Hide n seek

May 18, 2017

It was very dark with only the streets lights to barely light up a tiny spot in the streets. Everyone else was on the street was sound asleep with their lights turned off and ready for the new day tomorrow. We on the other hand were ready to start the night by playing a big game of hide n seeks around the neighborhood. It was almost 11 o'clock and everyone was trying to figure out who would be seeking for about ten minutes until someone got unlucky and would be the one to count. We all ran off and scattered around the neighborhood finding anything we can hide in so we cannot be found. I ran to my alley that was super dark and hid behind a trash can half way up the alley. I instantly regret it as it stinks real bad and trash was all over the trash can. I waited for about 5 minutes until i heard something from the trash can next to me more up the alley. I looked and saw someone with their head poked out. I couldn't really see who it was because it was dark and I only saw a shadow.

I whispered for the person to come but I didn't hear a response. “Hey are you it” I said. I got up and ran out the alley into the street. I saw my friends walking and talking towards the alley. I ran back up the alley and I heard them shout there he goes. I climbed my backyard fence and went onto the garage where I hid for ten minutes and was about to give up and  stop playing until i heard them coming up the alley and i was the last one that didn't get tagged yet. I started to shout and tease them to end the game but as i did i hear one of them climbing up the garage roof. I ran to the steepest part and start to slide down to the edge. I reach out my foot to put in on my neighbor's fence to jump down back in the alley. The fence was too far away and tried to come back up and pull myself up but i slipped and one of the most painful thing happened to me.

I fell on the fence and landed into some branches and dead leaves and was lifeless and silent for ten second. Everybody stopped and laughed until they realized I wasn't moving. They all came up to me then all of a sudden I jumped out and ran down the alley shouting in pain and laughing at the same time. I started to search myself for any cuts. Then I started to ask everybody if they were in the alley behind a trash can. Nobody knew what I was talking about and nobody said anything. We stayed on the porch and were there for about 15 minutes when we saw an old lady walking up the street. She stopped and stood in front of us and waved high and continued on with her night and walked up the street. I'm starting to think that is what I saw.

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