May 17, 2017
By , Lincoln, NE

I could hear the planes whining in the distance.  My mom looked up in a panic and began rushing, gathering everything she could.  “Kids, we need to get under the stairs now.”  My sister Clara jumped up from the couch and sprinted to the stairs.  My head was rushing with thoughts.  Why were we being bombed?  Who was bombing us?  Will we survi--*Wailing of sirens* “Victoria get under the stairs now.” I quickly made my way underneath the stairs and crouched next to my sister.  My mom scurried over, and handed us both a fire blanket and a bottle of water.  The material felt rough on my skin, but strangely calming as well.  I clutched onto my water bottle, feeling the soft plastic form around my hand.  Clara ducked her head and began to sob.  My mother wrapped her arms around her, hugging her so tight her clothing began to wrinkle, and she started breathing heavy. 
“Mom, who is bombing us?”
“It’s the Americans.” Her hand slowly glided down my sisters back.
“Why do they want to hurt us Mom?”
“Well baby, they used to be our allies, that means friends, until about a year and a half ago.”
“What happened?”
“The President decided he didn’t like our country anymore, and now we are at war with him.”
“I’m scared Mom.”
Clara began to tremble and my mom pulled her close.  We waited for a couple hours until the sirens turned off.  We were safe from destruction this time.  Next time could have a result of a torn apart home, and a lost family.  Victoria was never okay with that possible outcome.  She often worried about it at school, or while she was at work.  Always living in fear that the present day, might be her last.  Her mom had the same fears, and often lost sleep over the fear of the war.  Clara worried all the time as well.  No family should have to live in fear. 

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