Angel in Fear. (book one)

June 1, 2017
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Chapter 1 who I am.
Hi my name is Ariel I was 12 when I died. Now I think i'm 37 I guess I kinda stopped counting at 20. I have brown hair and green eyes. I am 4’6 if you're wondering. I bet you wonder how I died? Well that's what I am trying to find out.

Chapter 2 the beginning.
Ive thought up all the possibilities of my death I didn't do drugs, I didn't want to kill myself, I died in the day I think but, I don't know. I don't remember pain but I think I do.
Its nice here i'm in heaven I watch over others. I wonder what life would be like if I was still there. I see my parents they left my room the way it was clean. Oddly my mom still washes my clothes I wonder if she knows i'm watching? Almost all of my friends have long forgotten me I don't mind though. They're all adults some of them have kids. My twin sister Megan still acts like i'm here.

Chapter 3 The man.
Yesterday I found a man. He was sitting at my grave. I found this odd I don't know him. Then I saw he had a picture of me and Megan my face was crossed with something that looked like blood my blood. Then I saw his sharp grey knife. Almost instantly it clicked I had been murdered but how?

Chapter 4 my plan.
I had a feeling in me that my sister was next but, why would he kill us he didn't even know us so I thought. On what my parents call my death day I heard mom say I should have payed him this wouldn't have happened she would still be here if I did. All that night I worked to try to figure out how I could save my sister. Hours and hours I thought I couldn't touch her or harm the guy. I gave up for a few hours to check on Murphy our dog that died 1 year before I did he is a good shaggy guy.
Then it hit me while Megan was in the shower I could write on the mirror. I can't pick up a pencil but, I can write on steam. It will scare her alot she might even think its fake but, I have to try.

Chapter 5 That night.
I wasn't hopeful but, I wasn't discouraged either. I was sitting on her windowsill. I heard soft jazz music playing it was my favorite music oddly  it wasn't her though hers was country. Just then Megan came in I froze I don't know why though i'm a spirit I can't be seen nor touched it just felt natural I guess. I left her to shower in peace until she was out of the shower. Twenty minutes later she was stepping out I started to write it's Ariel she jumped at the sight of the letters appearing just what I had guessed then oddly Megan said is that you Ariel. I wrote yes. Then Megan burst into tears and I continued to write. The message read you need to hide someone is coming for you and I explained the story. Megan just stood there and then said dan no dan it can't be then she told me about dan.

Chapter 6 why.
Megan started screaming no i'm not hiding anymore no more. She bolted towards the balcony running so fast she ran through me. I screamed even though I knew it would do nothing. Megan jumped she jumped  oh my god she jumped! I was down there beside her there was no blood just her lifeless body laying there. Then I felt something hit me and I knew what it was.

Chapter 7 Megan.
It was her but, I didn't care I just screamed at her. She looked happy I didn't know why. then I realized it was me all she wanted to see was me. I screamed at her more I said things like what did you do and why?! At the end of me screaming I was crying. She told me to call her Meg I said ok and we left and hung out all day. Oddly I didn't like it as much as I thought I would I guess I was in shock.

Chapter 8 Mom.
Megans funeral was the next day mom and dad was there mom looked like she wanted to cry but didn't dad did though. Later when dad was getting groceries mom went into the basement where dad refusees us and him to go into even as a spirit I didn't. Today I followed her me and Meg did mom opened two drawers and one had a picture of me with a knife across it and blood on it. The other drawer it was a picture of  Meg same situation but no blood. Then she took out a vile of blood and splattered it on the picture she looked happy doing it though Meg screamed and left I followed. I found Meg sitting on a rock on the creek that we loved as kids. She sat there with her head in her knees just crying. I sat next to her and tossed stones into the creek. Then she asked four things the first was. How can you hold the stones? I told her we were spirits and they were spirit stones that only we can see and touch. Then Meg asked what do we do now? I replied I don't know we can go see Murphy. Then she asked are we stuck like this? I replied no we can be reborn but then we lose our memory and each other.  The last one was hard. Meg asked how do we get mom?

Chapter 9 plan 2.
I tried to stay calm with Meg but it was hard she had mixed feelings about mom she wanted to get her but then she'd hate herself for even thinking about it. I wanted to get her but I wanted to make sure that Meg wanted the same thing. I told her if we get her she has a chance to be with us and find us. Meg didn't want that either  but she said mom has to pay for what she did to me. I told her I was ok about whatever she wanted to do and then she screamed at me. So you don't care you don't care about what she did to you you're ok with whatever. I replied i've been here for a while I start to not care after a while so will you.

Read more in my second book “Revenge Is Near.” 

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