The Tragic Day of My Life

May 10, 2017
By sk8rqueen BRONZE, Nashville, Tennessee
sk8rqueen BRONZE, Nashville, Tennessee
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            I was in the garden just behind my house, walking along the stone steps when it happened. I'm a 17 year old girl. This shouldn't be happening to me.
            I woke up this morning hoping for a relaxing day. I could hear my mom shuffling around somewhere in the house, but other than that the house was dead silent. My little sister, Uniqua wasn't awake yet. The sun was streaming into my room, and through the curtains. I wasn't used to waking up after the sun came up. By the looks of my room, it was a sunny day outside. Good, maybe I can go out to the garden and stay outside for a while I thought. I headed to the kitchen downstairs and grabbed some yogurt and a banana. I peeled open the banana and took a bite. The next thing I knew, there was a small blonde ball of hair hanging out of my mouth. Screeching, I ran to the bathroom and spit out the mush in my mouth. What a wonderful way to start off the morning.
            Back in the kitchen, I took a spoon and started eating the toasted coconut vanilla flavored yogurt. This brand of yogurt had a strong taste in the coconut, but today, something was odd about the flavor that I couldn't put my finger on. There was a sour taste to this coconut vanilla yogurt. I don't know if it was expired or if a drop of lemon got mixed in during the process of making it. It didn't look any different from the outside, nor did it smell different. In my opinion, the yogurt was still good, but my preferences in yogurt has complete changed now.
            After finishing the unsatisfying breakfast, I headed to the laundry room to get the clothes I had left in there the previous night. As I was folding my clothes into the basket, I noticed something strange about them. My shirt was now the size of a 10 year old. My pants were shrunken down to the size of a little girl with legs as long as her whole body. My socks were so small that a newborn baby would be crying because of how tight they fit. This upset me so much because nearly all of my favorite clothes were ruined. Looks like my whole wardrobe has to change. At least I have an excuse to go shopping again.
            Following this unfortunate start of the day, I was running outside to the garden with an apple in my hand when all of a sudden, I was flung back onto the floor, and unfortunately, the side of my waist hit the corner of the steps. This was one of those painful moments where it hurts more than you would think. I thought someone had stabbed me with a knife in that area. I looked down to make sure my apple wasn't bruised too bad. It's all good. No bruises. No nothing. Crawling over to the door, I reached my hand out the door, but I was greeted with a stretchy feeling thing. There was Saran Wrap around the door. That little brat, Uniqua played a prank on me again. Now, this wasn't the first time this had happened to me. A couple weeks ago she put Vaseline all around my door handle. I couldn't leave my room until someone opened the door from the outside. Clawing at the wrap like a cat, I finally managed to walk outside the door.
            Our garden has brick steps leading up a small pond with a waterfall on top. A birdhouse that I made when I was younger rests on a brown fence post next to the pond. When we first got added the pond, we weren't sure if we wanted fish or not, but after a long long time of begging, Uniqua and I were able to add in the fishes. Over time, lily pads were added into the pond too. As a promise to our mom, Uniqua and I take turns taking care of the fish and water inside, so the fishes live, and the water stays clean. Along the sidewalks we grow different kinds of flowers like roses, tulips, lilacs, magnolias, carnations, etc. My mom likes to picture it as a colorful scene from a painting of a flower meadow. The red, pink, purple, and white makes our garden look like someone took a rainbow and smeared it everywhere. Personally, I quite like this garden in our backyard. I think it makes our house unique and special from the others. Known for our specialty in flowers, neighbors around the street ask for some as gifts to others occasionally. A plain white picket fence that goes around the outline of the garden. It may not seem this way, but the tiny points on top actually hurt. I was once pushed into them and was left with scratches on my arm. A swing bench lives underneath a willow tree. I like to take naps on it after school sometimes because the leaves provide shade, and I think it looks like a canopy bed.
            With a half-eaten apple in my hand, I was getting ready to take a nap outside on the bench when I stepped on a ball, tripped and fell. I didn't fall to the ground; I fell into the pond. The fish around me scattered away from where I landed. Since I was soaking wet now, I made the obvious decision to head back inside to change. That poor apple in my hand was on the other side of the pond now. No chance in finishing that now I thought. Stepping out of the pond, I slowly made my way back to the house leaving a trail of wet footprints behind. Just when I thought things couldn't go any worse, I tripped over a loose brick on the steps. Hitting my knee on the next step, I found myself rolling over into the colorful rows of flowers. Sticking to my clothes, the dirt covered me from head to toe. Without looking down, I knew that the flowers were damaged. Sorry, Mom. Silently, I laid down on my back squeezing my eyes shut. Taking a deep breath, I opened my eyes only to find myself staring up at the sky. An airplane came streaking across the sky leaving a thin white trail. It reminded me of a commercial airplane that was often backwards and unreadable. Sighing, I said out loud, “This day could only get better.”
             After I took a shower to rub off all the dirt, I headed back to the swing bench. I managed to walk the whole way without any mishaps happening. Looking back to what I had said earlier, maybe this day will truly get better.
Sitting on the swing with my snacks, I swung my feet on to the space next to me. Laying down on the bench, I began my well-deserved nap. I was deep in sleep for a good several hours when I woke up to something feathery sticking up my nose. I opened my eyes to find Uniqua sticking a long piece of grass around my nose. I bolted up swatting her hand away, groaning, “Leave. Me. Alone.”
Giggling, she skipped away, as if annoying me is the happiest thing she’s ever done. Going back to sleep was no use now, so I decided to take a walk around the garden. Maybe I could ponder about the meaning of life. I actually did, but I wasn't able to get far because my life flashed in front of my eyes. A tennis ball came whizzing past my face. It was so close to me that I could feel the wind in front of me. Wow I almost died, I thought. All of a sudden another tennis ball came towards my face. This time it actually hit me.
At first I thought it was kind of funny, but my vision started getting spotty. Seeing black spots, turned into seeing nothing. It's so dark, did someone shoot down the sun or something? It was similar to when someone stands up too fast and gets a head rush. Next thing I knew, I was on the ground sitting like a mermaid. My head hung low; my feet swung to the side, and my arms and hands supporting my body weight. From the outside it looked like someone had shoved me really hard to the ground. I was not expecting this from getting hit with a ball. The ball must've been going really fast. I sat on the ground for approximately one minute, but it felt longer than that. As my vision started to clear up, I slowly gathered myself together. Deciding not to take the risk of getting ambushed with flying balls, I crawled back inside, still not fully recovered from the little incident.
Taking some applesauce out of the fridge, I sat down at the kitchen table. This has been such a long and eventful day, I thought. Peeking behind the kitchen curtains, I saw the sun going down now showing off a beautiful sky of colors. I thought, If the sun is going to bed, I should go to bed.

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