We Need A Ride

May 22, 2017
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“Alright so how are we gonna do this, man?” the guy next to me whispered.
“Well Guy, I think we should first look at the cars the dealership has then I retell you the plan.” I told him.
“What kinda car we looking for anyway?” Guy asked looking around the open parking lot while standing next to the giant sign that says Big Al’s Used Cars.
“Preferably something with power that can’t be easily caught. Then we have to drive a little way away to fill it up with gas.” I told him.
“Then we meet up with Murray and he disposes of the evidence, right?” Guy finished my thought.
“Precisely, my dear friend. That is exactly what we’ll do.” I reassured my long-time friend and business partner.
“I see a big ol’ truck down over there.” Guy said gesturing toward a decent looking F-150 in the middle of the lot.
I nodded and started to walk with Guy down the lot. I take a look around trying to predict witch road will lead us the fastest way out of the used car lot when I was interrupted by a short fat man walking toward us. The man was shorter than my 5 foot 5 inches had greasy long blonde hair and waddled when he walked.
“Is this a salesman?” I thought to myself “This makes stealing the truck a whole lot easier.”
I looked to Guy he towered over me being around 6 foot 7 inches himself had buzzed red hair and pale brown eyes. The most important feature is the fact that he can crush most people’s head like a walnut, he is also a tad smarter than the average person. I realized that the salesman might be intimidated by Guy. I met his eyes and he rolled his and started to lean against the truck.
I turned to the salesman and waited for him to catch up to us so he can make the car look the bat mobile. I opened my mouth to say hello when a strange voice I could not place cut me off.
“Hello Gentlemen and welcome to Big Al’s Used Car lot. My name is Sally and I’ll be assisting you boys.” The now deemed a woman sales representative said. “Yes Blondy, I am a lady.” She added seeing my confusion.
I know I come off as friendly but one of the many things I hate with a passion is condescending people. It always seems to happen to me because I have shaggy blonde hair and an acrobatic build that my baggy clothes effectively hides.
“I think I’ll enjoy killing you” My brain supplies. The only thing I say however is “Well hello there, my name is Williams.”
“Well Will I saw you boys heading towards the truck and brought the keys along with me so we can take a test drive.” She said without realizing my urge to kill her increased.
“Alright let’s take a test drive. Guy if you would do the honors.” I say aloud. Guy stands up and flexes his fingers.
Sally looked fearful. She should be afraid. Guy started to walk towards her and with one heavy hand knocked her lights out.
I took the keys from her soon the soon to be roadkill and unlocked the truck. I had a big sadistic smile as I climbed into the driver’s seat. Out of the corner of my eye I saw guy look at me so I shrugged sand started the truck. I took careful aim to make sure she ended up a tire track as we drove away from the crime scene.
“So what do you think Murray made for dinner William?” Guy asked as we left the lot.
“Ah, I hope he makes us sandwiches I’m in the mood for a cold cut.” I told him as I turned the giant green truck onto the interstate.

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