The book store find

June 1, 2017
By , Indian Trail, NC

Jumping out of the shower, I wrapped a towel around my body then another around my hair. Bryson Tiller blasted through my speaker and I sang the words and danced around. I dried off then sliid into a pair of jeans. I jumped around and attempted to button them then threw on a t-shirt from my closet.

“Samantha can you lower that?” My mom’s voice echoed up the stairs, “I can’t even hear myself think.” I ignored her and started to do my hair. I took it out of the towel and grabbed the blow dryer. I started blow drying my hair, still singing along to the words but I couldn’t hear it as well because of the sound of the blow dryer. I heard faint sounds of my mom yelling at me but ignored her, until I heard a bang on my door and then it flew open.

“I’ve been calling for you for 15 minutes. I need you to run some errands for me today while I work.”

“I can’t I have plans today mom, why can’t you make Jacob do it?”

“Because I told you to do it. You just need to go to the vacuum fixed and pick up dinner from the chinese place on main street, I have coupons on the counter.” I reluctantly nodded my head then shut the door. I finished getting ready, took my phone off the charger, grabbed my purse, and walked down stairs.

I saw my youngest brother sitting at the table playing on his DS. I gave him a quick peck on his head before grabbing the coupons, my keys, and shouting a goodbye before walking out the door. I started the car turned on the radio and sped down the driveway. The vacuum place was across town but considering how small our town was it took me less than 15 minutes. When I got there they told me what was wrong with it and how much it would cost They told me to come back in two hours to pick it up so I had some time to kill so  I went to the bookstore next door.

I walk in and the old woman sitting at the counter looks up from her book. “Good afternoon miss. Can I help you find something?”

“No I’m just looking, Thank you though.” She sends me a warm smile then goes back to reading. I look around then find a book that was a favorite of mine. I grab the book and a few others that caught my eye. I walk up to the counter and the lady checks me out. The books were cheap so I decided to go into the boutique next door. I opened the door and a ding goes off. I walk over to the necklaces that were on a table to the right of the door. They were far out of my price range so I set them right back down. I looked around but nothing really caught my eye that I could afford so I decided to leave and go read in my car.

When I got in the car I turned on the air conditioning and began to read. I picked up one of the books and when I opened it an envelope fell out. I opened up the envelope and it seemed like the world stopped spinning. The envelope was full of  $100 bills. I pulled them out and began to count. There was over $6000 in there and a note with an address on it. I typed  in the address on my maps app. It was only 2 miles from here but now I had to decide if I wanted to go.  A million thoughts raced through my head; why was this money there? Who was it for? Was it safe for me to go there? Ignoring my better judgement I started the car and drove off. When I got there the building was small and I would have thought it was abandoned if it wasn’t for the few cars around it. 

I walked in but the place seemed to be empty. I shouted out a hello and I heard rumbling coming from the back and then a door swinging open. Out walked a tall-scary man wearing an expensive looking suit. I immediately regretted coming here.

“Sorry, I must have the wrong address,” I rushed out only looking back when I opened the door. The man had a confused look on his face. I started my car and drove back to the vacuum place. When I got there I just sat in the car trying to collect myself, then I jumped out of the car and walked straight into the boutique and treated myself with my newly found money.

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