The Unsent Letter

May 16, 2017
By Anonymous

So I owe you an explanation. I didn't mean to ruin your life and by sending you this I don't mean to ruin your life again I just owe you an explanation.

That Monday you called me and when you said what you said, I on was on facetime with my boyfriend first. Of course I had to end it to answer your call. When I called my boyfriend back he asked me who called me and why and I eventually had to give in and tell him what we did. He asked me all these questions about every single thing and I told him everything, how we went to the art festival and how you said you liked me the next day and how we text everyday. My boyfriend got really mad and he thinks we did something bad, but I keep telling him we didn't.

My boyfriend doesn't trust me anymore which is understandable, but he looked at you to blame and so that's why he brought it to social media. I was freaking out during all of this and trying to catch my breath and calm down. Now things have sorta settled, him and I are getting better and we still love each other. I owed you this though especially since you said I ruined your life and stuff.

When I say sorry, I mean it. I didn't mean to hurt you, I cared about you and I do want you to be very happy. I am not looking to be forgiven, but I felt I should let you know. I miss your friendship.

The author's comments:

This happened to my friend and I wanted to share it to show the dangers of keeping secrets from your significant other and consequences that come from keeping secrets.

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