Bad Habits

May 15, 2017

The silver handcuffs rubbed my skin raw, digging hard into my fragile wrists. An officer was flashing his light into my eye, nearly blinding me with the radiating glow. Red and blue lights surrounded the street, causing panic to engulf me. I’ve never been in trouble before. What did I get myself into?
Senior year is supposed to be the most amazing and fun year of our high school lives. For me though, senior year had been nothing but another year. I made a deal with myself when junior year ended that I would take risks, have fun, and do the unexpected during my final year in high school. I stuck to that deal for about 3 months, and then all my promises went down the drain.  Now, the officer was shoving me into the police cruiser, pushing down my head with force. The year started out amazingly. I was dating the most popular guy in the entire school. He created adventure in my life. I was going out every night, taking risks, and doing all the things I told myself I would. I was extremely happy with my life at that moment. Then Brad left. Before, I always had something fun to do on a lifeless night, but with time, the options for adventure dwindled. That part of my life faded away as my boyfriend at the time did too. He encouraged the partying and breaking the rules, and once he stopped knocking on the door, so did adventure. The officer was hanging onto the opened door trying to pry my parents phone number from my drunken lips.

Just a few hours ago I was happy to not be going to prom, but now, I would much rather have on a corsage than handcuffs. Prom was the thing everyone was talking about that weekend. Instead of finding a gorgeous dress, getting my nails done, and doing my hair, I sat on the couch and flipped the TV on.
I was surfing the never ending titles looking for entertainment when my phone began to buzz slightly on the glass counter. I was surprised to see Brad's picture staring back at me. I hadn’t spoken one word to Brad since he dumped me, and I had a lot of mixed feelings about this guy I used to love. I knew better than to answer his call. Letting him back into my life would only lead me down a dark path, and I knew that. The ringing continued. Curiosity crowded the air, and I lost all self control.
“Hey, what are you doing tonight? Got any prom plans?” He shouted through the line.
“ I’m not going. It’s not my thing. How about you?” I questioned.
“Prom is lame ya know. So I was hoping you’d come out with me tonight. I’ll make it fun I promise.”
My mind was screaming to just hang up the phone, but my heart was screaming go out with him! So, I listened to my heart. I agreed to meet up with Brad at midnight. Quickly, I began to get ready. I checked my appearance in my vanity mirror. My long blonde hair cascaded over my shoulders like a waterfall. I dabbed a hue of pink onto my lips, puckering them as I went. My skin was as white as china, not even the slightest imperfection could be seen. I smiled at the reflection I was seeing, I just hoped Brad would like the reflection as well. The moon emerged, lighting the sky with an iridescent glow. The breeze licked at my face, chilling me down to the bone. I climbed out of my window and quietly ran across the dew filled grass. Brad was waiting for me down the street in his red mustang. The engine purred beautifully, reminding me of all the good times I spent sitting on the warm leather seats next to the guy I truly loved.
“Hey cutie,” he said with a smirk as I climbed through the door.
“Hey, what are we gonna do tonight?” I asked as curiosity ate away at my brain.
“I’m taking you, the most beautiful girl, to the most beautiful place in town.”
We drove for about 30 minutes when we finally reached the destination. He brought me to an overlook surrounded by willow trees. The trees drooped over a narrow path leading to an opening. Rocks lined the dirt path resembling guards lining the path for royalty. The spot looked over the entire city. The lights illuminated the dark sky and the city had never looked so beautiful. The lights were like fire flies drifting through the night, and I was so happy to be experiencing this with Brad. Just then, he handed me a brown bag filled with a glass bottle.
“Take a sip,” he said as he tilted the top towards me. The smell wafted into my nostrils, making me cringe.
“Yuck,” I said, “What is that stuff?” I asked, obviously puzzled.
“It’s vodka you loser, take a sip.”
This is exactly the adventure I had been looking for. I snatched the bottle and took a huge swig. The liquid burned my throat as it slid down and made my stomach churn with warmth. I continued to take sips here and there, and Brad didn’t stop me. Eventually, I drank the entire bottle without as much as seeing Brad take one sip.
I had never been drunk before. The happiest feeling washed over me. I couldn’t stop smiling or giggling, even when nothing funny was said. Being drunk sure was fun, I was having the best time of my life. Everything in the world was just right at that moment; the way he looked at me, the way we laughed, everything. But eventually, my words came out slurred and jumbled, I started not making any sense, and I lost control.
Out of nowhere red and blue lights surrounded the mustang. The cops snuck up on us like a snake looking for prey. My vision was blurry and my speech was slurred. I looked to Brad for help, but he stared coldly ahead. The men in uniforms pulled us out of the car and began questioning us, but I couldn’t manage a simple reply. Just when I thought Brad would get us out of this mess, he threw me further into the spiral.
“She drank the alcohol officer. It was her idea to come out tonight. I haven’t had one sip. I told her it was a bad idea to be out past curfew too. Please don’t get me in trouble for someone else’s mistakes.” He said frantically.
The cops nodded, believing every lie from his mouth. My words were slurring as I tried to explain my side, “Officer,” I sighed, “I am not trunk I had a little drunk, that all.” The cop shook his head, approached me and said, “You’re coming with me.” He grabbed my shaking wrists and strapped them with the silver chain. Brad slowly pulled out of the parking lot, getting away with a clean slate. He left me yet again. I should be sitting at home watching T.V, but because I wanted to take risks, I’m sitting in the back of a cop car. This is not the adventure I was looking for.

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