May 9, 2017
By judogem11 SILVER, Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania
judogem11 SILVER, Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania
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"Be Brave."

I made my way across the ground, my bare feet touching the warm asphalt. It’s the midst of May, and is just cool enough that I wear a light jacket. It’s days like this in which I fall in love with, I open my window and sit beside it for hours on end. Watching children play, and birds chirp. I smile down at my phone as it buzzes in my hand.

“Be there in 5 bug. -Nash.” It reads, I can’t help but smile. ‘Bug’ was the name he gave me. Meaning I was his ‘Love bug.’ Yes it’s completely cliche but it’s worth it.

“Well, well, well. Look who we have here.” His voice is deep and raspy, like a sixty year old male smoker; except the moment I look up… I see a male, around twenty, buff and quite large. He stands in front of me arms crossed amongst his chest.

“What do you want Woodman.” I use his last name in an almost threatening manner.

“You, b****. But it seems I can’t have it.” I can’t help but back down a slight bit, I hate that. I hate it, I can’t stop it. I feel so vulnerable by his words, like a knife slashing at me.

“Ah. So you do back down.” He says stepping forward. I straighten my back and stare him down, his cold eyes pierce into mine. Trying to take secrets that aren’t rightfully his.

“I never back down.” I say harshly. He smiles, backing me up towards a wall, trying to corner me; and to be honest it’s working.

“Screw off!” I scream, pieces of broken glass most likely from beer bottles, cut my feet. The pain is definitely demanding to be felt but I have more important things to tend to. Softly he reaches his hand out, his icy fingers touching my cheek reaching through my hair and finding a firm grasp for his hand between my neck and ear. I shake with fear, knowing I am prey now. I have a window of opportunity though, I try to punch him; and although he’s taken back he smiles yanking down on my hair.

“Not so tough now.” He smirks, and grabs my wrists forcefully pinning them against the wall.

“Not so smart are you.” I smirk, and spit on him, grabbing the back of his neck and full heartedly ramming him into the wall head first. I try to run but he grabs my waist and pulls my neck down into a side nelson. I don’t hesitate anymore, in one quick motion I elbow him in the solar plexus and squat behind him. He falls back, tripping over my knee and hits the ground, near a broken glass bottle. I try to scramble to my feet but he slashes my calf with it and jumps on top of me, pinching me by the neck. I’m not sure why but he picks me up by my throat, piercing it and slams me into the wall. My head hits and immediately I feel dazed. I claw at his hand trying to release the grip then remember my legs are completely free. I bring both legs, now covered in dirt and asphalt up and kick his stomach. It knocks the wind out of him and he stumbles backward dropping me. I can’t stand at this point I throb and hurt, if he wants me; he got me. He stumbles to his feet, carefully pulling a serrated metal object from his pocket.

“For being such a b**** to me this is what you get.” He grunts and swings the blade at me. The pain swallows me, he slashes my shoulders as I yelp in pain.

“Stop.” I scream. But despite my wishes, he won’t. I have been beat by him.

“Are you going to listen to me?” He asks, a devilish grin across his face.

“Jackass.” I yelp, still trying to deal with the inflicted pain.

“That’s what I thought.” He raises the blade one last time and I struggle with every ounce of me to get away, But I just can’t. And so crashing down comes the dagger one last time but right before it touches me..

Something odd happens. A force pulls the blade out of his hands, and knocks him to the ground. A silhouette of a man jumps on him blade in hand.

“What did I say?” His voice asks harshly.

“I forget.” Woodman squeaks, his throat clung to.

“Then let me refresh your memory.” He says with a shallow response.

“I said if you touch her, I’ll kill you.” His eyes flash back to mine.

“And by the looks of it… I should.” He smiles, slowly pressing the blade to his cheek, cutting into the skin.
“Don’t kill him.” I yell. “Two wrongs won’t make a right.”

“Let me go and i’ll leave you alone.” He screams. I won’t lie it feels good but, I don’t want him to feel what I did.

“Don’t come back.” Nash growls, and kicks the knife to me before releasing him. Woodman scrambles to his feet and backs away slowly. Gaining confidence with each step away from us.

“You slut, you think you won? Ha.” He laughs. “I’ll never see you the same way.” He says a hint of lust in his tone. I can’t help it, I want to live without fear so I start towards him; gripping the blade with a death grip. Nash grabs my waist firmly.

“No. I can live with the blood Nic, you can’t and we both know that.” I nod and look towards Woodman yet again.

“Say that again.” I yell.

“You Slut, You didn’t win. You… Are.. Only..” His speech slurs, and his voice drops. Nash tenses behind me and I don’t have to look back to realize he’s staring him down.

“I’ll never see you the same way.” He manages to spit.

“Speak that way again, and I can ensure you won’t see me the same way. Because you won’t see.” Something clicks inside of me; his hatred fuels me, so my hatred must help him. And I do the most troubling thing… Something the most inexperienced fighters don’t learn until later on. I don’t fight. I drop the knife, and kick it behind me.

“Go. Now.” I say. I can hear Nash’s breath heavily from behind me, inhale and exhale. It can be intimidating as well. Nash isn’t the largest guy but definitely isn’t someone to look down on. Woodman doesn’t move.
“Nash?” I ask.

“Yes Scar?” He responds.

“How much do you like that blade?” I smile, eyes locked with Woodmans.

“I love it, nice handle, great detailing; fine blade... “ He pauses.

“It’s just missing a bit of color.” A devious grin crosses his face.

“So Woodman, all three of us can walk away. Or two of us, from the same team. And i’d take this offer because i’m giving you a chance you never gave me.” That’s all it takes, he sprints. Running into the woods, away, hopefully far away. But in my heart I know anywhere in this universe isn’t far enough.

The author's comments:

This is a fight scene for one of my books. 

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