Sunday Dinners

May 9, 2017

Sunday dinners vary from anywhere to 4 to 15 people and it is a mixture of family, friends, and neighbors. Sunday dinners always ends a long stressful week with good food, laughing, and just having a good time together. A few Sunday’s ago, I got home from a horrible soccer practice and I just wanted to shower, eat, and go to bed. As I approached the driveway with my car, I came to a halting stop. Not being able to pull into my driveway because there were multiple unfamiliar cars, triggered my impatient mood. Annoyed, I put the car in reverse, and down the driveway I went to find a spot on the street. Walking from down the block, I could hear the commotion from my house, and that is when I remembered that it was another Sunday dinner. Preparing myself for the small talk I would have to endure, I walked into my backyard to have my nostrils be filled up with this whiff of something cooking on the charcoal grill. My mouth instantly watered and I knew exactly what my Dad was making. It was at that moment my mood instantly changed and I became so ready to mingle on that Sunday night. As I walked into the door of the back of my house, I saw the sauce sitting right on the counter, it has the same texture and color of barbecue sauce but it is my Dad’s “special sauce”.  I could not wait to chow down on my Dad’s best meal and the meal was ribs. That Sunday consisted of not a lot of talking, just a lot of eating at dinner. Looking back at that day, my Dad’s cooking is just that good that it transformed by mood in a matter of seconds. I wish I could go back and just re-experience that night because of good it was.

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