Tell No One

May 22, 2017
By Anonymous

It would be two years today, two years without her family. Two years without happiness. She had the picture perfect life. She lived in New York with her husband and her three year old daughter. She worked as a hair stylist and enjoyed making money doing something she loved. Indya now has nothing, nobody, not even herself. This all started on Tuesday November 12, 2015. She remembers it like it was yesterday. She was at her shop late one night and she knew she didn't have the energy to go home and cook plus everyone in her household would be sleep by that time.
All the places she would usually go to were closed and the only places open were fast food restaurants and the Golden Village which was a Chinese restaurant. She had not been there in forever because her ex boyfriend's family owned it and she just didn't feel comfortable going there anymore. She decided it had been long enough and she was over it now. As she walked in she saw new faces all smiling at her. Who were these people? She knew that Mike's family would never let strangers work there, it was strictly family.
"Hello, welcome to Golden Village how may I help you?" the lady behind the counter blurted.
"Um hello, I must have the wrong building," Indya said nervously.
"Oh no this building has new management, the last owner sold it a couple months ago," the women said.
Indya gave the women and strange look then went on with her order. Then she sat in the waiting area. There were little signs all over the walls. One sign caught her eye, it read. “All fortune cookies handmade and all fortunes are known to come true.” Indya was very superstitious and was afraid of basically everything. After about fifteen minutes of waiting her food it was finally done. The lady smiled at her then handed her the bag. As she was walking out the door, the lady called for her.
“Miss, don't forget your fortune cookie,” she said.
Indya walked back for her fortune cookie and proceeded to walk out the door. Her car wasn't too far from the restaurant and when as soon as she walked out the door she could feel the cold breeze hit her face. She rushed to her car and tried to avoid the traffic. There must’ve been a wreck or something because the streets were usually pretty good in this area, but not today. The traffic was backed up and it was going to take her way longer to get home than she expected. She was already so hungry and the smell of the food was filling her nose.
She decided to eat in the car since the traffic was barely moving. She reached into the back and dragged her food to her, but the bag tipped and her fortune cookie fell out. She picked up the cookie and unsealed it. The cookie had already crumbled a little in the packaging. She slid the fortune from under the crumbled cookie crumbs and read it aloud. “Your life is in danger.” You must leave the city, tell no one.” She gasped and re-read it over and over and over again. She screamed out loud, “Is this some kind of sick joke, where’s the cameras?” Shortly after, her phone got a notification from an unknown number. It read, “This is no joke, Indya.” When she tried to reply there was a message that popped up it said, “This number is no longer available please try again later.” She started to freak out and tears slowly began to fall down her face.
She kept driving but faster than before; the traffic slowly got better, and after about an hour later she was finally home. She closed the door behind her so quietly so nobody would hear and wake up. She packed up a few of her belongings and kissed both her husband and her daughter on the forehead before she left. That was it, that was the last time she saw them. She moved to New Jersey which wasn't too far from New York where she's from. She changed her name to Erica Wells  and got a whole new identity, a whole new life. She never got re-married or dated anyone else for that matter. She was so afraid to tell anyone what happened. A new number would text her everyday saying, “Tell no one.” She tried numerous times to change her number but she would still get the texts. It was driving her insane. But the thing is, she knew who was doing this to her. It was Mike. He had approached her many times in public telling her to keep quiet and then showing her pictures of her husband and child. He was always jealous of her new life, jealous that she didn't end up with him.
She was afraid if she told he would hurt them and that’s the last thing she wanted. But it had been two years and she missed her family, she missed her life. So she decided today was the day to finally go back. She arrived in New York for the first time in two years, she walked up to her door step and as she was about to walk into the door a lady who lived in the town house next her screamed.
“Indya, oh my gosh I can’t believe it where have you been.”
India didn't say a word, he just smiled and gave her a long hug. Tears started to run down her face.
“We can chat later I just really want to see Terry and Sydney .” she muffled.
She ran up to the door step and knocked on the door. She could faintly hear a little voice saying “daddy someone’s at the door.” Then footsteps could be heard approaching the door. He opened it and his eyes widened. She screamed and hugged him. Then Sydney yelled, “Mommy,” and wrapped her arms around their legs. Indya turned around and picked her up with the biggest smile. After they said their hello’s Indya told Brielle to go into her room while she talked to Terry. She explained to Terry everything that’s been going on and apologized for leaving so abruptly. Then he told her that she needed to call the police immediately. She thought about it for a moment then Terry’s stare gave her a sense of security. She dialed the number and before she could even say anything a familiar voiced whispered “Hello Indya, I warned you.”

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