The Day I Met Wren

May 9, 2017

I was a girl who had her entire future planned out. I knew which college I would attend, what car I would own, what my house would look like, and what type of dog I would own! I felt at ease if I knew what my plans are, for anything really. Little did I know that something in the near future would happen that I never planned for.
I woke up to the sound of my blaring alarm clock. I reluctantly rolled out of my bed and checked my phone. It was September 12th, a week before my birthday and two weeks after school started. It was just like any other day: I dragged myself to school and sat for hours learning pointless information. However, I walked into my English class to find an unfamiliar girl sitting next to my seat.
I introduced myself and I don’t know why but something just clicked. Her name was Wren Campbell. We seemed like exact opposites but I knew that we would be good friends from the start. We hung out later that day at my house and lounged. We talked for hours and ate countless bags of hot Cheetos. After a while, we got tired of eating MSG in a bag. We thought of things to do, but none of them stood out. Then, Wren spoke up,
“Hey, I got an idea! Let’s go to the Pier!! You’re only a block away right?”
I loved it! I brought out a pad of paper and started to plan our adventure to the pier. Wren smacked the paper out of my hands and exclaimed,
“Are you serious?! Are you planning this? Let’s just be spontaneous okay? Live in the moment!”
I reluctantly put away my plans. My frown turned into a grin.
    “Alright, lead the way!”, I said with excitement.

    We stepped on the boardwalk and our jaws dropped. Our eyes drifted up to the massive roller coaster. Wren’s face lit up as she spoke,
    “We have to ride that!”
I shivered in fear and shook my head frantically.
    “NOPE. NO WAY. I am not riding that! I would rather sit through one of Mrs. William’s boring lectures than getting on that moving death wish!!”
Wren rolled her eyes and grabbed my wrist. She pulled me all the way to the roller coaster line. That girl definitely had strength! I looked up at the sign that read in big tacky? letters:
I felt sick just at the sight of it! Unfortunately, Wren was very persuasive.

Eventually, we reached the front of the line. The group before us loaded into the car that resembled a chariot. They? were launched at high speed as you heard their screams of excitement trail off. I looked at Wren with a face of terror. She smiled reassuringly and gave me a tight hug.
“It'll be alright, just take deep breaths okay? Trust me, it seems a lot scarier than it actually is!”
I boarded the chariot with shaky legs and a pale face. I sat down quickly, fastened my seatbelt, and gripped the handlebar with all my strength. I heard three beeps and soon enough we were flung into the air. I screamed till my throat was raw! We raced down tight turns and massive drops. My heart was racing but it wasn't from fear, it was pure adrenaline. I looked over to see Wren and her goofy face. This was a moment I would remember forever.
That night we rode The Hercules six times, each time just as exciting as the last. I realized that sometimes the best adventures are the ones you never planned? getting.

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