A True Fairytale

March 22, 2009
By Samantha Solaski BRONZE, Boca Raton, Florida
Samantha Solaski BRONZE, Boca Raton, Florida
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Once upon a time, there was a sweet girl who lived in a castle of gold....
No. Life doesn't work that way, at least, not in this story. ..There was and is a young girl, but she is rarely sweet and most certainly does not live in a house of gold. No, she lives in a petite yellow house off of a busy street, and lives with her two brothers and their parents. She may not have a perfect disposition or a royal palace, but she does have a story...

“Sarah, come on! We're going to be late!” screamed her friend Lily. Sarah took a deep breath and silently forgave her friend, for she was never late. She hopped into the sleek car and placed her beaten flute case on her lap as she fastened her seat belt. As the car pulled away she gazed out her window and checked off a mental to-do list. It seemed to never end...

After practice, she zipped her case after carefully placing her beautiful silver instrument inside. She was pleased and in a good mood, for the practice had gone well.

“So,mom, what are your plans for tonight?” she asked.

“Well,honey, I have to make dinner, fold laundry, and clean the kitchen...what do you need?” was her mom's wary reply. She immediately felt horrible that her mother would so readily give up time for Sarah while she already had so much to do.

“Nothing...I have so much work to do, I'll keep myself busy,” She said with a weak smile. The rest of the ride home consisted of loud music that was of interest to both Sarah and her mother. She always felt blessed for such a simple similarity as a similar taste in music between the two of them.

After getting out of the car, She slammed the door behind her while lugging around her intolerable “school supplies”. She dumped her load in its designated basket and marched upstairs to her room. For a second, the cool blue color on her wall did something to calm her tense body. Letting out a lung full of air, she flopped down onto her queen sized bed. Just laying there, thoughts swirled in her head and anxiety filled her stomach.

She hated it when this happened. Her schedule was so packed, that unease overtook her as soon as she had a minute to think. She tried taking deep breaths, and rolled off of her bed. Gazing wistfully back at the comfy comforter, she turned on her heel and made her way back down the stairs towards the onslaught of homework, flute practice, and physical activity.

She picked her head up from her homework as she heard a door close. Dad. She packed her papers away, and ran to jump into her father's arms. Squeezing him tightly, she felt euphoric in the arms of one she loved so much. Unwillingly, she left the embrace to pack her gear for soccer practice.

She hopped into the passenger seat, her shin guards closely gripping her legs. She couldn't help but break into a grin as she left her worries in the small yellow house. After tying the laces to her over-sized cleats, she started the best part of that particular evening. Each problem or concern she explained to her father left her feeling lighter and more free. The advice he gave helped her get through the rough days that haunted her constantly.

Sarah deeply regretted self pity, but at time she could not help but succumb to it. She found everything she did to be of the utmost importance, and failing is never an option. When an activity did not go the way she planned, She could not help but feel grief at the unsurmountable task. Against her better judgment, she would curl up on her bed with her tear streaked face turned to stare at her bed-side clock. No matter how much she willed them, the numbers would never reverse and give her a second chance, always forward.

While she would wallow, at some point her bed would shift with an added weight. Wiping at her salty cheeks she would turn to see either bleached blue eyes gazing at her intently, or a woman weighted down with concern. As she had several times before she would relay her concerns to her father or mother. Wrapping her in their arms the parental figure would gently whisper advice always ending with stories of her achievements, told in a proud voice. They would also know enough to leave her alone when it was necessary. Always stopping by with a kind word or piece of chocolate.

Also, her father taught her about God. He led her toward the light, toward all that is strong and good. Through his teachings, she would developed a strong relationship with God and his his only Son. She prayed every day and night, putting all her trust into someone she could not see, yet loved so much. She gained strength through her family and God to do the tasks that seemed to drain her very being.

It wasn't uncommon for her parents to ask why she did it, why she took on such stressful schedules. She would shrug off the questions because of the multiple answers. She did it for her friends, teachers, and siblings. She did it for her God that made this life possible. She did it to prove to herself her own strength and resolve. But most of all, she did it for her parents; The origin of her flesh and bones; The entities that made it possible for her to pursue her dreams; The fountains of love that drowned her in kindness and trust.

Nowadays, Sarah still floods herself in complex classes, tasks, and activities. But, she has grown in strength, and now takes to each subject with new vigor. Supporting her still are her beloved parents who are always there; always comforting her, always pushing her, and always loving her.

Sarah may not live in a fancy palace where life itself is a luxury, yet, Sarah is very rich indeed. Through hard work, faith, and love, she is forever wealthy with a life of true gold.

The author's comments:
For my two incredible parents, may you both have an incredible Valentine's Day,
and to the one and only Father with whom anything is possible.

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