path cut through the woods behind our house, and lead, jungle-like, through the park, to the bike path that lead to the school. It wasn't paved, but Nick and I used this path so often that there was a worn trail through the forest, just wide enough for four people and two sniffy dogs. It was a bright and sunny day, and the sun shone through the leaves and branches, speckling the forest floor with geometric patches of light. It was slightly dark, and I caught Rachel staring at Nick like a lovesick puppy. I nudged her and she jolted out of her dreamlike state, embarassed. Nick asked, "Somebody give me a song!" Rachel and Katie pondered some Jonas Brothers songs for a moment, and when Katie said, "Inseperable!", Nick began to softly sing. "Take my hand tonight. We could run so far, we could change the world, do anything we want." he sang beautifully. I joined in, followed by Katie and Rachel. "We could stop for hours, just staring at the stars. They shine down to show us," Nick stopped. The three of us kept right on singing. "You know when the sun forgets to shine, I'll be there to hold you through the night. We'll be runnin' so fast, we could fly, tonight." Katie stopped. Rachel and I kept singing. "And even when we're miles and miles apart, you're still holding all of my heart, I promise it will never be dark. I know, we're inseparable." Rachel stopped singing, leaving me alone, still singing my heart out. "We could run forever, if you wanted to. I would not get tired, because I'll be with you. I keep singing this song, until the very end. We have done, all these things." I stopped. Nick started clapping, and Katie and Rachel joined in. "You would make a great addition to our summer tour." he said, as we arrived under our favorite tree at the park. Nick tied Elvis and Jack to the tree, and gave them some water. "Nick... I don't know if I could do that. Katie and Rachel wouldn't be there, or Mom or Dad, or Frankie. You know I'd miss the puppies and AJ!" I responded, laying out the blanket I had brought. "Sam's going on tour with you guys?! And you didn't tell us?!" Rachel accused. "We're still thinking about it, and if she came, you know we'd find a way to take you guys along. You could be traveling fans!" Nick said playfully. "Really?" I said, as Nick got out his guitar and began to play "Love Is On Its Way'. It was a good thing it was Saturday, and we were alone at the park, or screaming girls would be tackling Nick as he began to sing. "Young hearts, I believe that we are not far, from becoming who we truly are, love is on its way." Katie, Rachel and I ate quietly while listening to him sing. As he finished the song, Jack came up to me and fell asleep in my lap. "Music soothes the savage beast." I said, laughing as Jack's jowls flapped as he snored. "But really, Katie and Rachel would come with us if I went?" I said, my eyes widening. "Joe, Kev and I would have to talk to their parents about it, but yeah, we'd love to take you guys along." Nick told us. "We could give you singing lessons through the school year, and you'd probably be ready by the tour." Katie, Rachel and I squealed. I then tackled Nick into a big bear hug. "Thanks, Nicky." I whispered in his ear when Katie and Rachel couldn't see. We ate almost all of our food, and Jack and Elvis were always straining on their leashes, wanting food. Katie and Rachel kept giving Nick songs to play, and he sang for us most of the time.
We walked home, with Katie and Rachel interrogating Nick about what going on tour was like. I just stared at the ground, holding Jack's leash and think-singing 'Please Be Mine' in my head. When we arrived home, Nick immediately grabbed Joe and Kevin, and they went downstairs to plan out how they were going to tell Katie and Rachels' parents. My mom and I drove Katie and Rachel home, as we had stayed at the park almost all day. "This is going to be so awesome." Rachel told me as they got out of the car. "I can't wait!" Katie said. We drove home, and right as I walked in the door, Nick grabbed me and dragged me up to his room.
"Where's the flood, Nick? Why'd you drag me up here?" He gave me a huge smile. "We have to plan out the tour!" Nick turned on his laptop, the MacBook Air, and opened a Word document that showed a list of all the cities and dates of the tour. I frowned at the title of the document. "The Samantha Jonas Tour? Why me?" I groaned at Nick. "Well we're introducing you, might as well name it after you!" Nick reasoned with me. I rolled my eyes. "It says we start in Chicago, right? What's there to do in Chicago?" Nick and I planned out our whole tour, right down to the day. Nick was always such a schedule-strict person. At least he gave us some free time. Katie, Rachel and I have to go shopping!! Then there was the obstacle that was calling Katie and Rachels' parents. Nick called Katie's mom first. "Hi, Mrs. Klipstien? This is Nick Jonas." I laughed Not the most ordinary thing to hear over the phone. Nick glared at me. "I'm Katie's friend Sam's big brother. We're taking Sam on tour with us over the summer and she won't go if Katie and Rachel can't come. Can Katie come? Please?" Nick begged. I think he was trying to give Mrs. Kliptien Bambi eyes over the phone. I laughed. I heard the faint voice of Mrs. Klipstien over the phone. "Really? That's awesome!! Thanks Mrs. Klipstien!" Nick hung up. "Katie's coming!" he confirmed. "Now for Rachel." He sighed. Rachel's mom was very overprotective of her. Nick called Rachel's house. "Hi, can I talk to Mrs. Pickham please?" Nick paused. "This is Nick Jonas." I heard the scream all the way across the room. Rachel's little sister, Julia, had answered the phone. Julia gave the phone to her mom. "Hi, Mrs. Pickham! This is Rachel's friend Sam Jonas' big brother, Nick." He listened to Mrs. Pickham. "Yes, I'm Nick Jonas. Hasn't Rachel told you?" He paused again. "We're taking Sam on tour with us this summer, and she doesn't want to go if Katie and Rachel can't go. Can Rachel come?" I heard Mrs. Pickham say something. Nick mouthed to me, 'She's thinking'. Mrs. Pickham told Nick something on the phone. It sounded like " I'm just afraid that..." I didn't hear the rest. Nick apparently didn't agree with what she said, and his face got all red and his eyes looked like they were going to burst out of his head. "Ma'am, we wear purity rings!" he yelled. I started to crack up, rolling on the floor, holding my sides as if they were about to burst. Nick gave me a look and tromped downstairs to the family room, followed by me, stumbling behind in a fit of laughter.
The whole rest of our family was in the living room or outside, enjoying the sun and warmth. Kevin looked up from a textbook, studying on the couch, to give Nick a what-is-wrong-with-my-little-brother? look. Elvis was alseep in Kevin's lap, with Jack behind his neck, also alseep, on the back of the couch. Mom was sitting in her armchair, reading one of those murder mysteries that she loved so much and petting AJ, who hopped up at the sight of me and jumped into my arms. "Where's Dad?" Nick growled. "Out on the deck, grilling burgers for dinner. Would you let the dogs out as long as you're opening the door?" Mom answered him. Nick whistled and Jack and Elvis dashed to the sliding back door, disturbing Kevin's studying. Nick opened the door and the dogs raced outside, almost tripping Joe and Frankie, who were playing tackle football. Mom had always told Joe to never play tackle football with Frankie, but he never listened. Nick gave Dad the phone, then went to work out his anger by tackling Joe, who was in the middle of a throw to Frankie. Dad spoke with Rachel's mom. "Hi, Mrs. Pickham! This is Mr. Jonas." he said. "Sorry about my son. He's touchy about the ring subject. He's also a little mad that you thought they would do that. I apologize." Dad listened to Mrs. Pickham quietly for another few minutes, adding a few "mm-hms" and "yeahs" every now and then. Then he said, "Thank you so much Mrs. Pickham! The boys and Sam will be pleased!" and hung up. "Rachel's coming!" he said. I cheered. I hugged Dad and ran out to the yard, where I jumped onto Nick's back and hugged him, shouting, "Rachel's coming on tour with us!" with a huge, happy smile on my face. Dad called us all for dinner, and we ate outside on the picnic table on the deck as one big happy family.
The next day, Sunday, passed in a blur of my brothers making phone calls to my friends. Rachel came over, and the five of us sat in the studio downstairs, Nick, Joe and Kevin telling us all the rules and details about going on tour. Kevin took the role of 'protective big brother' and told us all the safety rules. "The number one rule, " he said "is to always stay with either us or Big Rob. You might be trampled by adoring fans if you don't!". Joe was the 'fun big brother' and told us all about their last tour, the Burnin' Up Tour, and how much fun it was. Nick became 'caring big brother' and just told us the he was happy we were going to be part of the tour. Nick then asked us, "Who wants a singing lesson?" Rachel beamed at him.
After our lesson, Rachel and I went up to the family room and watched Nick and Joe play some racing game. Good. I thought. Joe does need practice parking. Rachel asked me, "Hey, Sam, could I use your computer to put some songs on my iPod?" "Sure, what album?" I asked. "'A Little Bit Longer'- I couldn't find them all on iTunes." Nick overheard our conversation and immediately jumped up. "JOE! KEVIN! Get me an A Little Bit Longer CD and a Sharpie! Stat!" he yelled, running to the basement steps. "You shouldn't have said that." I told Rachel, who had a bewildered look on her face. "Nick goes into 'must-sign-everything-in-sight' mode when he hears that a fan doesn't have a CD." Nick reappeared with Joe and Kevin and a signed 'A Little Bit Longer' CD. "There you go!" he said happily, tossing the CD to Rachel, who, ever the klutz, dropped it. She picked it up, embarrassed. "Hey! I just remembered!" Joe said. "Rachel! What's your email and birthday?" Joe ran up to his room and grabbed his laptop, then sat on the couch next to Rachel, making a funny inquisitive face. Rachel looked puzzled. "I'll email you on your birthday, on one condition- no flooding my inbox! Well, you're and exception. You're Sammie's best friend!" Rachel's face changed from puzzled to delighted. "My birthday's June twenty-second, and my email is" Joe put her email and birthday into his computer. Rachel and I decided to go up to my room and hang out. Nick gave Joe and Kevin a sly look and the three of them went up to Nick's room. Rachel and I sat on the floor next to my bed, I with my laptop on my lap, surfing the Internet, and Rachel reading a magazine, as I had every copy of every Tiger Beat, BOP, M, etc. that my brothers had been in. Rachel kept commenting on all their pictures in the magazines. "Oh my gosh, Joe looks so hot in this picture!" or "OMJ Kevin is sexay in this one." I heard a snicker. Nick was listening through the vents again! "NICK! Get away from the vent! Now!" I yelled at him. I heard him start cracking up, probably relenting everything he heard to Kevin and Joe. Rachel started telling me about her latest date with her boyfriend Jake. "Oh my gosh he is so hot. We went to the park, and he takes my hands and says, 'Rachel, I love you, and only you. I never want to be apart from you.' Then he kissed me! It was so romantic." she told me "Ugh! Romance!" I said. "Hey! You love Tyler." My face went all red. "True. I wish he would just ask me out already! He keeps getting distracted every time he tries to!" I logged onto AIM. Tyler IMed me.

BandGeek47- Hey
TheJonasSister- hey. tell me what u were gonna say that one time on the phone. now. i command you to
BandGeek47- this really isnt the best time for that...
TheJonasSister- TELL ME
BandGeek47- fine
BandGeek47- will you go out with me?

I screamed. "Tyler just asked me out!" Rachel grabbed my shoulders and said, "Sam! Calm down. Respond to him!"

TheJonasSister- Okay! Where? When?
BandGeek47- uhh, how about Paradise @ 6 tonite?

Paradise was our local smoothie shop. Everyone went on their first date there. Katie went with Ethan there, and so did Rachel and Jake, now it was my turn.

TheJonasSister- ok! cya then!!
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"I have a boyfriend! I have a boyfriend!" I cheered. Suddenly, Kevin burst into my room, yelling, "You're too young for a boyfriend!" "You're going to propose to your girlfriend!" I yelled back at him. "I'm twenty-one!" he retorted. "STOP YELLING!" Rachel broke us up. She pushed between Kevin and me and shoved us apart. Kevin said, "I'm sorry. I just want what's best for my little sister." he hugged me. Rachel looked on and said "Awwwwwww.... big bruver, little sister moment!" Kevin laughed. "Come on, Rachel, we'll drive you home." In our garage, Rachel oohed and ahhed at Kevin's car. It was a white Lamborghini, with extra-dark tinted windows, so that when he drove the car, no-one could see him and follow him. Rachel loved the liscence plate, which said 'K2JNAS'. Kevin was named after Dad, so he was Kevin Two, or K2. Rachel was fascinated my the gull-wing doors, which opened upwards, instead of outward.
On the way to Rachel's house, she taught Kevin and I a wierd math game. "It goes like this," she said. "I say one of your names, then you say an even number, and I say half that number, then you say ten times that number, okay? Let's try! Kevin!" "Uh, four!" he respnded. "Two!" Rachel replied enthusiastically. "Twenty!" Kevin said. They went back and forth like this for the whole ride.
When we arrived at Rachel's house, Rachel invited us in, as Kevin wanted to talk to her mom. "Mommy! I'm home! Sam and Kevin are here!" I hear the two fifth-grader screams from down the hallway. It was Julia and her friend Paulette. They ran into the living room and immediately stopped in front of Kevin. "Hello!" he greeted them cheerfully. They looked at each other and screamed again. Rachel and I left them to torture Kevin with their fangirling and went to Rachel's room to hang out.
Rachel's room was like a Jonas black hole. I couldn't tell what color her walls were for all the posters of my brothers, and there were stacks of magazines everywhere. We hung out in her room, talking mostly about boys, until Kevin called me to go home. I hugged Rachel and we drove away, much to Julia and Paulette's discontent. I blasted my favorite song, Viva La Vida, on the stereo the whole way home.
After I got home, I showered, ate dinner, and did my math homework. Then I IMed with Katie for a while before my date with Tyler.

DrumsKT30- Hey
TheJonasSister- guess wat!
DrumsKT30- wat!
TheJonasSister- i have a date with Tyler!!!!!
DrumsKT30- when?
TheJonasSister- tonite @ 6
DrumsKT30- we could totally double date! lol
TheJonasSister- havent u and rachel done tht b4?
DrumsKT30- no comment.

Oh Katie... I thought as I heard Nick knock on my door. "Can I come in?" He was always so polite about personal space, most of the time. "How was Rachel's?" he asked. "Fine. Her little sister Julia and her friend Paulette tortured Kevin's ears." I said. Screaming. I thought to myself. Nick laughed. "Hey," I asked as Nick was about to leave, "Can you drive me to Paradise at six tonight? Rachel and I made plans." Nick gave me a smile like he knew I was lying about Rachel, which he probably did, and that was fine with me. "Sure. We'll take Kevin's car so no-one sees me. Mom wants me to go to the grocery store anyway." he told me. Kevin, Joe and Nick always shared cars. Tyler will love Kevin's car... I thought. "Get ready. It's five-thirty now." "Okay." I said.

DrumsKT30- sam?
DrumsKT30- SAM!?!?
TheJonasSister- sry. im back
DrumsKT30- lol
TheJonasSister- i gtg get ready 4 my date wif Tyler!!
DrumsKT30- lol have fun!!
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I went to call Rachel and ask her what I should wear. I put the phone on speaker and Julia answered again. "Hello?". She sounded hopeful, as if she thought Nick was calling again. "Hi Julia! It's Sam. Can I talk to Rachel?" "Yeah, sure." I started to dig through my closet. "Hey, Sam!" "Hey, Rach. What should I wear for Tyler?" I heard her laugh. "How about those faded blue jeans and your white v-neck?" I found the jeans, but no success with the v-neck, it was probably in the wash. "Can't find the shirt, dammit" Rachel laughed again. "Watch your language, Sam! What about--" I cut her off. "No concert tees or anything to remind him of my brothers!" "Well then, excuse me!" Rachel said. "Um, I don't know. How ab

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This is my story...

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Wow, very good!!! I love it!!!!!!!! Keep writing, your a natural!!! 5 stars!

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I'm the author. Sorry the spacing and margins got all messed up when I submitted it. I don't know how to fix it!


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