May 17, 2017
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It was finally time for Jeff and his 2 friends, Jacob and Zach, to go camping. They had been planning this trip for months and they finally got around to doing it. They were gonna be up in the mountains for a weekend. When they got up to the mountains and found their camping spot they set up camp. A day goes by and now it's nighttime. Jeff wanted to go exploring when it got dark outside but Jacob and Zach told him that it wasn't a good idea. But Jeff didn't listen to them and went anyway. So Jeff grabbed a flashlight and headed out.

“I’ll be back soon guys” said Jeff.
“Don't get lost you idiot” said Jacob.
“Yeah and don't go too far man” said Zach.

“You guys worry too much, I’ll be fine” said Jeff. Jeff went out into the trees, into the darkness. “I don't know why those guys are so freaked out, it's just the woods.” He was walking pretty far away from the camp. He got to a more rocky area and saw an amazing view. “ Wow, it's beautiful. Those guys don't know what they're missing!” He was walking more towards the view and didn't notice that he was walking near a cliff. His foot slipped near the edge and he fell right next to the cliff. “Dammit!” He exclaimed. He stood back up and backed away from the cliff. “That was close. Wait, where is the flashlight?” He said. The flashlight fell off of the cliff. It was pitch black out there and Jeff had no idea where he was. He was way too far away from camp, he hasn't been to this area before.
Back at the camp Zach was getting a bit worried. “Do you think Jeff is okay?” Zach asked.

“Dude chill, he's fine. He’ll be back soon” Said Jacob.
“Well I hope that you're right.” Said Zach “Well if he isn't back within a half an hour we are gonna go look for him.”
“If he isn't back in a half an hour you can go looking for him.” Said Jacob. “I'm not gonna go looking for that idiot if he gets lost. Just relax man he's fine. Cmon, let’s make some smores until he gets back.”

“Okay but in a half an hour i'm gonna go looking.” Said Zach.
“Alright whatever man” Said Jacob
Back up at the cliff Jeff is trying to decide what to do. “Which way did I come from? I can't see anything.” Said Jeff. He blindly headed back into the woods, hoping that he could find his way back.
Zach is gonna leave to go look for Jeff. “Dude it's been a half an hour, I'm going to go look for Jeff.” Said Zach
“Alright man i'm not gonna stop you, have fun.” Said Jacob.
“I will you jerk, at least i'm being a good friend by looking for him!” Said Zach. “Please stay awake until I come bank” Jacob nodded and Zach left in the same direction as Jeff did.
Jeff had been walking for at least an hour. “Damn I really did get lost.” Said Jeff. He continued walking until he saw light in the distance. It was the campsite! Jeff approached the campsite. “See guys, told you that i'd be back.”
“Good job man.” Said Jacob.
“Wheres Zach?” Asked Jeff.
“That idiot left about 20 minutes ago looking for you” Said Jacob. “Well he’ll be back, what took you so long?”
“I dropped my flashlight off of a cliff.”
“How did you manage that? We aren't close to any cliffs, you must have gone pretty far.”
“Yeah man, i kinda slipped near the edge and my flashlight went over the cliff.”
“Dumbass, well whatever. You want a s'more?”
Zach was so busy looking for Jeff, he had no idea where he was. “I'm not gonna stop until i find you Jeff!” Zach exclaimed. He continued to look for Jeff.
It had been a hour since Zach left. “Well i'm gonna go to bed man.” Said Jacob.
“Alright i'm gonna wait for Zach to come back” Said Jeff.
“Okay cool, don't go looking for him, we don't need you getting lost again.”
“Whatever man.”

Zach is now completely lost and he was super tired. “I need to find a place to sleep, I have no idea where I am.” He said. “What is that?” He saw a flashlight at the bottom of a cliff. “This is Jeff's flashlight! Why is it at the bottom of this cliff? He must be close, I can't stop looking now!” He continued to look for another hour until he gave up and found a place to sleep for the night. “It's freezing out here.” He said shivering, trying to sleep under a big tree.

Morning came and Jacob woke up to see Jeff, passed out sitting in his chair. “HEY JEFF WAKE UP YOU IDIOT.” Jacob yelled.
“I'm up i'm up.” Jeff said in a very drowsy voice.
“I'm guessing that Zach never made it back”
“No he didn't, I passed out when the fire went out.”
“Well the fire was almost out when i went to bed.”
“I know. I'm gonna go take a piss.”
“You don't need to tell me every time Jeff.” Jeff walked to a rather large tree and started to do his business on a pile of leaves
“What the hell?!” Said the pile of leaves. Jeff jumped back and looked at the pile of leaves.
“Zach?” Said Jeff.
“Jeff?” Said Zach.
“Why are you sleeping over here? The tent is right over there.”
“What?” Zach looked over to where Jeff was pointing. There it was, the tent.
“Well I feel like a complete idiot” Said Zach”
“I don't know how i managed to do that.” Said Zach
“Well you can't really see anything out here during the nighttime and the fire was out.” Said Jeff.
“Yeah, well I gotta go clean this piss off of me, thanks Jeff.” Said Zach
“Sorry man, I'll go make you some breakfast for when you get cleaned up” Jeff said.

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