May 30, 2017
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   The EKG flows up and down like horses on a carousel. I grip my mother's hand as she rests. Smiling with hope in my heart, I let go of her hand to put the bouquet I bought for her in her favorite vase. The bouquet was full of bright flowers; red, orange, and yellow. A representation of a rainbow. A hope to find gold at the end of it. As I put the flowers in water to survive, I heard a piercing beep that stung my ears. I turned as I saw what used to be a zigzagging line, turn intoa straight one. I began following the cords that came out of it, one by one. Each cord  I followed led to my mother, still, I looked for the one that was unplugged.


           Following the last cord with hope draining from my heart, I saw it led to her. I was confused, and tried to put the pieces together. Then, the doctors rushed in, escorting me out by force. It clicked. Like the ammunition in a gun, ready to shoot my heart out. She was gone. Her life was the rainbow. It came to an end. Yet,I did not see it coming. The end of her rainbow

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Beautiful said...
Jun. 8 at 4:01 pm
Your poem hit home.. Love u n keep it up...
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