Benjamin Taylor’s Murder Confessions Part 1

June 5, 2017
By m.hopp BRONZE, Muskegon, Michigan
m.hopp BRONZE, Muskegon, Michigan
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They say back in my prime I was the man, but what now? Well now I am in a prison cell. But before this goes too far first let me introduce myself. Hello my name is Benjamin Taylor and I am a convicted serial killer. I am currently residing the sunny state of California where I will live out the rest of my days serving all 192 counts of 1st degree murder. It is in this prison cell I will write about every murder I ever committed. 1 every couple of months for the rest of my life. But that's enough about the present, I'm sure you all want to know about the past right? Well lets see it all started one day when my mom decided to start hitting me. No that's not really true but isn't that all what you want to hear? I had a traumatic childhood that turned me into the stone cold killer I am today. Well too bad I'm here to tell the real story, to prove that even normal people with a seemingly normal childhood can be killers too.

It was a warm sunny Thursday afternoon when I saw the first kid I would murder. I was 23 at the time and well on my way to becoming some type of fancy lawyer or so I thought. Ya see I had been kicked out of my college a few weeks before for vandalism of school campus and I hadn't found a way to tell my family. I had lost my chance at my “dream career”. I was back home for the “summer” and I hadn't found a job yet so I was driving to spend the day with some of my buddies and there on the sidewalk riding a bike was this kid. I don't know what drew me to him but as soon as we made eye contact I knew there was something different, something special about this kid. I considered turning around to get another look at the him, but I didn’t. That day I went and had fun with my friends, that night though I planned a way to meet the kid.

The next day I woke up early and decided to volunteer some of my time at the school in town. Just the good thing to do right? That's what I told the cops when they interrogated me for the murder the first time. Anyways they had my shoveling slop onto trays for the kids the first couple of days. I never saw him those days, I was about  to give up when I saw him walking into the library instead of going to lunch with the rest of the kids. I immediately went down the office and got transferred from lunch duty to library duty. How? You may ask, well my hometown is really small so everyone knows everyone and the school was understaffed the last couple of weeks before summer so I pretty much could do whatever I wanted as long as I was doing something.
The next day I showered and dressed my best, I was finally going to meet the boy. I walked into the library the first day and there he was sitting in the back with a small book. His name was Mikey. He had the curliest blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. I don't remember what happened next but by the end of the week little Mikey and I had almost become friends. Well I was his friend he was just my first victim.

The Friday of the next week I offered to give him a ride home from school instead of the bus. He eagerly agreed. God, it was so easy like taking candy from a baby. He jumped into the passenger of my old blue pick up and told me where to take him. I told him I wanted to do something with him before I brought him home. He asked me what but all I said was that he would have to wait and see. I could see the excitement pumping through his tiny body. I drove way into the country before I pulled over. It was a little secluded patch of grass in the middle of a thick forest. When I was in high school it had been the party spot.

We got out and walked into the clearing. Once again he asked me what we were going to do. This time I had a different answer though. I looked at him with a kind smile on my face before I told him he was going to die. I watched as the terror washed over his small body and his eyes pleaded with me to let him live. He tried to run but it was no use I was on him within seconds. My hands closed in around his tiny neck. His face turned all different shades of purple, blue, and red as the oxygen was depleted from his system. I could feel the life draining from his body as he struggled to pull my hands away from his neck. I hadn't planned on killing him just yet but in the early days I lacked the control to slowly kill my victims.

When there was no more movement coming from him I let go and stood up. I felt horror at first. This kid had trusted me and I killed him. I couldn't believe at first what I was capable of. The next thing I felt was the incredibly overwhelming rush. It was like nothing I ever felt before. I had saved this kid from a life of misery and disappointment. How could I feel bad when I knew the favor I had just done for him? He would never have to experience heart break or loss. He would never have his dreams ripped out from underneath him.

I ran to my truck and grabbed the shovel from the back and walked to the base of the biggest tree at the edge of the clearing. Once there I began to dig, I ended up with about a six foot deep hole and about five feet long. I walked back to where the lifeless boy lay, I crouched down to pick him up and I'm telling you what there is nothing similar to the feeling I got when I held the still body in my arms on the walk back to his grave. It's something I'll never forget, his once piercing eyes now staring at me with nothing going on behind them. Even his curly blonde hair looked duller when his life had be extinguished like the flame to a candle. I closed his eyes when I placed him in the grave, I thought he at least deserved that little bit of peace in his eternal slumber.
I had tried to replicate the feeling many times with through various drug combinations throughout my summer, but all that did me was land me in jail. I tried this because for a minute I did feel some remorse for killing the boy, but the feeling wasn't the same on drugs. I had to kill to feel alive. There was nothing like it. I got to play God for so many people, they should be thanking me.

I drove home that night after I burned my clothes. There was no way I was going down for this. The next day the cops came to the school to talk to me about how Mikey never got home that day. I told them I gave him a ride because he missed the bus, but that was it I dropped him off at the corner of his block. They didn't believe me that's for sure but you see there was nothing they could do to me. I was way smarter then them and all the evidence they had was circumstantial.
The cops talked to me the next couple weeks but they had nothing and we both new it. So eventually little Mikey's mom gave up on finding him alive and the case went cold. I was off the hook of my first kill. I left town soon after that and got a job in the city. A place with many more people.

The author's comments:

This a piece of pure fiction. I worte it for my creative writing class, Its about a man who is in prison writing about the murders he commited. This story follows the main characters first kill. I many or may not write more.

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