Deadly Star, Revenge Heart

May 17, 2017
By MauriAllen BRONZE, Dayton, Ohio
MauriAllen BRONZE, Dayton, Ohio
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Jealousy becomes rage, when rage becomes a passion. When a star is born it shines bright for many years, but soon as it begins to die that same star goes down viciously. See it began in a small town called Kandinsky located in the most rural area of Texas. Most people who were born here live and die here, and the population is two hundred max. One family though had put an end to all that, having only two kids which were twins, but with raging talent. They were both in the womb at the same time but Ron, the oldest was born a whole month early compared to his brother Rob. Coming out with a few birth defects, Ron had always been the center of attention in the family, while Rob seemed almost like an adopted child. That didn't stop either of them from going and pursuing their dreams.
         Rob was never as good as Ron in almost everything but that didn't stop him from working hard. As for Ron if things didn't go his way or he didn't get the best he would be furious, so much that he would do anything in his will to be on top. Even lie or fake things to get Rob in trouble. The parents never really noticed his behavior, though, his was always like this since birth. Both brothers knew what they wanted to do with their life and that was act, and their parents made sure they went through extreme hours of training to get them there.  They played in many plays and did a ton of roll playing at home; the house was a movie set.
       Things were going pretty great for Ron. He graduated college with a 3.5 grade point average . Married his high school sweetheart Cary, and they have twins on the way. He has played in five movies, three being Oscar-nominated and one winning a Oscar, and recently just played in a movie where he got paid thirty-four million dollars. On the other hand Rob is almost the complete opposite. Not really known in the cinema world, he has only been in two movies, and his longest scene was thirteen lines . He doesn't really have a lot of friends and works at a theme park when he is not auditioning as a theme park entertainer.
           The brothers had seen each other for ten years since graduation day of college. They only communicated on holidays and that's not even a phone call. But there was this huge audition for a new action-thriller movie. The audition and movie was held in Ron and Robs’ home state Texas, in a city thirty minutes out from where they were born. Since neither of them had been living in Texas they decided to just bunk at their parents until the process was over. Rob had gotten to the house first and it was like nothing changed.
The couches still sank in when you sat in them. The bedroom that he and Ron shared still had the posters and Christmas lights hanging as if they were still in high school. Their parents were so happy to see Rob.They really missed their baby boy. Ron had just pulled up,with his newly pregnant wife, when Rob went back to the room to unpack. It sounded like it was a concert. Their mom was yelling screaming “Ron” with cheer and Dad was taking pictures with tears in his eyes.  While this all happened Rob was on the stairs watching like a child sneaking a look at Christmas gifts.
             Ron began to go upstairs to unpack in the guest bedroom and he stopped and stared at Rob. Rob was awkwardly doing the same. The silence was rudely broken by Cary. She shouted to the brothers, “Well Speak !” and they  even hugged too. A couple hours went by and it was dinner time, and they had invited the whole family. Mom cooked the brothers’ favorite meal; meatballs and spaghetti with garlic toast. People were coming in and out all night, asking the same question why are y'all here? Both never answered but they knew why… exactly why.
           The next morning came and it was show time.  Rob and Ron raced to the studio where auditions were being held, just to have a little fun like the old days. When they got there it was packed, barely no room in the waiting area. The people there varied in age but there wasn't really any true experience but Ron and Rob. Rob was the first to go perform out of the two of them and he completely killed it. The directors and judges fell in love with him. When Ron went, he did a pretty good job, but he didn't really deliver as a good as his brother and the judges felt mediocre about him. 
A week passed and they found out who made cuts and who they would play. Rob won the main character role, a forty year old retired veteran who somehow get involved in drug trafficking.  Ron got the role of a sick friend who Rob´s character is driven to revenge his death. Rob was jumping with cheer when they called him and said that he won the main role. Ron was seemingly depressed, angry, confused all in one on how he didn't get that role.
That following evening was the first night of rehearsals where everyone could get the script and talk privately on how much they will be getting paid. While Ron was in the office room, Rob was turning the whole set and crew to his own little ¨talk show.¨ People were in love with how friendly and humorous he was. Rob even met a lady friend that went by the name of Kate.
No one really liked Ron and that just added onto the anger he already had. Somehow Ron found out Rob was making ninety-million dollars for his role, a whole eighty-two million more than he was, and  triple the amount he made for his best movie.
Ron became furious. He went day by day living with rage even being nasty and rude to his pregnant wife and elderly parents. Rob noticed his behavior and tried to stay away from Ron as much as possible. Then one night Rob had gone to talk to Cary as she was crying by her bedside.  Ron caught them talking and was heated, but he didn't say a word. That night he made a plan to kill everyone in the movie that made more money than him and nothing was going to stop him.
He woke up early in the morning and rushed to the studio. There he saw kate getting dressed by the locker room. He had came up behind her and suffocated her with a plastic bag, and hid her body in the empty janitor room. Next was a fourteen year old boy who he hit upside the head with a rock and dragged his body to the dumpster. While this was happening, Rob was pulling up in shock he waited there in the car. Ron knew he was there but wanted to kill him with his fist, so he went back in and waited. Scared, Rob called 911 and told them what he saw, but knowing more people could get hurt he rushed in the building. It was pitch black and Ron was lurking. Running out of a corner Ron attacked Rob blindsiding him leaving Rob defenseless. Ron pounding Rob`s face with his bare hands getting blood on his knuckles. It was becoming really brutal, Rob had finally pushed Ron off of him but he could barely stand nor see. Ron tried rushing at Rob again but somehow Rob was able to move out the way just in enough time.
The police had finally pulled up. You could see the red and blue lights shine through the windows. Ron ran through the back down of the studio. Somehow the boy that Ron hit upside the head was still alive and he had a gun he took off the police seat in the car. The boy and Ron stood there both motionless. Ron began to offer the boy money. The boy was beginning to feel convinced in what he was saying. Ron slowly moved towards the boy. The boy shaking a nervous told Ron to stop. Ron kept going and going the boy began to yell.
The boy had dropped the gun and Ron right there rushed towards it, he grabbed it in put one in the boy’s head. Not knowing Rob was behind him Rob said, “sorry, Brother.” And put one in his dome. Looking at his dead brother on the ground Rob just stumbled to the floor and began sobbing. The star had finally died, damaging and harming  almost everything in the way.

The author's comments:

The overall topic pf the story is very relatable to many people. As most have some type of experience with jealousy.

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