Iv'e Become.

March 21, 2009
By pangamoon BRONZE, Blanchard, Oklahoma
pangamoon BRONZE, Blanchard, Oklahoma
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''Here She Comes,'' I Whispered

Kristen Looked alittle confused. ''What, Who?''

''The Emo,Goth Freak,Who else!'' I Looked at Kristen Like She Was Crazy. I Mean She Was Totally Visible To Everyone. She Was Different And Weird. She Looked as If She has Murdered People. She Scared me. But I Couldnt let people know that!

''Ohh'' Kristen Said Slowly. We Both Watch as Selena. The Freak Clutched her books tightly to her chest and walked slowly down the hall.

She really could be pretty. If She Tried. But All she wore Was Black. Ever Since the 3rd Grade. I Guess I Was Kinda Really thinking Deep about things Cause Kristen Waved her hand in front of my face.

''Hello Earth to Amy, Come on Cheerleading Practice. Head Cheerleader needs to be there!''

Cheerleading! I immediatly Snapped My Mind back into the real world. Cheering was my life! And I Wasn't Going to let Anyone Take it from me. I mean Who Could? I Was the best There was! I Was walking out with Kristen When I Froze.

They Walked Through the Door. Them. The Jocks. The Ahh-mazing Football Jockies. Hottest Guys Around if You Ask me. There Was Nicholas, Joseph, And well Cameron. I mean Shouldn't Top Cheerleader And Top Quarterback be dating?

Kristen and I Stared At them. We probably looked like Stalkerish Freaks. But I didn't Care. Nick Walked in and Looked over at Emo Freak,Selena. They We're kind of Mean in a way they picked on people.

I Seen him playfully hit Joe on the arm laughing. He then walked over to Selena. She Gave him a death stare before he could even get in front of her. He tried getting her to talk to him. I Was guessing he was asking her on a ''date''.

She tried to Walk away from him but Nick tripped her. She Fell. All her books laying there on the ground and her helplessly on the ground, as well. I Don't know what told me to do what I did. But, I Walked over to her.

I helped her pick up her books. She Told me Thank you And Then Ran to the Little Girls room. I Felt Kinda proud of myself. Kristen And I Ran to Cheerleading Practice.

Selena's Point of Veiw is Very Different from other people. She Might look like a emo freak on the outside but on the inside she is dieing. So Here is Hers.~

Gosh I hate This School! I Just Wanna move. But My Foster Parents Won't Let me!

And Well That Amy Chick. Gosh She talks about me soo much but Then Comes over and Helps me. I Could kick her Butt At Cheerleading. I'm a Way better Gymnyst, Then her.

But I'm Just too Afraid to Try out. What will people think of me? Will They even Give me a chance.
After the 1st Bell Rang I Walked to My Locker. Taped on the Front of it Was a Cheerleading Tryout Sheet. And on the back of it in Sharpie it Said, ''Yah Right, Keep Dreaming'' Nick Signed it at the bottom!

What was his problem! I Swear! We used to be best friends. High School Has Changed him Majorly! I hate him now! I hate My life! And Most Of All I hate what I've Become!

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