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June 6, 2017
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I’m not really sure if I believe in love. The thing is, love has no definition. The only way it can be described is as a feeling. An emotion. It can’t be seen nor can it be held. It’s unpredictable, just like the weather during spring, and it never feels quite the same. I could love a banana solely because I am starving on an island and haven’t eaten in weeks, but is that the same love as the type felt when I kiss someone for the first time?

The scary thing is, that other person could be feeling a completely different feeling than you. A whole different shade of love. Yet you'd never know, because love has no definition. It can’t be described. So you inevitably become naive because there is no other way within the unique melody of love. It rewrites itself everyday, every second, because millions and millions of human beings sing the chorus of love throughout the course of their day.
A feeling, however, that can be described is hurt. Hurt is sadness, sadness is tears. Sadness is fatigue and lack of participation. I know how hurt feels, and I know what makes it come and what keeps it away. I know how to heal the wound, and successfully integrate into my life once more. I know that I’m young; maybe I am not qualified for this knowledge yet, but I simply cannot figure out the formula for healing a broken heart.

And, the heart never breaks; another feeling that we’ve attempted to attach to a visible image. In fact, the human heart has no correlation to the feeling of love at all.

So, have I ever been in love? I would like to think I have. The more I think and evaluate the true meaning of love, I become less sure of the whole picture all together.

I have felt love. But it becomes harder and harder to believe that there is such thing as being in love. There’s no right answer, and there’s no wrong answer. And that’s scary. That’s confusing. With an infinite number of melodies, the song of love will continue to echo throughout our planet, forever molding for each and every person. And everyone will dance, everyone will sing along, because unfortunately, something indescribable and unanswerable will never be questioned. 

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