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The Return

By , Lutz, FL

The whole team was on the practice field getting ready for the big game tomorrow. Ratt Myan was stretching out his arms on the sideline next to Scooter Daniels. Both of these men had attended HSARTU and played football all 4 years. Scooter currently has the record there  for most receptions in a season and Ratt Myan  hold the record for most incompletions. Scooter standing at 6 foot 6 inches had played for 3 different team throughout his NFL career. He got drafted to the Browns 1st overall pick of the draft then was traded to the Viking 2 years later. He stayed on the Viking for 4 more years and when bus contract expired the Falcons  picked him up for a 2 year contract. He walked over to Ratt asking him a question in a very serious tone

“You think we'll win tomorrow?” he asked Ratt stared at him for a moment and thought about his answer.

“I don't think we're gonna win or lose scooter, I'm 100 percent sure we are gonna win tomorrow.” Scooter smiled and walked away.

     The team added a new play into the book. It was a trick play that they would run on a 3rd and goal and it was an almost guaranteed touchdown every time. They line up with under center with the running back directly behind quarter back. They pitch the ball to the right side and the tight end who's lined up on the right side runs a five yard out into the back of the end zone. The running back has the choice to throw the ball to the tight end or keep it himself and run it in for a touchdown. This can also work on 2 point conversions.

    The NFC Championship was here Ratt Myan led the team out onto the field to get ready for the game. There were 7 minutes till kickoff.  The lions looked ready to play on the other side of the field. There best receiver who won MVP of the year looked like he was about to play the best game of his life. Ratt  ignored him and continued to keep talking to the team. He had done this every game since he became the starter, but today was different. He was talking to the team about effort.
“We gotta play at our best ability the whole game no matter how much it hurts.”

     The game started and the Falcons were receiving the ball. He ran the ball back to the 32 yard line which was a pretty start for a return. The first play was a quick slant to Scooter Daniels which gave them a 27 yard gain. The Falcons drove down the field and kicked an early field goal for a three to nothing lead. The defense did there job by holding them to a 4 and out. The end of the first-quarter came, the score 3-0.

     The defense was doing their job but the offense just need to pick it up. By the two minute warning the score was to 3 to 0 but the Falcons  have the ball on the opponents 25 yard line. They tried the quick slant again but the pass got broken up by the defender. One minute left to halftime and the Falcons are still on the 25 yard line. It’s third-down and if they don’t get a first down here they are going to be forced to go for it or kick a field goal. They tried the trick play and sure enough as usual they got the first. 24 seconds left and they have zero timeouts. They kick the field goal and it was 6 to 0 going into halftime.

     During the times show the head coach of the Falcons gave the team a talk.
“If we keep playin like this well will the game, but if we play like this in the super bowl it's game over.  We cant let a team like that beat us.  Were better that this.”

     Halftime is finally over and the Lions are receiving the ball. They quickly drove down the field and scored a touchdown taking the lead. Whatever the coach told the Falcons at halftime worked because on the kick off the kick return or return a kick for a 98 yard touchdown leaving the score of 14 to 7. The Falcons tried an onside kick but it didn't work. The Lions had great field possession going into this drive. The quarterback for the Lions threw a quick slantbut it was jumped by the defenseive back for a pic six now with a score of 21-7.

     The third-quarter was now over in the score was 24 to 7. The lions had the ball, and whatever they were doing with it worked. They scored within 3 plays and got the 2-point conversion. They kicked on onside kick and got the ball. Then threw a Hail Mary and caught the ball at the 3 yard line. They could not be stopped at the moment. They didn't score a touchdown but they did get a field goal. The score was now 24-18 the Falcons were still winning. The lions recovered a fumble and kicked a field goal 24-21.

     The Falcons had the ball with 5 minutes left. All they needed was a field goal to win there first super bowl ever. They ran a quick pitch to the left and The running back got 54 yards and they were now on the opponent side of the field. They ran the same play again but the running back fumbled and the lions recovered it! There were 4 minutes left in the game and they needed a touchdown to win. They got the ball to the one yard line and called a timeout with 9 seconds left. They had no timeouts remaining. This would be the final play of the game. The lions broke out of the huddle in an I formation. The quarterback took the snap from under center and pitched it right to the running back. He ran hard through two defenders and juked the third defender for the touchdown!
The Falcons had lost and blew there chance of ever making it to a Super Bowl! For the first time in NFL history a team blew a 24-7 lead going into the fourth quarter.

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