A Tale Telling Sky

May 8, 2017
By MadisonEasterling BRONZE, Clanton , Alabama
MadisonEasterling BRONZE, Clanton , Alabama
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It was a warm sunny day. The sky was a bright shade of blue, and the air was filled with an aroma of flowers. Papa had been working in the garden all afternoon. While, grandma baked sugar cookies and made fresh tea. “Grandma when can we go outside with Papa?” Sophie asked. “Once the sky starts to speak we will go.” Grandma smiles. “Silly goose! The sky can’t speak.” Sophie says giggling. “Oh my dear, it tells a million tales; of singing princesses and hopping bunnies.” Grandma responds, as she sets down three small plates and cups from the cabinet. “Oo! I love princesses!” Sophie smiles picking up her new princess doll off of the floor, spinning her around in a whirl. “I know my dear. Come, help me set out the cookies for you, your Papa, and I. I will pour the tea, so you don’t drop any on princess Lucy.” Grandma states. “Yes ma’am.” Sophie says setting out three cookies and decorating them in bright pink sprinkles. “Oh no! I forgot to use blue sprinkles on Papa’s cookie. Do you think he’ll be mad?” Sophie giggled with embarrassment. “Of course not! He’ll feel special to have a cookie decorated in your favorite color.” Grandma responds with a soft mile. Grandma takes the plates and drinks and sets them on a tray. “Are you ready to take these to Papa?” Grandma asks. “Yay! Do I get to hear the sky speak now?” Sophie asks her face lighting up with pure excitement. “Absolutely!” Grandma exclaims, reflecting on her own excitement she used to feel when her grandmother would take her to hear the sky. Sophie opens the door for Grandma. Then, races towards Papa as Grandma follows. “Papa! Papa! I decorated you cookies and Grandma said we could go listen to the sky!” Sophie exclaims. Papa smiles, “Well, I guess we better get to the top of that hill before the sky stops writing stories and starts to paint.” “You silly goose! The sky can’t paint.” Sophie responds giggling. “Grandma you didn’t tell her about the prettiest part? Well, I suggest we get moving.” Papa says. The three walk up to the top of the hill, each taking a seat and starting to eat their cookies and sip on their tea. Grandma points towards the sky and begins to talk. “Look, Sophie! What do you see in that cloud?” Sophie looks towards the clouds and exclaims, “I see chimpanzee smiling and eating an ice cream sundae!” “Very good, Sophie. Now, Papa, explain to Sophie the story God put in the sky.” Grandma says taking Papa’s hand. Papa says, “Once upon a time, there was a little monkey named Kooper. Kooper lived with his mommy and daddy. They loved him very much and gave him anything he wanted-” Sophie interrupts, “Like a big ice cream sundae?” Papa continues, “Anything he wanted sweetie. One day Kooper was swinging through the trees he heard a small whimper. Kooper looked around and saw a small little chimp with tears in her eyes. Kooper asks the small chimp “Why are you so sad chimp?” The chimp glances up “My mommy and daddy left me and I have nothing.” Kooper gives the chimp a hug. “What is your name?” he asks. “Lucy-” Sophie interrupts, “Ooo!!! Like my doll.” Grandma says “Yes Sophie, shh. Let Papa finish.” Papa continues, “Kooper’s mommy calls, “Koop come on your daddy made ice cream sundaes there is one left.” Lucy stares up at him gloomily, “Go on, I’ll be fine.” Kooper shakes his head. “No! You can come with me.” Kooper and Lucy swing back to Kooper’s tree house. “Mom, this is Lucy. I met her while swinging.” Kooper says giving his mommy chimp a hug. “Okay Kooper, now eat your sundae.” she responds. Kooper picks up the sundae and hands it to Lucy. “Here Lucy eat it.” Kooper smiles. His mom responds, “That’s very sweet of you Kooper but ice cream sundaes are your favorite.” “I know, but I want Lucy to have it. Kooper responds.” Papa says ending the story. Sophie looks confused, “Papa? Why would Kooper give her his favorite snack? She didn’t even say thank you.” Papa smiles, “Sophie, Kooper was showing compassion. He didn’t need the sundae. However, Lucy needed it she hadn’t had food in a long time and was very sad. Even though Lucy didn’t say thank you. God saw Kooper’s sacrifice and Kooper will be rewarded in the future.” Sophie asks beginning to understand the tale, “Like when Jesus died. Not everyone will say thank you but Jesus was still rewarded with the gift of heaven right?” Grandma smiles, “You are right. Kooper showed compassion just like Jesus did.” Papa smiles seeing he had given his granddaughter a story that would always remind her of her savior. “Look Papa! Now, God is painting a pretty sky for Kooper’s reward!” Sophie smiles. The sky turns various shades of pinks and yellows. “Yes baby, and God will continue to reward those who try to be compassionate like him.”

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