dreaded nine months

May 10, 2017
By ashley2001 BRONZE, Fairfield, Ohio
ashley2001 BRONZE, Fairfield, Ohio
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It was 6 years ago December 18, it was surprisingly very sunny, almost like a glowing light shining down from heaven. As I was looking out my window in my room, and the sun glistened over the pale white snow. “I thought to myself ooooh I’m going to have fun today!!” I ran downstairs and put on my snowsuit and boots and scurried outside. My mom had been making my lunch and was  calling me inside, “Ashley, get in here” I have been hearing this for the past 3 hours –even though it was only for like 15 minutes. My eardrums throbbing –almost about to explode- from her screaming so much. When I finally came inside I was really raving, I ran upstairs stomping my feet as loud as possible, rubbing my snow infested shoes everywhere. As I got to the top of the stairs I ran to my room and slammed it-probably the whole city had heard this slam. I start throwing everything off, one of my shoes almost fell out the window from how much I had been throwing everything around. I hurried and got into bed, I’m screaming into my pillow saying words that probably would get me grounded for 3 months. For a minute I stopped screaming and I heard my mom walking of the stairs toward my room, her footsteps almost identical to a pillow being dropped on a big pile of feathers I was actually surprised I heard it at all. She slowly came into my room and said, “ ba- by” but the last two letters of that word was said with a really quiet tone, but before she could even say anything else I just roared at her and said “why did you make me come inside?” she started off by saying that she had something very important to tell me. I looked at her and with my piercing ear melting voice i said “what” hoping it would be something spectacular, like we’re going to Disney world or something. She started off again with “ baby, we’re going to have another baby, as soon as she said that my heart started beating so hard like it would jump out my chest, i tried to say something but all that started to come out were squeaks like a bird who needs some attention.

I had the most puzzling look on my face after she said that. At first my initial reaction was “oh my god what does that mean?!” my mom explained it to me, everything she would say to me I would just look at her nodding my head like a woodpecker. After about 15 minutes of her talking to me she left. I just sat there with these spine chilling thoughts. All these thoughts that were traveling through my head were like, “why would she want a new baby when I was the baby still. “did she not love me anymore?” after a while of making assumptions, I finally had the courage to walk downstairs and demand to know why she needed a another one of me? But when I asked her she looked at me the same way as when she told me – a little star struck it seemed. She probably thought I was being incredibly selfish. But little did she know if she was thinking that she’s so right.
About 3 to 6 months later, my mom suddenly began to start developing this “thing” inside her stomach.  She began to get angry and easily triggered about pretty much everything. I didn’t like that “thing” in my mom’s stomach at all, when I wanted to do something or even ask her for something I would get the same continuous answer “no”. That little monster in my stomach was ruining her life and mine. It was about June when my brother suddenly came up to my mom too and said, “was this baby really coming?” I quietly walked down the stairs and tried to get a glimpse of what was happening, and my mother looked at him and held his hand and said “yes of course honey”.  As soon as she said that my heart felt like it had been broken into a little pieces with a baseball bat that was this baby. A tear started rolling down my cheek and the sudden thought came to my mind that was “why is this happening to me?!” I ran up the stairs so fast I felt like a track runner at the start of the race. My brother must have heard me and ran into my room. He told me “it would be okay, we would never get replaced she loves us all equally.” He said it in the most reserved tone of voice ever. “but maybe she didn’t all that much” I told him. I was trying my absolute best to believe him, but I didn’t think she liked me all that much because of how much of a brat I was being –like when I keep asking her to give this baby away.
Days turned to weeks then to months, my mom was so close to being in labor. It was on August 20th when my mom suddenly screamed out--her scream had ear screeching ring to it. I jumped up out of my bed thinking that someone had died.  I peeked out my doorway and saw my brother peeking out of his doorway as well. We both looked at each other for a good five minutes and he whispered to me “did you hear that”? I looked at him and nodded my head yes. We both slowly walked out and ran down the stairs and saw her bent over a puddle. Then she screamed out for my dad who rushed down the stairs. She told him what happened, my brother and I just looked at each other stunned, we thought she spilled something on the ground. But the next thing I knew they were on there way to the hospital. They had called my grandma to come take care of us while they were gone. When my grandma came I quickly ran over to her and asked her why my mom and dad left. She told me everything, “was this the moment I had dreaded for nine long weary months.”  A couple of hours later my grandma received a phone call and the next thing I know we’re in the car on our way to see the new baby.
When we were almost at the hospital, I couldn’t help all the things that were going through my head. “ is this baby going to take my place”?  There was a sudden relief though because the baby couldn’t hurt my mom anymore. We had finally got there around 8:00p.m., and I sat there waiting for the nurse to come and tell us that this thing is out.  The nurse came out of the room where my mom was being held and said to us “you can come in now” I got up so slowly and my body just froze and I began dragging my feet.  I slowly walked over there and I suddenly saw her head pop out and her little hands and toes and instantly fell in love. My mom had said , “meet your new baby sister,” her name is Samantha, my mouth dropped.

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