A Day in the Life of an “It Girl”

March 22, 2009
Making her way through the crowd, Isabella yelled, “Leti, wait up!” But Leti continued walking. For the rest of the day, every time Isabella saw Leti, Leti would ignore her.

When the bell rang, Bella whipped out her phone to text Mortikai. “Why won’t Leti talk to me?” she asked.

In reply he wrote, “I don’t know <3 10/6/08 <3”

When Bella received this she was confused. Mortikai was one of her best friends, why wouldn’t he tell her he was in a relationship? She was one of the “popular” girls in the school and she was breathtakingly gorgeous. As the current “It Girl” she heard everything that happened around the school.

As she thought about this fact, she received another text. It was from John, “Did you hear about Leti and Mortikai?”

“Um, no.” she replied.

“He asked her out yesterday and she said ‘yes’”

“What?” By this point Bella was starting to feel really upset.

“I know. That’s what I said. Didn’t you really like Mortikai?”

Bella refused to reply to this. She really did like him. She thought that he really liked her too but he just wouldn’t go out with her because Mortikai’s mom didn’t like Bella because of her supposed “reputation”. As she continued to think about everything that had just happened, she continuously got more and more distraught. She was still on the bus on the way home so she couldn’t let anyone on the bus see how upset she really was. If these people saw her at her weakest she could quite possibly lose her “It Girl” status.

Over the next hour and a half after she got home, Bella received a series of text messages just like John’s. it got to the point that she was so sick of hearing about it that she ended up turning her phone off so she didn’t have to see it anymore.

Bella sat on her bed and cried for hours while listening to music. Music was the one thing she knew would always be there for her when she needed it the most. With her ipod on shuffle, Taylor Swift’s song “Change” came on. As she listened to the lyrics, she had a crystallizing moment. She realized that crying and ignoring it would do nothing. If she wanted something to change she would have to take care of it herself.

Bella immediately took her phone from her nightstand to turn it back on. Little did she know that this is what her life would be like everyday until her reign as an “It Girl” was over.

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