A Nightmare

June 1, 2017
By brittany_mader BRONZE, Wyalusing, Pennsylvania
brittany_mader BRONZE, Wyalusing, Pennsylvania
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When I was eight years something bad happened to my family and I. My mom and dad went out one night and I was at home with my babysitter Tiffany. We were in the living room, I was coloring and she was watching television. I asked her if I could have a snack and she said sure. I walked in the kitchen and got some cookies and milk.
I walk back into the living room and Tiffany wasn’t there. My house is the middle of no were so it was kind of creepy. I thought she just went to the bathroom or something. It was like ten minutes later and she still was gone. I was freaking out because I had no idea where she was.
I knocked on the bathroom door because it was closed. I said, “Tiffany are you in there?” There was no answer. I walked back out in the living room to see if she was in there and she wasn’t. I looked in kitchen and she wasn’t there. I couldn’t find her anywhere.
I noticed in the living room there was glass on the floor. I went over to see what happened and the window was shattered. Now I was really freaking out because someone broke in. I was wondering if the person had Tiffany. I went upstairs because I heard a weird noise. I was being quiet so the burglar didn’t hear me. The noise was coming from my closet . I opened it and there was Tiffany. She had duct tape on her mouth and she hands were tied with rope. I asked her, “Are you alright?” “What happened?” She said, “I’m alright.” “Are you alright?” “Did he hurt you?” I said, “I didn’t even see him.”
After all this happened my parent finally came home. Tiffany was cleaning up the glass from the window being broken. My dad said, “What the heck happened here?” Tiffany explained everything to them what happened. She went to go use the bathroom when I was getting cookies and milk and that’s when the guy broke the window, grabbed Tiffany and tied her up in my closet and took almost all my belongings.
Two years went by. Everything was going fine. It was my tenth birthday just a few days ago. My parent wanted to go out to dinner because they needed a break from me. Which I don’t blame them, I can be a pain sometimes. They had Tiffany come babysit me again. My parent left and we went to go get a snack from the kitchen. We heard a weird noise. It sounded like shattering glass like she heard before.
She told me to stay in the kitchen and she took a knife with her. She walked out of the kitchen and saw the guy. It was the same guy that broke in last time. He started shoving some antiques in a bag. Tiffany was being sneaky so he wouldn’t see her. She finally got behind him and stapes him in the back. Tiffany yells call 911. I grab the phone and call 911 and explain to them what was going on and they sent the police.
My mom and dad got home to the police in our driveway. They come running into the house. My mom said,” What happened?” Tiffany explain everything to them and my dad hugged her and said, “Thank you for keeping our daughter safe.” It was a very bad night with a very good ending.
Years past on, I’m now seventeen and it’s my first day of my senior year. When I graduate I want to become a writing and write about what happened in my life. I still hang out with Tiffany. She is a huge part of our family and she is very brave women. Well here I go walking into school starting my first day. Wish me luck!       

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this peice is that someone somwhere cares about you and will protect. Thats what TIffany did to Rachel becuase she loves and cares about her. 

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