May 27, 2017

 Chapter One: Potatoes

        As the sun rose on this cold April morning, dew sat on the grass while the morning doves sang away. Brooke sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes, enjoying the peace for a moment. But soon enough the peace was ended by her family waking up. “Jeremy, I told you to get the dog in half an hour ago!” her mother yelled to her little brother. Brooke rolled her eyes, sighed an extra dramatic sigh, and covered her head with the blankets trying to tune out her family. She could still hear her mom, dad, brother, and grandfather in the kitchen, bickering away and not even acknowledging that Brooke was trying to sleep.

      Giving up on the fact that she could go back to sleep, Brooke got out of bed and slid into an oversized hoodie and headed into the kitchen. Checking her phone on the way, Brooke noticed that Zane had texted her a few minutes ago. Zane was Brooke’s crush. He had been for years but she knew in reality that she would never be good enough for the guy who is on the football team, has tons of friends and has all the girls waiting in line for him. Brooke hadn’t even told her closest friend, Sara, that she had liked Zane. The whole school would’ve known in seconds and she would’ve been teased forever. She had decided it was best to keep to herself. “Hey I heard u were helping with the talent show in two weeks. I am too. It’d be cool to see u there.” Brooke stopped and reminded herself to breathe and to be casual. “Yea. Hope to see u too” she responded. “Today will be a very good day” she told herself as she made a bowl of Lucky Charms and sat on the couch.

      Jeremy came and sat on the floor in front of Brooke. “I’m going to play X-Box now.” knowing he would have the volume on full blast, Brooke left and went to rinse her bowl and get ready for her day. Brooke had about five friends at the moment, Callie. Macie, Sara, Jacelyn, and Sammi. She returned to her room as a text from Callie popped up “Ariana Grande Concert, May 3rd. You in?” Brooke was pretty sure that Callie hated her but she wasn’t passing this up. “MOOOM” she yelled as she ran to the kitchen and told her all about it. “Fine” she finally agreed after asking a million questions. The concert was in two weeks, the Monday after the talent show.

     The day before the talent show arrived and Zane and Brooke had been talking so much. They had a game they would play where you would say two people and they had to pick one to date. Few times they had slid their own names in just to see. Brooke was pleasantly suprised that Zane’s answer to who he would date out of the entire grade was her. She giddily sat in bed and made an awkward smile at herself knowing she was sitting in her room alone, eating Pringles and watching Netflix and looked like a bag of potatoes in her giant sweatshirt and messy bun.
“Hope he likes potatoes” she said and rolled into a blanket burrito, continuing her episode of Stranger Things.


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