Dirty Work

May 22, 2017
By , Canutillo, TX
“How many times do I have to tell you to turn down the bass in this car?!” Said Tamika while her head hung like it was about to drop down on the screen of her phone.  Sean waited to reply to his mom as if he was thinking how to answer without her saying he had an attitude. “Ma, this my car and the only thing you said you didn’t want in here was the smell of some perfume in the backseat.” “ I know I said that but that don’t mean you have to get an attitude at me. What is your problem boy, I’m your mother.” Said Tamika as she looked at Sean with that same confused/ don’t try me look that black parents give their kids.
As Sean drove to his mama’s house to drop her off he noticed that his mom kicked something under her seat. Sean realized what it was and he swiftly came up with a subject to knock his moms attention away from the object.  “Hey Ma, you want anything from the store. I’m about to pull up on it cause I have a couple things to get so if you want anything just tell me before I get out, ight?” Sean’s mom said “ Yeah I think I needed a lighter, some paper, and some popcorn while you’re at it. Oh yeah, and get me some febreze too, you know the soft linen one?” “Ma hold on, I know I told you to stop doin that stuff, you know that its killin you, you are way too old to be smoking anyway. What do you think your doing, huh? I’m not about to get you no febreze and no paper for your drugs.” Said Sean with an annoyed tone. “ I know son I know, im sorry and I promise I’ll stop, I’ll do it for Tommy, ok? Fine you don’t have to get the stuff for me just take me home.” Said Tamika.
When Sean got to his mama’s house, he started to worry about what his mother would do as soon as he left. He tried not to think about it, but the more he tried not to the worse it got. Sean decided to call his best friend Dot. Dot has been Sean’s best friend ever since their dads left them alone at a children’s home. Their mothers found them and took them straight home after they found out where they were. Dot’s real name is Tae’vion and he got his nick name because he has light freckles on his face.
“Aye Dot, can you come and stay with my moms for a little bit just to check on her, you know, make sure she don’t do nothing bad after I leave.” “Ight what time do you want me to be there?” “ Maybe around ten or sum like that.” “Ight cool, I got you, cuz, don’t worry about your moms, She’ll be aight.” “ I cant stop thinking about what happened the last time man, this stuff shes on isn’t good for her, she already has a  mass in her lungs and Doc said it could get worse if she don’t quit it.” “ I know I know, you gotta believe her when she say she gone stop, cause you know your moms don’t lie, she keep it a stack with you all day.” “ Ight man I hear you, im just worried, you know? Aye man imam catch you later I have to be at this thing at work tomorrow early in the morning.” “ Ight then, I’ll let you know whats good with your moms.” “ Ight. Duces!” “ Duces!”
As Sean pulled out of the drive way of his moms house, he picked up the gun under the seat that his mom kicked earlier, he checked to see if it was loaded. When he saw that everything was good he pressed on the gas of his car putting a mask over his face. He said to himself “Don’t mess this up. This dude not gone get away with what he did to us. Imma kill this dude, and then lets see what his family says after that.” He pulled up on a man and a woman who seemed to be his girlfriend because they were holding hands. “Aye blood!” said Sean as his arm extended out of the window with the gun in his hand. “ You wanna try and kill some family? Imma show you how I handle that.” Sean pulled the trigger and shot his father in the shoulder and the neck. He quickly drove off and turned the music up on his radio.
“Last night a man was shot to death while he was walking with his girlfriend down the street. The girl seemed to be fine but the man she was with was shot with two rounds. One to the shoulder, and one to the neck. The man was identified to be drug dealer Richard Hamond. If you have seen any other suspicious activity in this area please call the local authorities immediately.” “this is what he gets for trying to kill my moms.” The phone started to ring and Sean got up to go answer it, he herd on the caller ID that it was his mother on the other line. He braced himself for a rough conversation, but to his surprise it was the exact opposite. His mother was calm, her voice sounded like something was finally done right, but it wasn’t done the way she wanted it. “ Sean, I thank you so much for trying to help me out, but what you did wasn’t right and yoi know you’re going to have to pay the price for what you did. I hope your happy with this.” Sean’s mom hung up the phone and he went to go sit back down. He changed the channel to his Saturday cartoons to get his mind off of what happened last night.
Sean went to Dot’s house to calm himself down and relax while playing 2k. “Sean do you think that you did the right thing back there?” Dot said while he was still focused on beating Sean in the game. “Man, I don’t even feel nothing no more about him. This is my job, im a contract killer, I’m not supposed to feel anything about this at all. The Army trained me not to.” “ I know but this is bad, you could go to ja-“ “ Let me stop you right there cause that’s not gone happen, I get a pass for one time from jail because I save the Captain.” They continued to play 2k and joking at the same time.
The next couple of years was rough for Sean because he has to live with what he did that night he was in his feelings for his mom. Sean ended up living with his mom because his job didn’t want him anymore after they found out about the incident. His mother is doing much better knowing the fact that her son isn’t killing for a living anymore. And Sean is happy knowing that his mom isn’t smoking anymore. Sean realized that what he did wasn’t the right way for somebody to die, especially one of his own.

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