Bloody Boot

May 12, 2017
By JJmccabe BRONZE, Lenexa, Kansas
JJmccabe BRONZE, Lenexa, Kansas
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Noel wasn’t very popular, in fact nobody really liked him. Nobody really even talked to him. All he did was read books, and he always had his work done before the due date and perfect with extra credit additions. Everyone ignored him even though he really was a nice guy, one of his past friends who moved could agree with that. Everybody ignored him ever since his friend moved, who was very popular. Yet, he had to go to school every day and suffer. He suffered days and nights of people ignoring him. Until he comes up with one big decision which was ruined by one awful event………

He sat on the rustic and old bench in the courtyard, staring at his book, titled: “The lonely days.”  he sat for eternity just staring at his book, not even reading it., but eventually got uninterested and tried to find something to do. He sat and looked around for something to do, then he saw Bill who was not normally nice, so he looked somewhere else, “Johnny” he thought, “he was nice to me yesterday.” He went up to Johnny, a role-model for him, and asked if he could play with him.

“No Noel, I don’t play with nose-picking nerds that read books all day.” Johnny shoved him away. Noel then ran and sat on the bench once more, he started to shed tears, he told himself that he was done.. Then he got up and told himself confidently that he wouldn’t to go to school anymore. He would leave the very few friends, meaning none, he had and stay home for the rest of his dreadful days.

After school Johnny started pushing Noel around yelling out to the whole school “Noel is a nose-picking nerd!” The principal had to stop him and then he walked with Noel to his bus.

On the bus ride home, a familiar voice had shouted his name, it was Johnny. He looked back and was right about to say “yes” when a pencil came flying at his face along with other sharp objects. A terrible whine came from Noel the he fell back into his seat. The whole bus started laughing, even though they had no idea what happened to Noel. “Hey Noel? How was that, hehehe!”

Blood dripped on the busses bumpy and ridged floor, racing through the tracks slowly to Johnny's big boot. Johnny looked down and started to shiver. The bus halted and screams were viciously thrown into the air, deafening the bus drivers ears. Nobody cared about Noel who was screaming in pain, which was usual. The ignoring, the laughing, the bullying, it was all normal to Noel, but he was dying. The bus driver immediately yelled and pushed everyone out of the way. He saw the drops of blood on the seat, and the pool on the floor, he almost fainted but managed to  grab the phone and call an ambulance to their location, He hung up then he stared and felt so bad for the boy, and he wished he never even went to school.

Noel sat listening for the sirens, hoping they would come sooner. Longer and longer the weaker he became, until he only saw black. Everyone panicked and crossed their fingers that they would be there shortly, which their dreams came true.

Noel was lying on a surgical bed when he awoke, and the pencil still in his large and round forehead. He stared up into the window, he smiled when he saw his parents, his brother, his sister, then he glared at Johnny, who was looking sorrowfully at his bloody boot. The blood was now dry and stained the boot. The parents started to cry and then Noel wondered. Then he saw a glimpse of his brain scan, when he saw he knew it was over. There was no way of getting the pencil out. Johnny then began to cry as he took off his boot. He put it down near the windows view and walked out of the room. Noel looked at the brownish-red stain on the tip of the boot. Noel began to infuriate, and seconds after, his arms were free and he grabbed the pencil and ripped it out.

The parents gasped and started to call for help.
Noel heard the beeps from the heart monitor.
They started to drop.
Then they were gone

Doctors rushed in and the parents started to scream and bash against the window. The started to open up the wound and find out what the problem was. Johnny was just walking out of the hospital. The parents started to run after him. Johnny noticed and ran. He got in a car and drove away. Noel was no longer alive, but his spirit was still lonely, and looking for a friend. He watched Johnny’s car drive away, and he saw the police carrying his parents back into the hospital. He saw it all. At least he didn’t have to live with anybody ignoring him anymore, he just had to deal with nobody to befriend.

The author's comments:

This peice was from a journal entry we did in school about how people can't stand being ignored.

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