Life Changed

June 2, 2017
By wmstudent BRONZE, Wellesley , Massachusetts
wmstudent BRONZE, Wellesley , Massachusetts
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Everything in life was perfect. Until the virus came. It only affects 1 in every 3.5 billion people. Who would've thought I’ll be that 1 of out 3.5 billion people who have it. So, basically only 2 people in the entire world have it. The virus was unknown and not even the best doctors in the world know how to cure it. I once lived a happy life. I was normal. But, now I can't even step foot outside of my house unless I wanted to die. The only way I can go out is if I wear a special suit. My life was once perfect. It seemed that every person in the world wanted to be me. My dad is the CEO of Reynolds Corporation. I always travelled about every week and I could basically do whatever I want. From partying with my friends to jetting off to somewhere I always had fun. That all ended exactly 1 year ago.

The bell rung, it was the end of the day. It was December 21, 2015 the last day of our boring substitute teacher, Mr. Ross. Mr. Ross was like a pest, extremely annoying. I slowly packed my bag and headed towards the door. All of a sudden, I spotted Mr.O’Malley. “Olivia I need to talk to you briefly. I know it's been hard for you ever since your parents got divorced but you can't keep blowing off your assignments. Even though I've been out for a month that doesn't mean you can stop trying. I've been tracking your progress. Everything I give is for your benefit, not mine. I’m afraid you're not going to pass the 11th grade.” Mr.O’Malley, my biology teacher told me. As those words came out of his mouth I just wanted to cry but I couldn't. I can't fail while all my friends become seniors. I’ll become a loser. “Please Mr. O’Malley, I can't fail please. I’ll do the assignments.” I begged. “I’m sorry Olivia but it’s too late. The class is way past these assignments and you'll fall even more behind. Although, there is one thing that will allow you to pass my class. There's an internship where you will study the Amazon rainforest along with Dr. Ross. You’ll have to leave tomorrow with the permission of your parents and you will come back early February. You'll be excused from all your classes and will not lose credit. Only 8 weeks but I will need a full 12 page report on the discoveries you and Dr. Ross made. You will have to manage your own travel fare to get there but Dr. Ross my trusted friend will be waiting for you there.” He told me. “Ok, I’ll do it.” I replied. Mr. O'Malley handed me the pamphlets and the packet I needed to read by tomorrow. “That is all, you may go now.” He told me. Heavily breathing, running, dashing, I took off.

“Olivia, wake up!! The plane is going to leave in an hour.” My mom yelled. I slowly rolled out of bed and got dress. Half asleep, I walked downstairs to find multiple luggage standing by the doorway. Of course my mom already packed my bags for me. I walked out the door praying my mom will change her mind about sending me. But, as usual my dad is nowhere to be seen. Working 24/7. I rarely ever see my dad and if I ever do he's in a bad mood. Obviously, my dad didn't even bother to say goodbye. I slowly trudged into the car and drove off. In the corner of my eye, I saw my mom waving goodbye. The car finally came to a stop and we were at the airport. Planes flying, people running, workers rushing, this was the only place where all this happens. The line for check in was miles long. I hate waiting and I never wait in line. I make my dad wait while I relax. The line slowly moved along and finally i checked in. Thankfully, the security line was short. I grabbed my bag from the scanner and took my phone out. My eyes widened and my hands started to shake. I'm going to miss my flight, I thought. My feet racing through the terminal, heart pounding, I sprinted to my gate. As I was approaching my gate, there was no one there but 2 workers. The women start to started to slowly close the door. “WAIT!!” I screamed. 2 little kids who looked to be around the age of 6 were running towards the bathroom. With quick thinking I shoved both of them out of my way. I ran and ran past a couple of gates and made it. I reached my seat which was thankfully able to turn into a bed. For the first time in years, I can finally sleep for hours. The plane departed and we were in the air. I started feeling drowsy and I forget that I was on a plane.

My eyes open and to my delight there was food in front of me. 15 minutes later, I heard “Flight attendants, please prepare for departure.” Before I knew it I was in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Sprinting, shoving, feet pounding, I ran toward customs. The security man did all the passport things and sent me off. I followed others down the escalator and to my surprise I spotted to person who I dread most in this world, Dr. Ross. I mean like seriously, out of all the doctors and scientists in the whole world I had to be with Dr. Ross. He's the most boring person you'll ever meet in this world and the most surprising part is he's only 27. “Hey Olivia! I'm delighted to see you again. But, you can call me Liam ” Dr. Ross said. “Hi Liam.” I mumbled. Liam helped me find my luggage. “Liam, where are we going?” I asked. “Oh Olivia I thought you knew. We have to board another plane unless you want to walk 1800 miles.” He replied. The sky was so blue and from the runway the planes looked giant. I turned the corner and the most sketchy thing I ever saw in my life was in front of me. I watched Liam climb up the old staircase into the plane. Scratched up and dented the plane was definitely not safe I thought to myself. “Come on Olivia, we have to go. It's only a 3 hour flight. You don't want to arrive at the rainforest at night unless you want to get eaten.” Liam said. “Well if I board this plane it won't matter if we arrive at night. We'll all be dead before we even land.” I said stubbornly. Liam dragged me up the stairs and pulled me into the plane.

“Let's go Olivia” I heard over and over. My eyes slowly opened to see Liam tapping my shoulder. “Geez Liam you need to chill.” I said. The door slowly opened. I carefully walked down the stairs and my bags dropped to the ground. I stared out into the open to see a whole new world. My mouth dropped open. Trees of many sizes, plants everywhere, and in every spot there's a different animal. “Beautiful isn't it?” I jumped and chills ran up my spine. I turned my head around to see a man who looks to be around my age. “Um who are you?” I asked. “Olivia Reynolds meet Jared Reynolds.” Liam said. “ Hey Olivia.” Jared said delightfully with a smile on his face. “Hi.” I replied. Liam took off ahead of us to the Jeep leaving Jared and I alone. Oh great now this kids going to annoy me I thought. “ So Olivia why did you take this internship.” He asked. “My teacher gave me a choice of either doing this internship or failing junior year.” I said. “Oh I'm doing this for my senior project.” He told me. Geez does this kid actually think I care why he's hearing thought to myself. Liam gestured us to follow him into the keep. “Jared can you do something for me.” I asked. His eyes glowed. “ My bags are over there can you go take it and carry it to the jeep for me?” I asked. His smile started to fade away. “Oh yeah I'll go get them.” He said.

The jeep ride to the campsite was rough and terrible. I couldn't even get any cell service. My phone flew to the side and I fell onto Jared. “Ow!!” I screamed. “Liam can you please learn how to drive?” I said sarcastically. Jared helped me get back to my seat. “Olivia I told you to buckle up earlier. You're not 5 anymore and no one should have to remind you.” Liam said. The long, dreadful, bumpy ride to the campsite felt like days. Soon we arrived which by the way took forever. “Um what is this?” I stated. “Welcome to your home for the next 8 weeks.” Liam said. I crept around the campsite on my toes avoiding the mud. I reached a patch for grass under a giant tree. As I leaned against it there was a thud. “Ow!” I yelped. Some brown thing as hard as a rock hit my head. “What the heck Jared. Why do you do that?” I yelled. “Uh Olivia I didn't do it. Look upwards.” He replied. Squinting I stared up into the tree but the light was blinding. My hand hovered over my eyes shielding the light. There it was. A small monkey running away. It almost sounded like he was laughing.

The moon rose over the trees and through my tent I could see it glowing. The ground was cold and hard. Tossing and turning in my sleeping bag. Slowly, unzipping the bag I crawled out of the tent. The forest was dark but the moonlight shined on the ground. I walked down a wearer down patch of grass towards a shack. Each step I took with caution. “AHHH!” I screamed. Something bit my neck. Everything around me turned foggy. My legs slowly gave out. I slammed to the ground in my back. There was a crack. My eyes barely staying open“Help me.” I mumbled. Sounds of branches snapping were approaching. I just couldn't keep my eyes open. All sounds of animals and faded away. All I saw was blackness. No sound to be heard.

A bright lined shined. I took a breath in through my nose. I smelled the scent of my mom's favorite candle. At lightening speed I got up. I was in my room. Except it wasn't my room. Machines beeping. Needles all over me. Quickly, I pulled them all out. The last thing I remembered was lying on the ground in the amazon rainforest. Was it all a dream? I ran down the stairs into the kitchen. But, my mom didn't hear me. All I heard was a fan. “Mom! Can you turn the fan down?” I asked. I heard something shatter. Before I knew it my mom was in front of me. Touching my face. “Oh honey are you  alright?” She asked. Her eyes full of tears. “Yeah mom I'm fine. Can you stop touching me.” I asked. My mom backed away and headed back to the kitchen. I reached the front door. I turned the knob but it wouldn't move. Pulling and turning with all my might the door wouldn't do anything. The padlocks weren't locked. Finally, I pulled the door open. An alarm went off. My hands went directly over the ears. The piercing sound hurt my brain. A fan pushed me in all directions until I lost balance. My mom ran up and returned with new clothes. “What's happening?” I screamed. “Hold on honey I'll tell you soon.” My mom changed my clothes and took me into the living room. “Olivia, at the Amazon Rainforest you were bit by an unknown creature. Many doctors were on your case but no one knows what happened. You are allergic to almost everything in the world and cannot go outside. Allegra corporation helped us sent up special fans and machines in the house to keep it clean. The creature that bit you affected your brain and altered some system that controls allergies. Also, when you fell you broke your back. But, you got surgery and you already passed the recovery time” My mom said. I was speechless. I bursted into tears. “Mom, what day is it.” I asked. “Olivia, this will be hard for your o understand but it's August 17th.” She replied. “What?! How?” I mumbled. “Well honey you were in a coma and you began to wake up. But, with all the issues that arose they needed to put you in a medical coma for 7 months. Your dad hired many scientists to find a cure for you. But, until then you're on house arrest.” She said.

Days felt like years. After what my mom told me what happened I felt hopeless. My dad just left my mom. I had no life. No school. No friends. Nothing. My life was over. It was dark. I didn't bother looking at the clock. But, outside was pitch black. I shuffled through my desk. Shuffling for a pencil and notepad. The house was silent. All you could hear was my pencil writing. My drawer squeaked as it slowly opened. Where are the scissors? I dug through everything. I finally found it. I climbed onto my bed with the scissors. Slowly, my wrists began to bleed. I laid in my bed waiting. Until it finally happened. The bring light appeared again and I knew I was gone.

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