The Hammer

May 12, 2017
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The Hammer
It was already dark, but the lights from the booths and rides kept the scene and people bustling and chatting. Xena would always sandwich herself between Me and Chris. But just as the head of The Hammer swung by the ground, the people inside screamed and yelled. The Hammer was the biggest ride in the whole fair, the head of the hammer was basically a cart that would carry you and then The Hammer would spin three-hundred-sixty degrees in the speed of fear. Me and Chris were obviously scared but neither one of us wanted to be the one to miss their opportunity to sit next to Xena. We competed for her affection constantly. But never talked about it.
A group of four slightly older teenagers starting talking loud enough for me to hear. The shortest one said
“Make sure to out all of your stuff deep inside your pockets”
“Yeah, my cousin broke his phone when the hammer did the upside down thing”
Upside down thing? Crap, I’m not ready! I haven’t ever been on a ferris wheel!
We were already half way through the line. I've rubbed too many sweaty shoulders to step out out of line, now.
“Can one of you guys hold my stuff while we ride?” Xena asked us. Then she threw us that kitten smile. Then the Head of the hammer roared right past us with, the creaks yelling in my ear drums. But I guess they yelled at Chris a bit harder because he stepped out of line.
“Sorry I’ve been holding it in the whole time and I’m about to piss my pants,” he said with five paces back. But he stared at me with surrender the whole time.
We just stared at chris leaving. I won.
“I’ll take your stuff” Trying to charmingly smile as smooth as I could.
“Thanks”, she said with that smile again. Damn that’s a good smile. But again The Hammer roared for my attention. And I think I flinched that time. Because Xena asked,
“You alright?”
“Yeah, it’s just that my ears feel a bit sensitive” why am I lying? Where already at the front of the line. I can’t back out.
“Well I’m sorry” she said to me
“Because, I scream on these things” and threw a sly smirk.
I chuckled.
I can ride this thing. And immediately as I whispered that into my head, the little gate door opened. And the previous riders stumbled out with wide grins.
I snapped myself back.
“Don’t worry, I definitely won’t mind”, I said as I handed the ticket guy two of the cheap tear off tickets.
Then Xena didn’t even wait for instruction. She just jumped on and I followed. You know how people say time slows down, when you're scared? It didn't slow down. It got fast. Felt like a car crash. Just suddenly jolted and. We were swinging in the air. I'm not saying how loud I was yelling but I was yelling. Loud .
Xena was what I call scream laughing.
“THIS IS AMAZING!?” She yelled in my ear laughing the vowels of amazing.
“I´M GONNA DIE!! I THINK YOU’RE AWESOME AND I LIKE YOU!” I yelled within a second but I'm pretty sure she heard every word. Because the ride stopped with us hanging upside down in mid air for about two skyward silent seconds. Then we went through the whole ride. Scary but awkward. At the end of the ride she just said she didn't feel the same way.
Me and chris still talk.

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