Sweet Summertime

May 18, 2017

One more day I thought to myself. 1 more day till the nights were longer. The sun was brighter. The tans were darker. The water gets warmer. Life gets better. 1 more day till summer. I was beyond excited. Not to mention in t- 3 hours i would be on my way to Miami with my 3 best friends.
           “This chemistry class couldn't go any slower,” I thought to myself. But as soon as the thought crossed my mind... the bell. Finally. I grab my backpack and my keys and I can already feel freedom coming over me. Everyone tosses their paper from the year into the air without a care in the world. It was summer which was only the best season of the year. I throw my hair into a bun, meet up with the girls and head to my house to grab our things. Jenny, Amber and Heather had all spent the night previously so they were already packed and ready. We all gathered our things, loaded up in the jeep my dad had rented us to take, and were ready for a summer in miami. I started the engine, handed Jenny the aux and she played her summer vibes playlist which  she created specifically for this trip. Nothing could have been more perfect.
The drive felt like forever. I knew it would take about 15 hours to get there but I felt like I had been driving for 50. Heather and I switched out and she planned to drive the rest of the way. I told her to make sure she payed attention to the GPS because we would for sure be lost if she missed a turn. About an hour later and we're all about ready for dinner so we get off on exit A where we see there should be a subway near by. But as we got off, there was only an option to go left, when the sign said subway was to the right. We went left thinking maybe someone had messed up the sign and maybe subway was relocated. We kept going and eventually went off road onto  a dirt road. A little uneasy we checked the gps again. Heather had gotten off on the wrong exit when subway was actually the next exit down. We reroute the gps and are about to get back on track when Amber sees a ferris wheel in the distance.

“Whats summer break without a few adventures?” she says. We all look at each other,

“Come on .. it would be cute pictures.”

I don't know.. It looks abandoned and I don't know how safe it would be” i exclaimed

Everyone looks at eachother and we all come to the conclusion that it's summer and a little adventure couldn't hurt. So without a thought Heather heads toward the ferris wheel. We finally get there and it seems to be closed down, but the gate is wide open. No trespassing beware signs to be seen. Im sure we were all thinking the same thing. Without a word we enter the abandoned amusement park. The car locks behind us and we're  inside. There were scapes of metal lying around. Old tires, pieces of rides, stuffed animals. Everything was dust and gross. There wasn't much here and frankly i'm not even sure why we were still there but the more I looked around that's when I realized the park wasn’t abandoned at all. It was inhabited. A whole world made of what our world had discarded,  creatures included. 

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