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June 2, 2017
By amaliaa BRONZE, New York City, New York
amaliaa BRONZE, New York City, New York
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Hey. My name is Amanda. I’m 14 years old. I have an older sister, and her name is Sabrina. Mostly, I call her Brina but, very rarely, I call her Sab, but she hates that nickname. She’s 16. I have to share a room with her and it really sucks but that’s what you have to deal with when you live in NYC. I’m an ordinary teen, just trying to pass her finals.
Right now I’m headed to Norway for spring break.  I’ll give you a quick backstory: I woke up at 4:30 a.m. I was getting ready to go to Norway, because I’m a photographer - well, an aspiring one anyway. I was getting ready to leave, all my bags were packed, and I had my favorite stuffed animal, a pig named Kelly. I also couldn’t forget my little airplane pillow too. A month or two ago, I asked my parents to go to Scandinavia for spring break. I made a deal with them: good grades and focusing means a trip. Luckily, I kept my promise, and my mom and dad kept their promise too.
Back to reality: I saw the limo waiting outside of my apartment building. The doorman buzzed up to my apartment and I eagerly clicked the button that allowed him to tell us that the limo was outside. I rushed into my parents room and shouted,
“Mom! Dad! The limo! It’s here!”
“Okay honey, one second!” my mom said while rummaging through her suitcase.
“Omg Amanda. Shut up. There are people still sleeping dummy.” Sabrina whispered to me when she pushed past me to get her suitcase from my parents room.
“Stupid,” I mumbled under my breath. “You shut up.” and I smiled. I always get the last word.
“I got the passports. Let’s go girls. The driver is waiting for us!” My dad said to my sister and I.
I got my suitcase, checked to see if I was missing anything, and got my toothbrush. I was ready and putting my coat on, and took a quick Snapchat and sent it to my best friend Annabel. It said ‘Ahh! Leaving for Norway!’ Her family is from there, so I knew I had to send it to her.

We finally got into the car, and when my dad was giving the driver directions, my phone screen lit up. Annabel snapchatted me back. ‘OMG! Snapchat me the whole time! Can we video chat later? I’m up so early waiting for u to send pics!’ It read with her face all excited. ‘Kk. I’ll call u later. Gotta get to the airport, then check in and stuff. Love u!’ I said with a smile. I hit send, and then we were heading to the airport. About an hour later (what can I say? I live in NYC!) we went got to the airport, and got to the check in and security.

When we got some breakfast and sat down at the terminal, I tried to call Annabel. She didn’t pick up. About 15 minutes later, once I finished my breakfast sandwich, I realized that Bel (my special nickname for her) snapchatted me again. It said ‘Hey, can I call you in five?’ ‘Sure! But Bel, why were you out of school for a few days?’ A minute later, Bel responded over text,
‘I’ve been sick. You should know that lol!’
‘Yeah, sorry about that haha,’ I text back. I plug in my headphones, and wait for the airline to say it’s time to board the plane.

About 30 minutes later, I text

‘OMG OMG OMGGG!! Wait, why am I more excited HAHA?’ she texts back.

‘So true! I gtg because ya know… GOING TO NORWAY!’

‘AHH! Have fun, okay?’

‘Definitely. Miss you!’

‘Miss you too!’

The plane was getting ready for takeoff. I looked through the window. The sun was rising, so I snapped a picture. I’m going to miss the city, but I’ll only be gone for about a week and half.

Once the plane took off, and I was all comfy, I put my tray table down, and went on my computer. I did some homework (I didn’t want to fail my classes!) and turned it in online. A stewardess was moving through the aisles for drinks.
“Hey. May I please have a Coke?” I said.
“Sure! Since you have amazing manners, I will give you another drink free!”
“Oh, thanks so much!” I said. I was so surprised because that honestly, never happens. More than half of the planes I’ve been on, the flight attendants seem like they hate their jobs. Then I looked at my sister and gave her an I’m-better-than-you look because I got two drinks and she didn’t. When the stewardess walked away, my sister pinched me.
“Ow! Why’d you do that?” I shrieked. My dad came over and told us off and told us to stop fighting. That was when I realized that this was going to be a longer flight than I anticipated.

To pass the time, I decided to put a movie on. My airplane had the little t.v.’s on the back of the seats, so I used it. The movie I watched was “If I Stay”. It was such a good movie, but it was so sad. I went back to my music and eventually fell asleep. When I woke up, there were only 2 hours and 30 minutes left of the flight. I was almost there!
We got off the plane, and my foot touched the Norwegian ground and I saw the rest of Oslo, that was when I realized, this trip is going to amazing.

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