May 19, 2017
By macmacmacmac BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
macmacmacmac BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
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Jack grabbed his swiss army knife and began to slice open the old, wrinkled letter. Atop of the ratty letter was a disclaimer reading, “Warning, content found in this letter may be shocking and disturbing.” He was a little startled at what he just read, but nothing like that would spook him that easily. But he had no idea what was about to come. Jack couldn’t fathom what he was reading because all of the statements written were downright crazy. The letter seemed to contain predictions about the future. All of them that were written seemed to be true or have come true. There were a couple ridiculous examples that looked as if they would never be true, but the ones written were true and those seemed impossible as a pig flying to the moon. There were even predictions about himself. It said that he was going to be in trouble in the near future and to have to evacuate his house. Other examples included a bizarre businessman being elected to president and a rising terrorist threat. Jack decided to wait a few days and to see if anything else from the list would come true.

       Nothing had happened for a couple days, and he thinks, there is no way this is real, it must be a prank. While watching TV, an emergency warning pops up on the screen. He switches to the news station just to find you that one of the things on the list came true. All of a sudden, there's some people at the door. Jack unknowingly answers the door just to find a group waiting for him. They demand for the sheet with the predictions on it. Jack, confused,plays it off as if he doesn't even know about the sheet but they know better. They try and barge their way in but Jack shuts the door fast enough to keep them out. “We’re the Hunters! Remember the name!” This would start a battle between Jack and the Hunters. Whoever controls the letter, controls the future.

11:00 a.m. Jack is still in his house, worrying and wondering about what will happen next. “Will the Hunters come back? Will they have weapons?” he said aloud. “What will they do?” Starting to panic, three loud knocks were heard, coming from the front door. “Oh no, its them.” Jack sprinted as hard as he could to the back window, opened it up abruptly, and hopped out with the letter in his hand. The hunters, loaded with weapons, heard the loud thud of Jack, and moved towards the back. In the meantime, Jack was into the tight tree forest right in his backyard wearing a brown pair of pants and a green shirt. The Hunters caught a glimpse of him before he was too deep to be seen. The group chased after him, firing in all directions to hopefully hit Jack. He continued to run for a while, seemed like days to him. 12:30 p.m. Jack made a quick left to dodge the incoming fire, and luckily he did. Hiding under a pile of leaves, he thought it would be best to just hide. The Hunters realized he wasn’t running anymore, and slowed down. With every footstep, they became closer and closer to Jack until they were right over top of him. “Where is that kid?” one of the group members said as he was almost standing on Jack. In the distance, there was small, almost human sized, tree that had fallen over, with green leaves and moss all over it. The Hunters mistook this for Jack, and sprinted after him in the distance. Without making a sound, Jack got up, proceeded to bury the letter and deep as he could for as long as he could, and sprinted back to his new home, grabbed all of his belongings, and make a run for it. 4:00 p.m. The Hunters gave up on the forest hunt. They broke in to the house, just to find Jack nowhere. In the meantime, Jack was about an hour or two away from town. Jack would plan to eventually take all of his possesions back and leave no trace, so the Hunters could never find the letter or him again. People would continue to look, but the letter nor Jack would ever be found again by anyone who wanted it.

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